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    750K A$FN Pick The Score Challenge / + LE Fitz Mcfarlane figure

    Predicition Cards 31 Steelers 19
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    $50,000 A$FN Challenge

    Score Cards 49 Seahawks 17
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    Troy Aikman

    Troy He just could not hide his Cowboy colors. Man is it great we won!!!!!!!!!
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    Prediction: Week 1 Cardinals vs. 49ers

    Cards win 31-17 ...J.T.O'Ishouldbeabackup will be welcomed to the NFC West rudely.
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    Final Super Bowl predictions

    Score Pats 34 Giants 21
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    Official Jake Plummer Handball Thread

    Totally FFFFFNNN agree Very True Me too
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    Prediction Time: Cardinals vs. 49ers

    Prediction Cards 35 49rs 21 Get it on!
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    Season Tickets are here!!!

    Me Neither You are not alone I havent recv mine either
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    What should we expect from Leonard Pope this season?

    Stats 30 Catches 402 yds 6tds thats my prediction outta left feild.
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    Amare: Old or New?

    Old He just did stuff no one else could do. IMHO
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    Gambo says...

    Thats Cool Ahh I didn't think of it as posturing for a bigger move. If it takes that to get Garnett I'm all for it!
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    Gambo says...

    please say no wow I really hope they dont do that
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    Clancy and Brown to be released

    Totally Agree Totally Agree. We are going to regret cutting these guys....argh
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    The Official Draft Lottery Thread

    Now we get to play Oden and Durant a zillion times a year too .....argh
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    Zach Miller

    We Snatch him if he is there top of the 3rd IMO.....I think he is gone by mid second though.
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    Something is definitely different this season

    Lmao! That's some good stuff!
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    Not related to anything AZ....

    But please can Mexico kick Irans arse manana!Everybody can root against Iran!!!!!
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    Fan Fest Photos

    Wow I know what I want for Christmas!!!!
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    Leonard Pope Highlights

    Pope is a huge Target Wow this guy makes a huge target to throw to!
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    Are you happy with Leinart being the Quarterback of the Future ?

    Buffalo and Houston and others Those teams are friggin idiots!
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    GBN's Latest

    Just a Bunkley jocker I agree Ngata is probably a better fit on paper but I think Bunkley will be something special with his overall athletic ability jmho.
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    GBN's Latest

    Very True Man I can't wait for draft day. No one really knows whats gonna happen!
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    GBN's Latest

    Yeah that doesnt seem likely NM They might be