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    I've never started a thread before, but I got pissed off this morning. The AR's headline was 'Golden proves who's 'nastier', and second head is 'Cardinals' sack artist is team's best pass rusher.' I hated the decision to let him go several years ago, and was glad he returned to . But 'best...
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    Trade Barbosa? Are you crazy?

    Just to inject some diversity into the discussion [I don't remember this question coming up in this thread, or getting argued decisively elsewhere]: Are we sure LB's inability to learn PG skills, learn a broader offensive repertoire, learn some quick-shrimp defensive skills is all LB's fault...
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    The BRS Draft Issue is (huff puff) Up!

    Yes, thanks a ton, Jeff--the site shows really hard work, and makes comparison/analysis easier. I didn't think I'd find anyone who agrees with my ranking of the first 3 cornerbacks. [Cason, now...if we choose a CB and, after 2 years of losses, realize that he'd be a darned good safety, the...
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    The experts on this board regarding "the trade."

    I started out being ambivalent but mostly negative about the trade. I knew we had to get rid of Marion's salary--but then, there was Shaq's salary for two years. Getting rid of Banks' salary [and him] helped, but I didn't think any other 9th-13th man was going to help--Girilek has been a gift...
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    This supports my point the PAC is overrated

    Ahem. For those who are counting, in the Sweet 16, the Pac-10 has 3 [out of 6 to start], the Big East 3 [out of 8, if I'm not miscounting], the Big 10 and Big 12 2 each, and other conferences 1 each. For what it's worth, I think after the Sweet 16, you don't get any reflection at all of...
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    UA v. WV

    Dear Kid, I understand what you're saying, and approve. The world would be a better place if fans from both schools treated each other with respect. The problem is, they don't deserve respect, and we can't expect respect from [most of] them no matter what we do. You know their donors got on...
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    Whom would YOU wish the title if the Suns wouldn't win?

    Last season I stopped watching after the Suns lost, but unless they get robbed again, I might go a little farther. NOT the cheating Spurs. Yes, you can't blame a team for accepting ref gifts, but Poop has received so many, he coaches his players to foul and worse, knowing that they'll get the...
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    Cats Fans...Cut and Paste This Into Every ASU v UA Basketball Thread

    Is this the most crybabyish thread in the history of ASFN? Posted on the Sun Devil forum, supposedly addressed to Cats fans, totally negative and defensive.... I can't think of a rival candidate for Whiniest. Just an innocent question.... More seriously, I'm unsure why it didn't start "But...
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    Ok....yesterday is over...nothing we can do!

    Yes. I predicted 9-7, but 7-9 or worse was pretty frequent on this board, and if I'd known we would lose our QB and Levi Brown, I would have forecast something like that. I would not have predicted the miserable, idiotic losses, but they're better than being out of the game after the first...
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    What's With Boris and Amare

    It's a total pleasure to read the analysis in this thread--gives me many things to watch for as I watch the game. Much better than insult exchanges. My compliments to all.
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    Theory: Why the Suns lose early, late, and to the Jazz

    Sorry to be a bore, but don't forget that the Spurs play Sternball, refed by Sternrefs. Without that, we would be discussing their tendency to play bad defense, and have players foul out and miss games due to Ts.... Sorry again--any discussion of the Spurs that ignores that is like discussing...
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    Skinner works out for Suns

    Dear Eric: Well, contrariwise, I respect most of your posts. This one is beneath you. I neither said nor meant the Suns' front-office wish list, which I am not privy to. I meant the wishes expressed on this board, for players like: Jamaal Magliore--...
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    Skinner works out for Suns

    I can't remember if someone has said this on another thread (I don't doubt it), but isn't it embarrassing to be in this situation? It seems like we, one of the best teams with a good chance to win it all in '08 (barring more villainy by Stern et al.), are competing hard to lure the haughty...
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    Before Real Training Camp Starts: 53 man roster prediction!

    I like a lot about the list, but I don't remember the Cards heading into seasons with only 7 OL--my memory is nothing to brag on, though. At any rate, I'd feel happier if we could head in with 8 OL on the roster. Or at least 3 on the practice squad. Injuries get very crippling otherwise. I...
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    The Cards are still a year away

    Well, reading all this, I've swung back toward optimistic, like every year. I really think that by 2005, DG was a real, true cancer for the team. Picked good players, but then didn't relate, didn't inspire, didn't adjust, chose awful coaches.... Having nobody there would be an improvement. I...
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    Suns Fans and the Refs

    I agree with nearly everything you say, but I sure disagree with a seeming implication--that we should get over it, expect it, go with the flow.... The refs are incompetent and lazy (when they're not crooked), the rules change from that lamentable standard in the playoffs, and even though Stern...
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    Stern Press Conference Thread

    I saw only his statement and a couple of questions--nbc. Did anyone ask why his vaunted 'we check every call and noncall' process didn't catch the cheating? Of course, he didn't even offer to return all the fine money he's collected due to complaints about refs, let alone the other corrections...
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    Realistic expectations for 2007 season

    'Realistic'?? This thread cruelly asks us to abandon, however temporarily, our dreams, hopes, knowledge of our team's potential, greater knowledge of our players' strengths than of our opponents', and inbred biases. Realistically speaking, that's giving up too much--I won't vote.
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    a guy at insidehoops asking about KT trade

    I concur in thanking for the edit. Doesn't that site have a moderator? I've thought that the Suns trade away picks because they (D'Antoni) think a player with an NBA track record is a surer bet with a quicker payoff. But, even with free agency, the good players are too rare and expensive, so...
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    Is It Impossible to Stop Duncan

    Don't forget that we have a [almost, at times] similarly unstoppable player in Amare. We need to take advantage of him better--I'm not saying we don't do it well now. I'd say that means 3 things: 1. Never have him guard Duncan. That means we have to get another big that can 'sort of'' guard...
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    Bill Simmons on Donaghy and the NBA

    What's the big surprise? Anyone with any sense [sorry for any implied slight to the perfectly rational, sensible people who disagree with this--I'm mad, and rhetorically this works) knew the refereeing was biased. Incompetence means calls going randomly (and evenly, apart from sampling error)...
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    One drop of good news in an ocean of bad.

    Don't we get Atlanta's pick next year? It should be in the top half, at any rate...?
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    poll: so why did the suns lost to the spurs?

    Good comment, Errntknight. I'd give more weight to bad refs--Duncan has been doing his hand-on-the-waist trick for years, so if they haven't learned to catch it by now, it's incompetence or bias. And to a good chunk of bad luck--I can't imagine why Banks' offensive capacities deserted him so...
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    Sign my 'petition'... if Suns lose, make it an 'NBA-free' rest of May/June

    I'm in--but will read about the lottery results ASAP.
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    See ya Pat Burke

    If Burke wasn't worth developing during the year, then why was he out playing meaningful minutes of Game 5 of the playoffs? Perfect evidence of D'Antoni's shortsightedness--sure, you don't expect two suspensions, but injuries can come in the same way.