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  1. imaCafan

    David Johnson retires

    At one point thought he might carry the Cardinals to the promised land
  2. imaCafan

    Cardinals Begin Draftee Signings With Four Contracts
  3. imaCafan

    Cardinals Begin Draftee Signings With Four Contracts

    Panthers have signed all their draft picks I think
  4. imaCafan

    Premature Prediction Thread 2024/2025 season

    We will see 6 “I hear a lot about” threads like the Q thread.
  5. imaCafan

    UNCENSORED 2024 Draft Thread

    Prisco thinks Nabers is better than MHJ...
  6. imaCafan

    UNCENSORED 2024 Draft Thread

    CBS Sportsline...Prisco I think....
  7. imaCafan

    UNCENSORED 2024 Draft Thread

    We get a B+ for MHJ and the Giants get an A+ for Nabers???? Hmmmmm....
  8. imaCafan

    Ossenfort is Kicking the Hornets’ Nest in this Draft.

    PJJ was an LT in college or did he play RT in college too? Switching positions your rookie season will make your college to pro transition more difficult.
  9. imaCafan

    Mock Draft 2024 Thread

    Have no clue past the first round who's good or not, but.... 8. Rome OdunzeWR Washington 27. Byron Murphy IIDT Texas 35. Keon ColemanWR Florida State 57. Cooper BeebeOG Kansas State 71. Jonathon BrooksRB Texas 77. Javon BullardS Georgia 90. T'Vondre SweatDT Texas
  10. imaCafan

    Cards say offers for trade down are picking up

    Looking at a bunch of mock drafts where they have the Cardinals trading #4 the best one (which I hate) is 4 for 11 & 23, then trading 11 & 27 for #8. So basically moving down 4 spots from 4 to 8 and up 4 spots from 27 to 23. They must think Graves is still GM, surely MO would not do that trade...
  11. imaCafan

    Three team trade with Cards moving to #5?

    At dinner last night and ESPN was on one TV. I look up and it said “Cardinals trade Kyler Murray to Vikings for 11 & 23” and I yelled “what!”… guess is was an ESPN prediction…
  12. imaCafan

    OT: 2024 NFL Draft Rumors

    Well a friend of mine knows the cousin of Reddick's brothers barber, and he heard....oh, never mind....
  13. imaCafan

    Trade speculation: Justin Jefferson to Arizona Cardinals

    Now that is a no brainer, IF as you say MHJ is gone. Shoot, #4 and, say, swap seconds and maybe give our lowest third would be a do.
  14. imaCafan

    For draft talk reference

    MHJ. If he’s gone most mocks I’ve seen have Odunze and Nabers gone by 10-12. So we would have to trade no lower than probably the Titans to get one of them. Or the mocks might be way off….
  15. imaCafan

    Black Monday - 2024

    Could that contract of “HC in waiting” be written and skip Rooney rule for a non minority?
  16. imaCafan

    Round One Conundrums

    Which combo is better? MHJ and Latham/Mims or Alt/Fashano and best WR available? Drafting MHJ means staying at 4, drafting Alt means a 2-3 spot trade down at most. Then use some picks to move back up for one of the top WR’s that are left.
  17. imaCafan

    WR Rome Odunze

    Looked at 20ish mocks and 2/3 of them had the big three QB's going 1,2,3 and the Cards taking MHJ. Which really means squat, but I like it....
  18. imaCafan

    Cards Pick 4th

    Stop it! Just stop it! :-)
  19. imaCafan

    Michael Carter RB

    Or they are evaluating other players and already know what they have in Dortch/Carter and that they’re part of the Cardinal future.
  20. imaCafan

    CBS Projecting Murray Trade

    How does the QB class for 2025 draft stack up to the guys in the 2024 draft at this point?
  21. imaCafan

    A Can’t Lose Scenario

    With all the “tampering” rules the NFL has I was wondering. Once the season is over, can negotiations start on pick trading, or is there a time they can start draft talk?
  22. imaCafan

    Mock draft to fix the team!

    What happened with Cards pick@3
  23. imaCafan

    Overturning a Call with Replay

    OK I'm confused. He was touched, but if his forearm wasn't on the ground before the ball comes out, he's considered down anyway? Or is it the combo of touched (happened) AND forearm down (unclear on replay) that makes him down?.
  24. imaCafan

    Overturning a Call with Replay

    Bottom line we knew it would get overturned. Cardinal luck.
  25. imaCafan

    Cards sign OL Hjalte Froholdt

    He even tripped him once