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    What would a future be without Kyler?

    One word Better (only) if zkeim gets a boat load of picks and actually uses them in real players Not any Small school Reaches I HAVE DOUBTS ABOUT THAT BTW
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    Going "all in" 2022...

    I go all the way back to the 70s and Coryell's Cardinals and who would knock them put off the playoffs then Yep You guessed it the one and only Los Angeles Rams so its de ja'vue all over again
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    Kyler is a fraud.

    If he is unwilling or unable to do the film study and the practice time to improve then yes He would have to considered a failure not a fraud because the physical ability is definitely there
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    10 thoughts - Rams game

    Is there a right system for him the whole reason why KK was hired and Murray drafted was rhe premise that KK's system is the (only) system that Fit Murray I was scorched for suggesting Murray should never have been Chosen because of his inexpierence only (1) year of college ball plus his obvious...
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    Players probably gone

    Another year like this one He and Kingsbury will be the writing is definitetly on the wall
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    So What’s Wrong With Kyler Murray?

    Well Imho unfortunately he has never had to expierence losing what was his record in school lost 1 or 2 games total this is the NFL and like everything in the league teams adjust and take your best plays away rather fast. So far he hasnt (and neither) has the coaching staff know how to plan for it
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    Black Monday 2022 edition

    Hate to ask but what is every ones opinion on Next Year (Saying) the team regresses Back to a 7 or 8 win team. My own thought is it will be probably be time for a house cleaning from the top down Just asking NOT HOPING FOR ANYTHING LIKE THAT MIND YA
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    Conner or Edmonds - if we only could keep 1

    You said the magic Word Health how many games has Edmonds missed versus how many games has Conner missed this year?
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    Cards Main Page

    Simple question here how many people here still go the Main page gotta admitt it since they dropped the forum I rarely go there anymore plus it has gotten confusing to use at times
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    Is Murray a wuss?

    Well from the looks of it I dont think the team needed him sure if he could play then by all means do so but as has been said its much better to be healthy as possible for the rest of the season and post season also looks like Colt is a capable replacement for now
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    Bickley Assessment Seems Sadly on Target

    Hate to say it but have seen the kind of money Baseball players get and its all guaranteed dont be surprised if the near future you see a player sign a long term deal for 500 million over 10 years a lot of them now are well over 200 million
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    OT: Bruce Arians

    Imho the coaching staff especially Bowles were and are the MVP of the game does anyone think that KC offense would be shut down like that WOW just WOW and to think they could have been here
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    Super Bowl LV Chiefs vs Buccaneers gameday thread 2-7-21

    Yep really sad in a lot of ways but glad for Arians and HIS TEAM THEY DESERVE THIS WIN
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    Super Bowl LV Chiefs vs Buccaneers gameday thread 2-7-21

    Kinda feels like the Cards are winning with all of coaching from our past there just saw Bowles on the sideline OH what could have been
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    Taking a Round 1 Tight End

    I seem to remember another reciever who didnt run to fast we took him in the 2nd round didnt turn out to bad I think his name was Anquan Boldin hope I spelled his 1st name right though
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    Would drafting Kyle Pitts be smart or not smart?

    Crap I'm getting old but the tight end before Witten in Dallas when they had Irvin Aikman and Smith was a Cardinal before he went yo there just cant remember his name for nothing but was a pretty decent player after he left us of course aww the miracle of Google ot was Jay Novacek late round...
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    Pick 16

    Hell just take a kicker in the 1st maybe ya get lucky and get another Steve Little
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    Niners at Cardinals gameday thread 12-26-2020

    Welcome to Cardinal Land
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    Niners at Cardinals gameday thread 12-26-2020

    Been that way for or 40 years
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    Niners at Cardinals gameday thread 12-26-2020

    Welcome to Cardinals Football been that way since the 70s when I started watching
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    Isaiah Simmons mic’d up

    I'm pretty sure he is going to keeper possible pro bowler in future
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    Andy Isabella

    Not even close check the great 1st round picks of Clyde Dumcan and Bryant Johnson
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    Kliff just broke me

    Second that

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