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    RAS Prospect Evaluation System

    Incomplete RAS card will make any prospect look much better. Brian Thomas did no bench, no agility drills. Many prospects skipped those drills, so their RAS is incomplete. Btw Brian Thomas is an amazing athlete anyway.
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    2022 2nd round pick is TE Trey McBride

    People are badly underestimating what McBride can do after a full offseason with Kyler. Not putting him into Kelce territory yet, but with TE being the focal point of the passing game, we don't necessary need a true alpha WR1. I'm perfectly fine building the trenches in the draft, knowing WR is...
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    K. Hill, RB next?..

    I would love Ardarius Washington. He is a dog, I don't care about size.
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    2021 4th round pick is Marco Wilson CB

    If we take Ardarius Washington in a few picks, I'm a happy man.
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    Marcus Gilbert Retires

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    FA RB James Conner (Steelers) - Signed to Contract 04/13/21

    He would add much needed physicality. With Kyler threating the edges with his speed, we need someone who can punish a defense down their throats. Plus he can catch and block. Reminds me of Pierre Thomas. Can start in a pinch but gets injured. Put him in a specialist role with limited snaps, and...
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    Round 1

    I wouldn't mind Najee Harris. He is the pick regardless of position who would improve us the most and, unlike other positions, be ready to ball out with Kyler. We have speed to the edges with Kyler and the best WR in the game. Good luck stopping power bruiser Najee who has decent speed for his...
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    Round 1

    Jamin Davis and Zaven Collins are 1st round picks. No way one lasts until 49 lol.
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    Mason Cole traded for 6th rounder

    I agree with the trade of Cole. But watch him become a better player this season because he is a much better fit in their pure outsize zone and run heavy playcalling. Cole will never be a strong anchor vs NFL DTs because he plays too tall and light, no matter if at C or G. He will never get much...
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    49ers QB odds of success

    He made the likes of Schaub, Beathardt, Mullens look like NFL starting caliber. No way he would've botched the easy playoff chance we had against the Rams. Shanahan offense is the most QB friendly in the NFL.
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    The Trading Down Strategy

    Najee Harris will be our pick and I'd rather not gamble on trading back. Edmonds is a good complementary change of pace. Harris is the tough hammer we need, our own Derrick Henry. Meshes perfectly with Kyler. This would be a nightmare to defend. RB especially from big schools can start in a...
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    Steelers release CB Steven Nelson

    He is a good no.2 CB. He has never been a no.1 CB. That said, he is miles better than what we have right now.
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    Legal Tampering period thread and Free agency 2021.

    Oh my the Pats got themselves two of the best run blocking TEs in their prime, while both are also vertical threats down the seam. Without a serious QB they will pound the rock with Cam and a bunch of RBs, feast with play action and play great defense with their opt-outs returning and new FA...
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    Legal Tampering period thread and Free agency 2021.

    Tbh this FA class isn't very exciting at all. Solid 6 or 7/10 players paid like 10/10.
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    Not many talks with Drake - 2021 RB situation?

    He is a rookie who doesn't play special teams and couldn't be trusted in pass protection. Assuming we let Drake walk and if we don't sign a proven veteran, Eno should at least get a shot to spell Edmonds. Unless we go RB early in the draft, which I would be against though. Get a powerback in the...
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    Rumor? The Cardinals and CB Patrick Peterson are parting ways

    Put some respect on his name!
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    Rams trade Goff, 2 1sts for Stafford

    Anyway, Rams are crippled for years to come. They can only hope that they are legit contenders. Stafford is often injured even though he is a tough guy, his level drops when he is hindered. When they fall, they will fall deep and hard. When they fail, they will fail big. Almost Texan-like.
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    Rams trade Goff, 2 1sts for Stafford

    It's a horrible decision by the Rams. Stafford is better than Goff, but not by very much. He is older and more injury prone. They have no 1st round picks in the near future.
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    Seahawks new OC

    .... is a McVay disciple straight from the Rams. Now if we couldn't stop Goff and Wolford in that offense, imagine Russell Wilson performing bootlegs against us. He can go deep as well unlike the Rams QBs. He will throw for 400 and rush for another 100 against us. Vance Joseph has absolutely...
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    Weapons, weapons, weapons

    Actually Hardman is no special player at all. He has speed to burn just like Isabella, but neither a good route runner nor good hands. Superior returner, that's it. The Chiefs get the ball in his hands on sweeps and screens, or simple underneath crossers that he turns into 1st downs. Other than...
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    OT: Matt Stafford and Detroit parting ways

    Stafford doesn't fit the 49ers gameplan. He is more of a gunslinger whose strength is to push it downfield. He isn't a guy who is suited for the play action heavy bootleg game.
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    Larry Fitzgerald Helmet

    Fake news alert! In 2004 the old bird logo was still on the helmets. Just watch Larry's 1st TD or any of his rookie highlights.
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    How about elevating evan weaver???

    This is crazy talk. I understand the flak that Hicks gets. Physically he can't keep up with most RBs and TEs. But we've experienced way worse LB play than Hicks in recent years. At least Hicks knows his responsibilities and is making presnap calls. For every play he gets burned, there is a play...
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    Your concerns have a point. Although the glass is certainly half-empty after recent performances. It can easily be half-full again a week from now. But what I put bold is something that I'm 100% sure doesn't warrant any warning sirens.
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    Reading the whole field, recognizing blitzes and going through multiple reads isn't something the vast majority of seasoned franchise QBs had from the start. It develops over years. Maybe Kyler will never be the best full field reader or protection caller, but what he can create with his legs is...