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  1. schutd

    Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads

    I saw mine for like 10 minutes yesterday... teenagers.
  2. schutd

    Birdgang Takeover Buffalo

    FWIW, I agree, its awesome. I just think it'd be easier on the board to centralize all the threads under one banner, and sticky it. Easy to find for those interested, and easy to ignore for those of us who will never be able to attend.
  3. schutd

    Birdgang Takeover Buffalo

    Am I an A-hole for asking that these takeover threads get stickied under one main travel thread? It's not particularly relevant, they are muddying up the board, and I kind of find them annoying. Just curious what everyone else's thoughts are. Happy to digress if it doesn't bother anyone else...
  4. schutd

    Arizona Cardinals Voluntary OTAs week. 05/20/24-05/26/24

    So a first round playoff loss next year sours you on the regime? I mean, I certainly want more. But man, do you not remember the dreck we trotted out onto the field at the beginning of last season?
  5. schutd

    Arizona Cardinals Voluntary OTAs week. 05/20/24-05/26/24

    But when one speaks about incremental improvement, it does not matter what your starting point is. It's not math's fault we sucked enough to only get 4 wins. I will ALWAYS take 50% improvement year over year. ALWAYS. Would I prefer to not be starting from 4? Duh. Would I prefer to see 300%...
  6. schutd

    Arizona Cardinals Voluntary OTAs week. 05/20/24-05/26/24

    100% false. Math is math bud. If someones brain cant weigh the difference between 50% more of 8 and 50% more of 4, not my problem.
  7. schutd

    Arizona Cardinals Voluntary OTAs week. 05/20/24-05/26/24

    I'm no math guy, but I do know that 6 is 50% more than 4.
  8. schutd

    2024 1st round pick #4 is Marvin Harrison Jr

    Checking the mail daily, waiting for the cease and desist. In the meantime, TO THE BANK!! Man, thats a dumb freaking shirt. Id sue solely for poor style.
  9. schutd

    OT: NFL coming to netflix

    You have a voice. Tune out. Until then, they own us.
  10. schutd

    Rank/Rate Our Position Groups

    I followed, and now i have new purpose in life for my hair.
  11. schutd

    Cardinals welcome QB Taulia Tagovailoa to rookie camp

    ...Time for you to leave.
  12. schutd

    R I S E ___ U P ___ D A R K ___ S I D E (2024)

    Kris Kross can see it.
  13. schutd

    UNCENSORED 2024 Draft Thread

    Sorry, this seems personal, and done while possibly having had a few. Bad look.
  14. schutd

    Steve Keim Opens Up About Mental Health Issues

    If only he had the same willpower. HEYO!
  15. schutd

    2024 Draft Countdown/NFL Prospects thread

    Can we just have a thread for @kerouac9 and @Krangodnzr to just go at each other. Perhaps the lack of interest by the board in such a thread would lower their drive to constantly snipe at each other in EVERY. OTHER. THREAD. Get a room, dudes. Youre both annoying.
  16. schutd

    Week 15 of the Arizona Cardinals off season. 04/15/24-04/21/24

    Coming from the lawyer for the guy suing him. Astounding.
  17. schutd

    OT: 2024 NFL Draft Rumors

    Its not click bait, bro. Its a "thought exercise..."
  18. schutd

    Week 11 of the Arizona Cardinals off season thread. 03/18/24-03/24/24

    Doesnt matter what I think happened. It shouldnt matter what you think happened either.
  19. schutd

    Week 11 of the Arizona Cardinals off season thread. 03/18/24-03/24/24

    Assumes facts not in evidence.
  20. schutd

    C Evan Brown Welcome to AZ

    Whats the significance, Dottie???
  21. schutd

    2024 Free Agency thread

    Pretty sure he'll still save you no matter what DVontel says.
  22. schutd

    2024 Free Agency thread

    Free agency makes @ASUCHRIS mad!
  23. schutd

    2024 Free Agency thread

    I dont disagree with this line of thinking between Cheese and Chris, but I do remember bringing Kyzir White in, and this whole board doing the exact same thing we are doing now, and then by end of season, everyone being extremely happy with his play.... Maybe, juuuuuuuust maybe, we dont know isht.
  24. schutd

    NFL Player Team Report Cards 2024

    Oooooooooooooo PERFORMANCE CENTER. People are so gullible.