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  1. Skipper1111

    CK In Cardinal Red?

    No thanks
  2. Skipper1111

    Simmons Comes to Town

    Sweet!, as others have said we can finally cover tight ends!
  3. Skipper1111

    Keim Not Done

    Who was the guy on this board who predicted Hopkins trade? Maybe he could help out with this :)
  4. Skipper1111

    For the Less Informed: Draft Needs

    I would trade down and get another pick. 1. RT 2. A linebacker that can cover tight ends well. 3. C or DL
  5. Skipper1111

    Who do we draft now at #8?

    I would draft a linebacker that can cover the pass well in the first round or an Olineman. Maybe trade down #8 pick for another pick because we still have holes to fill, linebackers that can cover tight ends, a cb to replace pp, Dline and a couple Oliners..imo
  6. Skipper1111

    Who do we draft now at #8?

    Umm, guys last year our linebackers got torched in the pass game, we have to fix that.
  7. Skipper1111

    AZ Cards Wiki?

    “The Arizona Cardinals are professional burglars based in Phoenix, Arizona.” Is this because of the trade or what? LoL, really though this needs to be fixed
  8. Skipper1111


    Thanks Steve and Cards leadership! Now let’s work on Oline/Dline and a linebacker that can cover *thumbs up
  9. Skipper1111

    DJ traded to the Texans for DeAndre Freaking Hopkins

    Awesome, good trade for us! Thanks leadership! Now we work on Oline/Dline and a linebacker that can cover.
  10. Skipper1111

    15 thoughts - free agency

    I would not sign any tired veterans, this is becoming a young mans game, watch and see. You need linebackers that can cover the fastest tight ends for example. Calais is ancient! And there’s a reason a team lets what was once a good player go..
  11. Skipper1111

    With the 8th pick in the NFL Draft......

    Trade down, more picks, build a younger faster team
  12. Skipper1111

    Steve Keim Talks on 98.7 regarding state of the Cardinals

    I guess we keep those players then, but I hope we ace this draft and are able to build a team that can at least get to the playoffs, please and thank you
  13. Skipper1111

    Lance Zierlein First Mock Draft

    I would replace at least two of our current Oline players, I won’t name names. We also need depth so we need to get 3 all star players and then we also need a couple Dline players and a CB and a linebacker that can cover the best tight ends.
  14. Skipper1111

    (Rotoworld) Cards expected to release DJ

    I’m for letting DJ go and a few others, I want all star players and a Super Bowl trophy 2020.
  15. Skipper1111

    Draft Question

    I would get rid of Humpries, david Johnson and Patrick Peterson for picks. We need a linebacker that can cover tight ends, We need Olinex2, We need Dlinex2, We need a a CB and a free safety that's a ball hawk.
  16. Skipper1111

    The "I was wrong" thread

    David Johnson in my opinion isn't good, maybe occasionally makes a play, but I would trade him for a pick. Our leadership has made many bad picks over the years, hopefully that trend changes starting now. We have many needs!
  17. Skipper1111

    With the 8th pick in the NFL Draft......

    I hope we trade down for more picks, we have many needs! 2 Oline, 2 Dline, Linebackers that can cover tight ends, a CB and a ball hawk free safety.
  18. Skipper1111

    Right Knee Concerns for Hump ?

    I would let humphries go ASAP, he’s not as good as some think, imo. We need two top tier Oline to replace a couple not so talented ones, c’mon! Arizona Cardinals should be a super bowl team let’s build it! Please
  19. Skipper1111

    NFL to test out two potential rule changes in Pro Bowl

    Removing kickoffs will ruin the game for me, it’s one of the most exciting parts of the game. They are going too far in trying to make the game “safe”. And are going to ruin the game eventually, imo.
  20. Skipper1111

    With the 8th pick in the NFL Draft......

    I trade down, we have many needs and one even amazing player is not going to make us better when you can’t block, cover, catch, etc.
  21. Skipper1111

    Terrell Suggs released

    Suggs was too slow to cover tight ends, I do wish he would have just retired as a Cardinal, but he had to go imo
  22. Skipper1111

    Keim is excited about his plan for the offseason

    Obviously we may as well tank this season, get a top pick and trade it down for more picks is what I hope we do because we have so many wholes to fill... We should have traded David Johnson and Patrick Peterson for more picks. We need to have Suggs retire or have him for run plays only. We need...
  23. Skipper1111

    Week 14-Pittsburgh Steelers @ Arizona Cardinals Pregame thread.

    I’d like for us to win home games for the fans, but ok to lose away games. We need a top draft pick and trade down for more picks.
  24. Skipper1111

    15 thoughts - Rams game

    I trade Patrick Peterson and David Johnson for draft picks ASAP. I let Suggs retire...I trade my top pick for more picks, We have tons of needs. I don’t break the bank for a wide receiver or any player, I draft a good one
  25. Skipper1111

    I really hope..

    I really hope we trade our top pick for more picks because we have a a bunch of needs, honestly and we’re not gonna want tires free agents, I’m done with washed up free agents except for that running back we got recently he’s pretty good. we’re gonna need to replace PP, DJ, A couple guys Oline...