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  1. MartinD

    Austin Mock's Mock

    If Harrison isn't there at #4, then Odunze is a fine consolation prize. I'd rather the Cardinals not trade up for Harrison -- which would be necessary in this scenario -- but, if he falls to them, they should sprint to the podium.
  2. MartinD

    News of the Game - Giants

    I primarily come to this site for read your thoughts, Harry. Thanks.
  3. MartinD

    Who Will Be Arizona's Starting QB Opening Day

    I voted for who I think will be the starter (McCoy), not for who I wanted to start (anyone except McCoy).
  4. MartinD

    I have a feeling that DeMeco Ryans will be the HC

    According to NFL Network, Payton is meeting with the Cardinals on Thursday.
  5. MartinD

    New Owner - Mat Ishbia

    From what I've read, Ishbia isn't an Arizona guy. That's worrying to me. How long will the Suns remain an Arizona team?
  6. MartinD

    Imagine thinking you don’t need to sign a pass rusher…

    Through the first two games of 2022, Gardeck has the same number of sacks as Jones (0) and one more tackle... per ESPN stats. In 2021, Jones lost his mojo as the year went on. He was great in his day, but that day may never return. I was glad the Cardinals didn't sign him to a big contract.
  7. MartinD

    Dbacks Pick Druw Jones #2 Overall

    Best player in the draft. It's about time the D'backs caught some luck!
  8. MartinD

    Peter Schrager " Kyler ain't going nowhere

    In other news, rain is wet.
  9. MartinD

    Where did all the naysayers go?

    The naysayers are still out there. If there are any sports sites that have picked the Cardinals to be in the Super Bowl, I haven't found them. They don't want to believe in this team. I believe in this team.
  10. MartinD

    PP7... same old

    Peterson played a lot of years with the Cardinals. For many of those years, he was a great asset. I don't bear him ill-will. His ego was hurt when he wasn't re-signed. It was another sign that he isn't what he used to be (who is?). He'd like to show the world that the Cards made a mistake, but...
  11. MartinD

    2020 7th round pick is Eno Benjamin RB

    CBS Sports said this about the pick: 222. Cardinals: RB Eno Benjamin, Arizona State Grade: A. No reason for Benjamin to still be on the board this late. Workhouse back with stellar vision, variety of jukes, and reliable hands as a receiver. Great contact balance too. Perfect fit in Arizona.
  12. MartinD

    Is Anyone Out There

    Lurking. Always appreciate your comments, Harry.
  13. MartinD

    Here’s my summary...

    Without Palmer at QB, Arians wouldn't have dazzled the crowd. He'd intended to start Drew Stanton, remember? The Cardinals would have been dead in the water. I thought Arians was a breath of fresh air when he arrived. A good head coach. By the time he left, I felt his ego had surpassed his...
  14. MartinD

    Regardless of what we do at #1.. The Cards have done a serious injustice to Rosen

    Happy Easter, everybody! While you're at church, I'm on the sports boards. It's a win-win. I wouldn't like wondering where I was going to play, either, but I believe Rosen can handle it. He's not bad enough to think he'll be out of the league and he's not good enough to cope an attitude. I...
  15. MartinD

    How stupid will we look?

    ...and then we make the playoffs? I wouldn't care. A different question: What if we keep Rosen, draft Bosa, Murray goes to...I don't know, the Giants, and leads them to the playoffs while the Cardinals end up with three wins and the #1 pick again? A "divided locker room" gets a lot less...
  16. MartinD

    Molly, Mocks, Me, an

    1. Molly is cute. 2. Thanks for the mocks. I enjoy them. 3. I'll cheer for Rosen if the team keeps him. But -- a. Is he a better QB than Murray? If he is, this is a no-brainer. If he isn't as good, that's a no-brainer, too. b. What are you asking to trade back? A #1 gets the team its player. A...
  17. MartinD

    Kingsbury Finalizing a Deal To Become TheArizona Cardinal's Head Coach

    I'm good with this hire. Kingsbury is being brought in, anticipating that he can develop Rosen into a solid (or better) QB in this league. If this happens and the team gets its starting QB for the next fifteen years, it's a win. It's a plus that Kingsbury is considered an innovator and someone...
  18. MartinD

    2018 1st round pick is Josh Rosen

    The Washington Post has him as the 2nd best QB in the draft (Darnold is #1). Said he gets tarred as the spoiled rich kid, because of his family, but his teammates lovel him. Now that he's a Cardinal, I'm rooting for him.
  19. MartinD

    Per NFL Network report from Cards Headquarters

    If true, I'm pleased. Let the meltdown begin! If there's one QB the team loves and they can't get him, why would they give away picks to move up and get a guy they don't love? Somewhere in the later rounds, there's gonna be a QB who surprises everyone and becomes a respected starter. Lauletta...
  20. MartinD


    Harry, you've probably nailed it...except for the "x" factor. If Goff goes out in game 3 and Bradford plays a full season, if Jimmy G. gets busted for smoking pot and Seattle...I got nothing for Seattle, I think they struggle, regardless of miracles...well, anything can happen. Injuries and...
  21. MartinD

    Sam Bradford A Cardinal

    Hey, I've talked myself into it being a good move already! For a cash-poor team without a QB, the Cardinals did okay. He has a good arm, can make the throws, can do what we need to be done. If you're worried that he's gonna break, sure, that's a possibility. It's also a possibility that...
  22. MartinD

    Mock Has Darnold Falling To 15

    I absolutely, completely agree. Mock drafts and graded drafts -- the second the draft is over -- are ridiculous. And yet...I love to see them, love to read them, and love it when they agree with what I think. Even knowing how silly they are.
  23. MartinD

    Peter King - Predicts Cards will sign A.J. McCarron

    That's only 2 #1 picks and 1 #2 pick too much.
  24. MartinD

    Meat to the Wolves: My Preliminary QB list for the draft

    I get the feeling that I'm the only one not enamored of Josh Rosen or Sam Darnold. They get the love, they get the hype, but I'm hoping they're gone by the time the Cardinals pick.
  25. MartinD

    If BA is retiring: Thank you!!

    I missed that sideline shot. To me, it only means this was his chance to experience this occasion with his grandson at this age. Personally, I think B.A. is coming back. He's overcome health issues in order to return to the field. If he'd wanted to walk away, he had that opportunity. I hope...