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    John Brown - more bad stuff

    John Brown - The Real Big Puss
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    Cardinals at Niners gameday thread 10-7-18

    Look at the big puss go today
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    Here’s to you, whoever runs the Cards Instagram

    The post that had Larry’s quote saying he’s only back to win earlier today had me head scratching. We freaking suck, social media guy. Might want to wait until, oh I dunno, we actually win a game or something like that to pull that one out.
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    0-2 is time for Rosen

    Uhhh you must be forgetting that whole period of time that existed Post Warner, Pre Palmer lol..
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    Looking for a competitive game

    Might want to look elsewhere. Like to the NFL Redzone channel.
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    Redskins at Cardinals gameday thread 9-9-18

    It’s been fun I’m out ✌
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    Redskins at Cardinals gameday thread 9-9-18

    I had a bad feeling this season would turn into the Post Warner Pre Palmer nightmare where I dread seeing the offense come onto the field. Only now I dread seeing the defense playing too.
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    Redskins at Cardinals gameday thread 9-9-18

    My excitement about cardinal football this year is dying out really fast. We look atrocious.
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    Redskins at Cardinals gameday thread 9-9-18

    Man we look like ass on both sides of the field
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    Forum Spam and spambots

    My company uses WordPress for their company sites, the amount of spam comments and bots trying to guess username/passwords that get thrown at them every day is insane. You can try blacklisting IP blocks but it doesn’t even matter tbh, it’s a never ending war. We use a popular spam filter that...
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    National reactions to the Arizona Cardinals' 2018 draft picks, so far

    Mannnn it feels so good to be truly excited about the upcoming season. Without Rosen it was looking like just another meh season with no QBOTF. Oh how one pick can change things. Loving it.
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    Something's not right

    Be real man Bree’s was never going to leave New Orleans. The guy doesn’t give a poo about $10M over two years he’s made well over $200 million in his career with endorsements. New Orleans was one awful tackle attempt away from going to the NFCCG, zero chance he was going to leave that loaded...
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    McCoy the guy?

    Well ****
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    Shurmur emerging as a frontrunner for the Cardinals?

    Saw an ESPN article that mentioned NFL Network is reporting that Shurmur is expected to coach the Giants after this season.
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    Gameday thread Rams at Cardinals 12-3-17

    Welp that's game
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    The Cactus of Woe - The plight of Phoenix sports

    It's shaping up to be a very ugly 2017/2018 for pro sports especially if the Dbacks fall back down to earth. I don't think anyone expected the Suns or coyotes to be good, but also didn't think they'd be this bad. Silver lining for the coyotes is theyre competitive for 2.5 periods and fall apart...
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    OT - In other news, Calais has...

    10 sacks in 7 games for the Jags. Sounds about right. I'm sure he'll rack them up when we play Jacksonville too. Cardinals, Suns and Coyotes...what a fun fall/winter/spring this is shaping up to be for AZ pro sports.
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    Gameday thread Cardinals at Rams (London) 10-22-17

    Guess it's more fun to stand around and do nothing than save a touchback
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    Gameday thread Cardinals at Eagles 10-8-17

    God this team sucks
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    Gameday thread Cardinals at Colts 9-17-17

    Almost an awesome catch and footwork. Too bad almost doesn't put 6 on the board.
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    Calais Campbell

    Need a QB to make the playoffs last I checked. Good luck doing it with bortles.
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    Haason Reddick getting praise

    Lmao it's two pre season games. If we're going off the performance of a few pre season games I sure am glad we found our perennial All Pro QB years ago. Can't wait to see how many more Super Bowls Max Hall brings us! (Granted he could probably steal us a couple lombardis if that counts)
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    Did you know that Aaron Judge is the greatest thing ever? Literally EVER???

    Too bad espn and MLB network don't understand hitting peripherals because that first half .426 babip and 40% HR/FB ratio wasn't even remotely sustainable. Then you've got that whole striking out in 1/3 of his ABs thing, his contact % out of the zone is abysmal. The guy can mash but he's got a...
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    53 Post-Draft Guess

    He's played football his entire life, it's second nature to those guys. And he plays inside LB, not going to be that hard for him to pick up a 'new' defense that isn't much different than what he played previously. End of the day it's see ball, tackle ball and he had great instincts. He will...
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    Whose Offense is Better - Cardinals or Cowboys

    Witten signed a 4-year contract extension, he definitely didn't retire.