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  1. shoe

    15 thoughts - Raiders game

    Remember the Cards dominant D from last preseason?
  2. shoe

    The Curtain Falls

    I don't post often, actually it has been a good 7-8 years since my last. But I do enjoy checking the board to read the takes from other Cards fans. Harry, I must say your posts were ones I've always looked forward to reading. While I selflessly hate this post since I value your opinion...even...
  3. shoe

    Are you a Cardinal fan in Texas

    I'm in The Woodlands. North of Houston.
  4. shoe

    What impressed me........

    I stand corrected. Still find it interesting that Beanie runs left. Hyphen runs right. Thats why I was suprised the reverse worked with Andre. One would figure the D would be ready . But a good call with down and yardage. Guess there was a shock factor with Beanie moving right.
  5. shoe

    What impressed me........

    (A) Sure it was mostly second and third team D. Found it interesting that Whiz had the Hyphen running right with starting OL minus the starting RG Wells. Brought in Hadnot. Obviously running right works with him. Beanie loves running left. Yet loved a couple quick decisions up the middle last...
  6. shoe

    Cards @ Rams Prediction Thread 11/22

    41-21 Cards
  7. shoe

    Rest of the schedule

    The win against the Texans seems expected.....but to me its one of the tougher matchups ....Mario Williams and a pumped up Antonio Smith could cause alot of havoc on the OL .....the adjustments made by Grimm and Whis could go a long way for the rest of the season...we got two weeks to adjust...
  8. shoe

    My questions, comments, concerns

    Penalties.....that irritates me more than anything else in preseason.
  9. shoe

    My questions, comments, concerns

    Tim I thought you were reading my mind ......It's very rare that I see a post that I agree with (the beauty of message boards) but you have nailed it. At home against the niners is a must win. We are not on the road opening day where a win is a steal. The first place schedule makes life tough...
  10. shoe

    Some observations from am practice

    Thanks Red Desert....The first info from camp , wish I was with you.
  11. shoe


    I am with you Little Davis..... I guess a SUPER BOWL apperance makes us a DYNASTY(sarcasm) beautiful as it was I do believe Graves is calling the right shots we are moving in the right direction......take it easy's a nice situation to discuss.
  12. shoe

    Any chance we keep Edge?

    Lets remember TH was a late round pick.....The cards hopefully will resign JJ thats two change of pace backs right there......I feel another drafted running back will come from the late rounds long as the line can create holes(i.e denver 1995-2005) and the playoff CARDS. Lets...
  13. shoe

    $125,000 A$FN Challenge / Pick the Score

    Cards 31 Panthers 30
  14. shoe

    My Initial Hopes For The Offseason.

    If we could get Donnie Avery in the second round it would be a done deal..........this is a true speedster that would compliment Q and Fitz ...I believe the D is closer then we all think...Draft best RB(Mendenhall)then Avery
  15. shoe

    Redskin Thread.........funny Stuff

    Rolle has got to be my bad !!! Thx azcards21
  16. shoe

    Redskin Thread.........funny Stuff

    Caught this on skins official site
  17. shoe

    Success of the no name QB

    Without a doubt Volek has shown some nice talent at qb the last couple of years....but please take into account who the titans were playing Monday night before asking such questions on why we cant find these sort of players....the chiefs D is pitiful at best.Not to mention the talent level the...
  18. shoe

    Extra Tickets to the Giants game?

    red airforce .....Due to an unfortunate situation my siter and fiance will not be joining us for gameday....therefore the shoe clan have 2 extra seats for the game...we will be flying in from houston tomorrow(sat.) and would be more than happy to give our extra seats to you or any other cards...
  19. shoe

    9 point dogs...............

    Don't know if this has been posted yet but USA Today has lines forNFL week 1 in todays paper..............found it crazy to see week 1 lines out this early...but got me excited anyhow.
  20. shoe


    also...Cardinals | Interested in Signing a Free-Agent QB? - from Wed, 4 Feb 2004 15:33:55 -0800 Darren Urban, of the East Valley Tribune, reports the Arizona Cardinals are looking into the possibility of signing a veteran, free-agent QB to backup and help mentor recently named...
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    Henson????? maybe a vet?????? Cardinals | Attend Henson Workout - from Wed, 4 Feb 2004 15:28:40 -0800 Darren Urban, of the East Valley Tribune, reports the Arizona Cardinals' coaching staff attended the workout for former University of Michigan QB Drew Henson (Texans)...
  22. shoe

    Blake got cut

    espn news reported this info
  23. shoe

    Blake got cut

    Just heard that myself it....way to go Denny
  24. shoe

    denny green

    Good interview but not much substance....discussed same topics we already heard....gave praise to McCown comparing him to favre ...said he would draft eli or ben if they were available at #3 but who knows what that really means?????????????????