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  1. thrustrev

    2024 Arizona Diamondbacks Season Prediction Thread

    98, hopefully they are fearless this year
  2. thrustrev

    Official 2021 Dbacks Predict the Record

    69 wins Hoping IPTV works out to see the games this year.
  3. thrustrev

    Official Season Win-Loss Predictions 2020: Take 2

    38 sounds like a good solid number
  4. thrustrev

    2020 Diamondbacks Record Prediction

    91 Feeling very optimistic this year
  5. thrustrev

    Mark Grace back on TV

    Anything Todd Walsh makes me push the fast forward on my remote.
  6. thrustrev

    Game #73-Arizona Diamondbacks (38-34) @ Washington Nationals (32-38). 06/16/19

    meanwhile, Sherfy religates his time in the minors during these important games. Shouldn't it be best man for the job?
  7. thrustrev

    Game #54-Arizona Diamondbacks @ Colorado Rockies. 5/27/19

    Agreed, he adds a 'fun element and makes for a more interesting game.
  8. thrustrev

    Game #52-Arizona Diamondbacks @ SF Giants. 5/25/19

    I like Locastro, he reminds me of a crash dummy, willing to do what it takes to get on base and make plays.
  9. thrustrev

    Game #2- Arizona Diamondbacks @ LA Dodgers. 3/29/19

    Our plan worked beautiful yesterday, they won't have the energy to compete today and tomorrow after all that hitting and running all those bases yesterday. :rolleyes:
  10. thrustrev

    2019 Arizona Diamondbacks Season Predictions

    IMO we only have 2 consistent hitters that we can count on; Peralta and Escobar. Otherwise let's hope the rest can pull a rabbit out of their hat and make us competitive somehow. Maybe someone other than Greinke will emerge and have a great (fluke) year like Ian Kennedy did in 2011 77 is my...
  11. thrustrev

    NY Mets @ Arizona Diamondbacks Jun 14 - Jun 17 2018

    No offense for about 1/2 the line-up tonight with our weakest pitcher taking the mound.
  12. thrustrev

    Arizona Diamondbacks @ Milwaukee Brewers May 21 - 23 2018

    Who used that analogy of "Smoke & Mirrors", couldn't be more right. Even when we were doing good I thought the same thing.
  13. thrustrev

    Los Angeles Dodgers @ Arizona Diamondbacks April 30 - May 3

    Looks like a spring training line-up. Hopefully it works out.
  14. thrustrev

    San Diego Padres @ Arizona Diamondbacks April 20 - April 22 2018

    My favorite DBack of all time, loved watching him play.
  15. thrustrev

    2018 Dback Win Prediction Thread

    Dang it! Now I have to share the glory at the end of the season. :cheers:
  16. thrustrev

    2018 Dback Win Prediction Thread

    88 (wins) !
  17. thrustrev

    Diamondbacks sign Dyson

    Jarrod Dyson 2016 Highlights
  18. thrustrev

    Arizona Diamondbacks off season thread 2017-2018

    Diamondbacks To Sign Fernando Salas
  19. thrustrev

    Arizona Diamondbacks off season thread 2017-2018

    Brad Boxberger, comes in with bases loaded no outs and throws 9 strikes to end the inning.
  20. thrustrev

    Great Season Dbacks!

    I have always been of mind that a team needs to win at least 50% of their games to make it enjoyable for me to watch. They far exceeded that this season, it was a fun ride!