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    Communication: Hicks vs Collins

    I could see some interesting 3-3 looks. Jones-Phillips-Watt Collins-Hicks-Simmons
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    Dan Arnold to Carolina

    well aren’t you a ray of sunshine
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    Matt Prater is a Cardinal

    fresh isn’t quite the word I would have chosen.
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    Reddick agrees to sign with Carolina

    He can come back next year now :)
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    Watson Trade that Might Work & that should Scare Us to Death

    If Stafford Can get 2 first round picks plus Goff then Watson would probably take 4...
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    My Free Agency Take So Far

    I’m hoping he comes back and we draft a CB in round 1. Peterson-Rd 1 CB-Murphy-Alford
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    Cards should cut CB Robert Alford

    I’m actually really surprised he hasn’t been cut yet. Yeah, the cupboard is bare at the moment but 2 years of pay for 0 games played?
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    JJ Watt signs with AZ

    agreed, it would be a mistake to let Reddick walk
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    JJ Watt signs with AZ

    I’m salivating over a possible D line of Reddick-Phillips-Watt-Jones and on 3rd down replace Phillips with Gardeck
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    JJ Watt signs with AZ

    Calais Campbell was a year younger than watt is now when he left the cardinals and he received 15/ year 4 years ago. 15.5 a year isn’t even top 10 nowadays, so I think the contract is pretty fair.
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    Pick Your Poison

    Reddick for $5 million? Not going to happen
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    Steve Keim - Trade Wizard - Go Get Fletcher Cox

    It depends what they would they would let him go for. He’s probably got a couple good years left so I wouldn’t want to give up more than a 3rd
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    Who remembers 2008?

    In what universe?
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    Niners at Cardinals gameday thread 12-26-2020

    the 5th year option decline is looming large now. We almost have to tag him at this point
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    Hopkins and Practice

    Mitch wrote a big long article about it. His analysis of some things is just way off the mark
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    Some thoughts on the 2021 roster by position

    Kirk still has another year. Interesting that sites have different free agency types on Arnold... technically this is his 4th year but he spent his rookie year on New Orleans IR, so I’m not sure the technicalities on that. EDIT: Based on this criteria Arnold will be a RFA - In the National...
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    Some thoughts on the 2021 roster by position

    Dan Arnold (as is Dennis Gardeck) is a restricted free agent. I would expect them to place a 2nd round tender on both of them
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    Hopkins receiving record?

    Hopkins needs 74 yards to hit 10,000 in his career. I believe he will be the youngest receiver ever to do this (not fastest). It’s hard to find hard facts on this so correct me if I’m wrong.
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    Initial thoughts of the game

    Yeah, he had that one negative punt return but he also had some first down catches so I didn’t feel like he needed a mention because nothing was overly negative/positive
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    Initial thoughts of the game

    Gaillard was inactive today because he just had a child, but they have been switching out lineman lately...
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    Kudos Kliff

    your negativity is getting pretty tiresome
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    Initial thoughts of the game

    1) Murray had his best game as a cardinal. With that being said, he also was really careless with the ball today. The play before the Hopkins fumble was definitely a fumble but in the end it didn’t matter anyways. Also, that interception was literally right to the defender... 2) great to see...
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    Christian Kirk

    I would like to see Kirk In the slot more and put Fitzgerald outside. I’m pretty sure Fitzgerald cant outrun anyone but he can still get those 50/50 balls? Haven’t seen any of that this season
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    Christian Kirk

    I somewhat agree with your first statement, since the cupboard is about to be bare. But I don’t think the WR Situation is all the dire. Sure, I would like to see more from Kirk but honestly it’s hard to evaluate receivers when they aren’t targeted (like if they were open on the play etc). I...

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