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    Gannon's Role

    Wait patiently for the opportunity to: 1. Go for 2 rather than get a field goal, or 2. Play and don't punt on 4th down
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    I've had all I can Dobbs and I can't Dobbs no more

    Why did they not play Tune?
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    The Cards Sure Fooled Us

    Tune during the preseason was much much better than Dobbs has been. Under the circumstances and with Kyler not ready it makes sense to play Tune in the next few games. What is the alternative, more Dobbs. I could see more Dobbs if he played as a running back. He did well as a runner.
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    Commanders sold for $6 Billion Dollars

    With all the bad publicity Michael is receiving now, it could be timely for him and his siblings to sell. If the father's estate plan was typical, the Cardinals are owned by a trust with all the children being beneficiaries. Michael probably was named trustee and the question is whether he has...
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    Cardinals Off Season Position Is Atrocious.

    As decisions need to be made across the NFL by various teams about various positions, the Cardinals are in an Atrocious position 1. They clearly need to replace their Coach. 2. But they do not have a General Manager. 3. Several key players are free agents. 4. It is very unclear whether...
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    How bad are we? Here’s the facts, Jack!

    But giving contract extensions is a business decision and was made by Bidwil. It was a horrible, inexcusable decision.
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    Watching Hard Knocks Live

    Mine ended at 38 minutes. Is that what others experienced?
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    Things Don’t Look Much Brighter Despite Record

    Credit should be given to where it is warranted. Baker Mayfield did a great job helping the Cardinals yesterday. In the second half it seemed that Carolina's defense ignored covering the right side and let KM run free at will
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    Week 2 2022: Heroes and Goats

    I wonder what the comments here would have been like if there wasn't a fumble recovery touchdown that saved the Cardinals from a game winning field goal by the Raiders.
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    Steve Wilks lawsuit against NFL

    Wilks certainly was right about who the Cardinals should have drafted as quarterback. And who knows what kind of team they would have had if Josh Allen was the Cardinals quarterback.
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    OT: Brian Flores Suing NFL Alleging Racism

    I think the Cardinals could solve a lot of problems by naming Flores as HC.
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    Michael Bidwill, where are you?

    If KM is worth 3 first rounders, he should be traded for them ASAP.
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    Michael Bidwill, where are you?

    The Cardinals look like a high school team compared to Buffalo and KC yesterday. Moreover, KM looks like a high school QB compared to Mahomes and Allen.
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    Bidwill pissed

    One would hope that MB is not totally dependent on Keim and company and has people with whom he consults about talented people in the NFL. Is that wishful thinking?
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    Bidwill pissed

    If the Cardinals were a real business, KK and probably Keim would have been gone by now. But the NFL allocates media revenue such that even a bad team can make money. And in one sense the Cardinals are a monopoly so that there will always be people who will go to the games no matter how bad the...
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    Michael Bidwill, where are you?

    Apparently he is good at picking airplanes although I'm not sure what the new airplane will do the next few months.
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    Why you fire Kingsbury now

    I have been watching NFL football for several years starting with the Chicago Cardinals. I cannot remember seeing two games as bad as the last two Cardinal's games. They alone are more than sufficient to terminate Kliff Kingsbury.
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    Why you fire Kingsbury now

    If I understand correctly what Kliff said this morning, it was "I was out coached." He has said this before. If he understands he is not a very good coach, why is it so hard fro Keim and Bidwill to recognize it.
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    2023 Cardinals Head Coach Options

    At least the Cardinals have a great plane to ride home in.
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    Yeah, Kliff is a problem.

    At least they had a nice new plane to ride home in.
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    Is Murray a wuss?

    Kyler's way of playing is similar to Russell's Wilson's. That is unfortunate because that style of play is not conducive to the longevity you see from players like Rogers and Brady.
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    Cards - Saints GAME CANCELLED

    Now Kyler has an excuse
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    If I were Patrick Peterson's Life Coach

    There are two aspects to Peterson. One - his physical skills and Two - his willingness to engage in contact. Both have declined. And the risk of resigning him is that number Two will become more prominent. I would pass if I were the Cardinals GM.
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    Bruce Arians

    Seeing Arians and Todd Bowles certainly brings back memories. Its hard to see him with his mask and head piece. He surely has plenty of communications gear both front and back. It looks like he hasn't lost weight. It seems incredible that Arians and Bowles would be together with another team...
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    Next year will just be a wasted year if they bring back KK

    Michael Bidwill is on the spot. The decision whether to retain KK is entirely on him and shows what he's made of.