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    What's the word on Lyle S?

    Why not Larsen? AQ is too small and has no experience. Our entire offense hinges on having a great center. Very worried if we have to play Shipley.
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    You all realize the wind was blowing like 40mph during parts of that game? I'm sure the first miss sailed wide because of x-wind at field level. The one he made was not a thing of beauty either. Very wobbly and just kind of shanked it in. Hauschka's 50 yarder was straight in with wind behind...
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    I was wrong about Kolb

    I was able to watch both Ints with binoculars from North end zone. Cards were headed South both times. Seems like receivers were open when he threw the ball. Like DBs baited hook and Kevin got hooked. Poor decision or poor throw? That's open to debate. Bad result which cost Cards chance to win...
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    Anyone going to the Seattle game?

    50 year Card fan would like to see game One of the old timers needs 1 ticket tomorrow. Was here 10 years ago when Sea Hawks stadium opened. Sat way up in the Eagles nest for $20 bucks. great game and atmosphere. Cards Won! Thomas Jones ran for 166 incl long TD. Martey Jenkens ran kickoff...
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    My attempt at the 2010 starting line-up (offense and defense)

    Well that's the end the that stupid idea I guess! Thanks for insight.
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    My attempt at the 2010 starting line-up (offense and defense)

    Can Campbell be groomed to replace Berry? He's 6'8, long arms, pretty fast and I believe he can cover a slow RB. If that works we could move Alan Branch in the DE spot. I think Campbell will become our Julius Peppers and be a major disruptive force along with DD.
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    Another choke job by the Chargers

    Chargers are my second favorite team, but I feel a lot worse about Cardinals not winning than them losing. They had homefield and a huge loud crowd on their side and blew it because of great Jets defense and terrible place kicking. We did win one, but barely. Scored 51 points and barely won in...
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    Another choke job by the Chargers

    hey your right - and he had 2 tries at that 50 yarder. I think his leg gave out on him. That was not the GW everyone was bitching about last week. but still counts There don't seem to be any kickers that are immune to this problem - I wish they would eliminate field goals entirely and just...
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    Another choke job by the Chargers

    1. Kaeding (0-3), 1 long 57 yarder 2. Graham (0-2) all makeable 3. Suisham (1-3) all makeable 4. Rackers (1-1) plus KO out of bounds penalty
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    This is why the regular season matters ...

    11 wins 2010 8,9 and 10. Should get us back to playoffs, but we'll need to win 1 on the road. This was not our team's best showing. They were tired and injured, out hustled and out-coached today. Go Saints! Who Dat whatever!
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    For all of you Rackers lovers

    Graham missed 2 less than 40 - one to left than over-corrected on a shorter one to teh right I just like Neil's mentality on kickoffs and his unique ability to put the ball where ST have trouble, remember Seattle on the road?
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    For all of you Rackers lovers

    I still LOVE HIM and will take him over Shane Graham, Sean Suisam and anybody not named Vinateri. We won the DAMN game enjoy it and remember all his positive contributions.
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    Who won this game for the Cards

    Dansby, Warner and Doucet plus about 20 others. Lot's of heart on both sides! need to watch it again but those guys were special today!
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    Mad respect

    Packers had to overcome 17 and 21 point deficits and scared the livin bejesus out of all Card fans after tying it and winning the coin toss! Our defense made 3 big plays and that was enough (barely)
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    Can anyone get me this game on dvd?

    me too! But at least you were there, Kate!
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    Begging again - dvd of the game help?

    I have the DVR recording up until the next to last GW play, CRAP! :bang: No one to transfer it; need a Blu Ray Recorder or something to transfer it to disc. I know you're a huge KW fan and I have business in Bakersfield. PM me to discuss.
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    Can anyone get me this game on dvd?

    How 'bout a Blu Ray?;)
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    Alright, I'm already getting sick of it.

    I know what you meant to type and thanks for the info! Too cold to hit the right letters in sequence on the old KB maybe but not to practice for a football game:).
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    Alright, I'm already getting sick of it.

    Weather or Not! What a fun thread to read. Just want to ask our Packer friends if they think the back-to-back travel schedule and the weather conditions in GB this week will have any impact on their team's play this weekend? Does that give the Cards an added advantage over just simply...
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    Per Whiz Warner to be Game time Decision.

    Both Practiced Both will play~ No matter who starts. Whiz has some trickery up his sleeves. I expect Rolle to get some plays on offense and a formation with Matt & Kurt both in the lineup. If they work we have a better chance of winning. My worry is more can our defense stop AP for 4 quarters.
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    Wow - Warner's 5 TD's...

    Doctor Charles Johnson I presume! I have a DVD of his highlights. Think I'll watch it again!
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    It was moved to "Politics and Religion" forum which is pobably appropriate. I am not a trouble maker and do not really believe KW said that but it is still pretty amazing the feed picked it up and no one commented about it all week...
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    Bizarre end of Bears game Having trouble getting this submitted. Am I the only one who heard the statement as KW and Cutler were embracing after the end of game on the Sunday Ticket feed?
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    about Kurt Warner after Bears game?
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    Rest of the schedule

    Win 'em ALL Why not! We're NFC Champs. Just Start Playing like it!

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