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    Who in 2

    Hump / Paris / Avilla / Hernandez / Bechum Looks good to me for power football
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    Who in 2

    Trade back with Raiders or Titans as they will want Levis, then take Avilla to play center.
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    First off, we have heard nothing from Rosen. This would be highly unlikely if he wasn't told this is a smokescreen for a trade down. He is pretty outspoken per his comments last draft after him not being the top pick. It is like Rosen has been hidden away in protective custody so he won't say...
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    Will Suns make a move before the trade deadline?

    I have seen that New Orleans would like to move Mirotic for a first round draft pick. I think we should make a trade offer for both Mirotic and Holiday for Milwaukee's 1st round pick + Josh Jackson + TJ Warren+ filler to make salary's work. This would solve both the stretch 4 and point guard...
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    Sources: Lakers trying to acquire Suns forward Trevor Ariza in a three-team deal

    I think a trade for Lonzo Ball would be possible if we included Josh Jackson with Trevor Ariza. Something like an Ariza, Jackson, Daniels for Ball, Caldwell-Pope, Beasley would be close salary wise both for this year and next year. Both Ariza/Daniels and Caldwell-Pope/Beasley are in last year...
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    Comp picks?

    We should draft the best punter with the comp pick. Our punting was horrible last year.
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    Game Link?

    ILEMI.COM has a nice feed.
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    Game Link

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    Game Link

    Try for game. Quality is poor, but sound is good.