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    Nuggets @ Suns Monday Playoff game thread 6-7-2021 - Game 1

    Porter is way over hyped , he's got alot to like scoring wise but he brings nothing else to the table, bad defender, average at best rebounder, and doesn't help his teammates much. If he gets hot it's a problem but if he doesn't shoot lights out he's normally a negative on the court
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    Lakers @ Suns Tuesday Playoff game thread 6-1-2021 - Game 5

    Do want to jinx it but I think the win may be safe now !
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    Lakers @ Suns Tuesday Playoff game thread 6-1-2021 - Game 5

    Not a bad 3rd Lebron's going to get his points just can't let them start clawing back into it
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    Deandre Ayton discussion

    I feel like you post this exact same comment every year ha but I totally agree
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    Deandre Ayton discussion

    Who would have guessed three games in we could be talking about how ayton needed more help, he's doing his part
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    Booker Question

    Booker is no superstar, I don't see him ever being one. The best players in the league are almost always great two way players. Booker won't be there defensively. In this league you need a top 5 player to win it all and sadly that's not going to be book if the suns get there
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    Suns @ Lakers Thursday Playoff game thread 5-27-2021 - Game 3

    Forget haliburton I'm still upset they went with stix. Why pick a big who has a history of getting pushed around when you need size and toughness??? If he can't add strength maybe he can be a decent player but they are not a team that has the luxury of picking projects
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    Suns @ Lakers Thursday Playoff game thread 5-27-2021 - Game 3

    The only positive I can take from this series is that ayton showed up. I've been saying it at the end of the year each year but I don't think Booker can take this team far, he's not that type of player. Ayton is the one you build around, he's not the franchise guy putting the team on his back...
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    Preferred 1st round opponent

    Pop is one of the best coaches of all times regardless of who's on his team you don't want to see them in the playoffs because they are going to put up a fight
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    Preferred 1st round opponent

    I picked golden state , curry is going to be curry but that team isn't very good right now. I see them or memphis being the teams we should beat without to much problems, atleast we "should"
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    Kings @ Suns Thursday game thread 4-15-2021

    Crazier things have happened, if only they could have got ja morant they'd could have been the next superteam
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    Wizards @ Suns Saturday game thread 4-10-2021

    Great win ! I can't believe after all these years the sun's will end the year with a guaranteed winning record ! If ayton plays like this and the sun's bench plays okay the sun's will make some noise come playoffs just not sure how much
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    Hawks @ Suns Tuesday game thread 3-30-31

    The last 10 years have been nothing but ugly losses, I'm not complaining about ugly wins
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    This is an online sports forum, despite his excessive obsession with hating some players, he does talk sports, as much as you may hate what he says he shouldn't be banned for his opinions. it's not hard to skim over his posts as ouchie said , I don't see any reason at all why he should be banned...
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    Unban him, not sure how long he's been gone but but I agree he could bring some more entertainment into the forum
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    Warriors @ Suns Thursday game thread 3-4-2021

    Normally at this point of the year I'm wondering who the sun's will be drafting at the top of the lottery, ive forgotten what it feels like to enjoy a season.
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    Suns @ Nuggets Friday game thread 1-1-2021

    Chris paul is definitely washed up, this end proves it
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    Who is your favorite Sun this year? 2020/21 season

    Don't get to attached remember he's going to be out of the league in 2 years because he's to slow to shoot in the nba and can't defend
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    Jalen Smith

    Those are some pretty spot on grades
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    More happening?

    Well he's going to so better get used to it. He's going to be fine, he'll start off as a good rotation player and we will see how fast he gets to a possible starting role. My original point is every time you say a players best case is 2-3 years the player comes out blazing from the start so I'm...
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    More happening?

    Alot of players don't , that doesn't stop them from playing immediately
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    More happening?

    I wish I would have started a counter for how many times you say a player is 2-3 years away, it's a go to saying for you
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    Jalen Smith

    I would have liked to pick him a bit later too but there has to be teams wanting to move up , no one is going to just hand you an asset for no reason, in a draft like this I'm not surprised there aren't many trades, there weren't any "wow" prospects that teams were drooling over
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    2020 Draft

    I'm hoping trade down with celtics and get some FC depth like Jalen smith and seddiq bey

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