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  1. jlove

    Post Draft Free Agent Options

    I would love Byrd back. He did some great things for us. He is better than Izzy and I think still a bit better than Johnson. Corey Peters is almost a must IMO. He would look great clogging the running lanes between JJ, CJ and Golden
  2. jlove

    2021 2nd round pick is Rondale Moore WR

    Usage rate and catchable passes have a lot to do with that though as well. Izzy: College 229 of 378 (58% catch rate) 2019...21 of 35 2020...30 of 49 (60% catch rate) Moore: 2018...114 of 160 (77% catch rate) 2019...29 of 43 (67.4% catch rate) 2020...35 of 44 (79.5%)
  3. jlove

    Steelers kick our rear again

    Just because there wasn't a trade doesn't mean there weren't available trades. Video proof that when the Cards picked at 16 and 49, that Keim didn't even care about any trades as he called Zaven and Rondale as soon as NE called in Mac at 15 and SF called in Banks at 48. Both picks were...
  4. jlove

    Steelers kick our rear again

    The Steelers got my desired players with their first 2 picks in Najee and Pat. I like what Zaven and Rondale will do for us, but think a trade down from 16 to get extra picks and drafting Najee and Pat would've been better overall
  5. jlove

    2021 2nd round pick is Rondale Moore WR

    Differences between Izzy and Moore... 1. Rondale is Moore elusive in his attacks 2. Rondale is Moore powerful 3. Rondale catches Moore passes Izzy MAY have a slight edge in speed but not much. Issues with Izzy and Christian is their drop rates. If Rondale can stay healthy, we have our Steve...
  6. jlove

    5th round pick

    He was my sleeper for Cards. Hurts the Whiners grabbed him
  7. jlove

    Best available day three

    I was hoping Sermon would drop. He was my sleeper pick for Cards. Really ****** me off that the Whiners got him
  8. jlove

    "Keim Against the Grain" Devonta Smith/Javonte Williams or Najee Harris/Rondale Moore

    You pretty much nailed it. Took Collins 16 when I feel we could've traded down, as long as un front of Steelers (took both players I wanted in Najee and Pat) along with Rondale at 49, which, although I like Rondale, I would've gone Marshall.
  9. jlove

    Potential trade down partner - New Orleans Saints

    Difference is this draft is MUCH deeper. We could potentially get Najee and Moore with 27/31.
  10. jlove

    Potential trade down partner - New Orleans Saints

    Trade down with Ravens....16 for 27/31
  11. jlove

    I think Najee Harris is in play.

    I see Najee as the same type of game changer as Zeke as far as powerful all purpose back. I think Etienne closer to McCaffrey type but not as big a game changer. I think if we can trade back and grab Najee I'd be happy. If we don't get Najee in 1st and dont get a RB in 1st/2nd, then Sermon...
  12. jlove

    Call your shot, who are we drafting...

    I think if they trade up they're after Waddle, Smith or Horn. If they stay at 16, hoping Horn, Farley, Newsome or Harris. Trade down, hoping for Newsome, Harris, Moore or Etienne
  13. jlove

    Draft Week Cardinal Rumors

    I think if the Pack do indeed trade Aaron, it would be to an AFC team so they don't have to face him. The Jets could put a great package together.
  14. jlove

    What’s left? RB and CB

    Damn. Behind Carson, Davis was the big back I wanted here
  15. jlove

    Legal Tampering period thread and Free agency.

    Like I said, we can't afford Atkins, especially with the holes we still have to fill. Just to fill those holes, Keim needs to do some estructuring, waiving a few guys and possibly trade a player or two. Also have to look at deals that are low cap hits this year pushing them to year 2 or...
  16. jlove

    Legal Tampering period thread and Free agency.

    Although plugging Atkins in on our IDL would give the Cards a DL similar to the Rams, we have too many other holes we need to fill first, i.e. CB, TE, RB....unless we start waiving/restructuring/trading players, i.e. Kennard, Pugh, Isabella, Cole
  17. jlove

    Dan Arnold to Carolina

    He made a ton of great catches, and crucial ones at that
  18. jlove

    Phillip Lindsay released.

  19. jlove

    Kyle Fuller

    With an extension
  20. jlove

    Kyle Fuller

    Potentially. I think I'd give our 2nd this year and 3rd or 4th next year for him.
  21. jlove

    Kyle Fuller

    Traded for All Pro Hudson, now trade for All Pro Kyle Fuller
  22. jlove

    Kyle Fuller

  23. jlove

    CB's issue

    DO IT KEIM!!!