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  1. Minski

    2024 schedule release

    Does anyone know of a decent calendar subscription feed for the Cards schedule? So I can add to my ical
  2. Minski

    Birdgang Takeover Germany

    When do tickets generally go on sale for the international games?
  3. Minski

    2024 1st round pick #27 is Darius Robinson Edge

    @BritCard Maybe you just aren’t very good at scouting the DLine ;):p I get what you mean though. I would have felt better if we had got him at 35, but then again I am loving what I see from Melton. Maybe we should have been the ones to trade down into the 2nd with this pick and still picked him...
  4. Minski

    Random Post-Draft roster observations

    Completely agree with all of that!
  5. Minski

    UNCENSORED 2024 Draft Thread

    I know we already picked up a RB but I wouldnt mind us taking WR - Rice and RB - Allen in the 5th... if available of course
  6. Minski

    2024 4th round pick #104 is Dadrion Taylor-Demerson S

    I knew nothing about him, until reading up just now, but I like the pick. Better seeing him out there than Andre Chachere
  7. Minski

    UNCENSORED 2024 Draft Thread

    Do you also know why Kool-Aid is falling? He was projected top10 throughout the season.
  8. Minski

    UNCENSORED 2024 Draft Thread

    What is the knock on DeJean? Everywhere I see he’s a top DB on big boards but spoken about on here like a risk? Granted I know nothing about him really
  9. Minski

    UNCENSORED 2024 Draft Thread

    Pic please haha
  10. Minski

    Your 3 bold draft predictions!

    6 QBs go in the first round 8 WRs go in the first round 8 OL go in the first round
  11. Minski

    OT: OJ has passed

    At least he can now rest knowing his wife’s killer has finally died
  12. Minski

    Week 14 of the Arizona Cardinals off season. 04/08/24-04/14/24

    Just warming up for MHJ ;)
  13. Minski

    2024 Free Agency thread

    Damn it. Was hoping we’d get him.
  14. Minski

    Stoked about 2024 - Marvin Harrison Jr.

    If MHJ wins rookie of the year it will mean we’ve passed on the rookie of the year in back to back years.
  15. Minski

    OT: 2024 NFL Draft Rumors

    Please Vikings trade up to 5.
  16. Minski

    Hasson Reddick trade?

    Only a 5th for me. Not any of our 3rds or 4th (want a HB here).
  17. Minski

    2024 Draft Countdown/NFL Prospects thread

    My 3 rounder mock draft... I couldn't trade so its a stick and pick.
  18. Minski

    CBS Projects Vikes Trade Up Costs Including W/Cards

    No way. They forgot the QB tax involved… also I wouldn’t do it at all.
  19. Minski

    Desmond Ridder to the Cardinals (Traded Rondale Moore)

    The pew pew pew seemed like it shot him down.
  20. Minski

    2024 Free Agency thread

    Hate these 1 year deals. At least back the guy and give 3 years, not this 1 year and then we are in the same boat next year. Or he balls out and you lose him because you can’t afford him
  21. Minski

    Week 9 of the Arizona Cardinals off season. 3/04/24-3/10/24

    Pats Mike Onwenu will be an FA… yes please
  22. Minski

    Interviews for Draft

    I think that Monti is going to try and get up into the teens with our 27th, maybe flipping a 3rd and next year’s 2nd or something. He may even try and push our 2nd back into the 1st to get another 5th year option.
  23. Minski

    MadCards 2024 Cardinals Mock Draft V1.0

    Darn Texans. I was really hoping to come out of this with MHJ and Alt/Fashanu (sp??).
  24. Minski

    MadCards 2024 Cardinals Mock Draft V1.0

    I won’t be upset to give up that to move up and get the player we want. Just a thought. What would it take to move into the top 10 from 27? Is it even possible?
  25. Minski

    Week 3 of the Arizona Cardinals off season. 1/22/24-1/28/24

    Didn't want to start another thread for this, but does anyone know the best place to get an authentic Cardinals helmet (new version)? Have a new office and need to proudly display dedication to the Red Sea.