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  1. AZCrazy

    Rank/Rate Our Position Groups

    Everything that happened while Murray was out was checkdown city. Dobbs to McBride was great for McBride, but is unlikely to repeat. He did look great though, when given a shot.
  2. AZCrazy

    Mel Kiper draft grades

    Maybe older age has set in, but Kiper has mellowed dramatically. He likes everyone that gets picked now.
  3. AZCrazy

    Day 2 Grade?

    Not entirely pleased with day 2. I don't blame Monti for last season. It was a designed implosion that we all knew before the season would be 3-4 wins. The whole point, however, was to bankroll cap space and draft picks to take advantage of, this time around. I don't know. It...
  4. AZCrazy

    UNCENSORED 2024 Draft Thread

    Trusting your coaching staff is good. Drafting developmental raw players is necessary and good. That's what rounds 4-7 are for.
  5. AZCrazy

    UNCENSORED 2024 Draft Thread

    Spent too much time at the "senior bowl". Newsflash Monti - If a player is really good, they don't make it to their senior year. We literally had 5 day two picks and outside of maybe Melton, used every one of them on a day 3 prospect.
  6. AZCrazy

    UNCENSORED 2024 Draft Thread

    Mr Bidwill, I humbly apply for the position of general manager for next season. Here is my resume: 1a) Harrison 1b) Robinson 2) DeJean 3a) Beebe 3b) Amegadjie 3c) Corum
  7. AZCrazy

    UNCENSORED 2024 Draft Thread

    A developmental blocking TE on day 2.
  8. AZCrazy

    UNCENSORED 2024 Draft Thread

    What an ass day that could have been extraordinary.
  9. AZCrazy

    UNCENSORED 2024 Draft Thread

    Monti - I hear you can trade your first round pick for every seventh round pick! Something to think about for next year.
  10. AZCrazy

    UNCENSORED 2024 Draft Thread

    Monti, use all four of those third round picks and move up to get two second rounders, and try to do something with this day.
  11. AZCrazy

    UNCENSORED 2024 Draft Thread

    Just seems like a very Keim move. trade out of guaranteed studs in a position of urgent need to take a miniature team captain from montclair U.
  12. AZCrazy

    UNCENSORED 2024 Draft Thread

    Wiggins Arnold DeJean McKinstry Mitchell Rakestraw Lassiter King Newton Jackson Tampa Abrams Brownlee SmithWade Carson Sainristil Maybe Melton here??
  13. AZCrazy

    UNCENSORED 2024 Draft Thread

    How do you have the third pick on the day and not get DeJean, McKinstry, Newton, Fiske, or Powers-Johnson?
  14. AZCrazy

    UNCENSORED 2024 Draft Thread

    This guy wasn't even in the top 20 CBs
  15. AZCrazy

    UNCENSORED 2024 Draft Thread

    Two first round CB's were just available. No CB's on the team. Didn't bother. Now we get a non impact player.
  16. AZCrazy

    2024 NFL Draft Thread - Round 2 (no spoilers)

    fudge off Monti. You need top end talent, not tons of average crap. We have a team full of average crap. yay. four third round picks. no difference makers. We still have no corners.
  17. AZCrazy

    2024 NFL Draft Thread - Round 2 (no spoilers)

    Turds like Schefter feel like they are so important that it's their privilege and not the commissioners to announce the picks. Just seconds before. Like the little ass at the party who shouts out the punch line to your joke two seconds before you do. Woodchipper for that guy.
  18. AZCrazy

    Tank You Monti Ossenfort

    Not gonna rip the team for last year, it was a planned tank. Nowhere to go but up, usually its a two year rebuild process to turn over the roster and install players to fit scheme. The heart of the team showed last year when they lost games but showed fight and heart in just about every...
  19. AZCrazy

    2024 1st round pick #27 is Darius Robinson Edge

    If we get McKinstry at 35, I'll be overjoyed. I'd have taken the two guys in the reverse order, but can't be disappointed with that.
  20. AZCrazy

    2024 Salary Cap rises $31 Million

    They better make a big splash in free agency. That is how the NFC champions over the last several seasons have gotten good, quick. Much of the AFC too.
  21. AZCrazy

    Is Kyler Murray the answer at QB for next year and beyond?

    Sounds like many of you are expecting an awful lot from a team that is going through a known and defined breakdown and rebuild. And a QB who hasn't picked up a football in a year. Fretting over outcomes and game details right now is a fool's errand. We gave away every player on the...
  22. AZCrazy

    Cardinals at Browns gameday thread 11-5-23

    Well, this was the first game this year that they just had no chance. Outgunned from the start. The D did the best it could. The O line couldn't hold against a ferocious Browns D Line, and Tune had no idea where to turn. Tough spot for a first game.
  23. AZCrazy

    Bye Bye Budda

    A ground up rebuild like the one going on here now, when well performed, is a two year project. This year is going as perfectly as could have been hoped for. Bare bones roster, stockpiling cash and picks, getting a new coaching staff up to speed as to running a team in the real world...
  24. AZCrazy

    QB Jeff Driskel is back with the Cardinals

    The Vikings were moderately desperate. How do you trade your starting quarterback and a draft pick to just get back a 6th?
  25. AZCrazy

    When should the Dbacks fire Lovullo?

    #Fire the fanbase

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