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  1. SweetD

    Bally Sports App?

    Anyone else unable to watch the past two games since it switched from. FOX to Bally's?
  2. SweetD

    NBA Trade Deadline news and rumors 2019-20 season

    Wow another year and another "valuable" expiring contract equals zero for
  3. SweetD

    Suns: NBA Summer League 2019

    I am looking forward to watching Jalen Lecque. Hope he shows some skills to be a PG of the future.
  4. SweetD

    What most of the mad people are really mad about? Vent here!

    This reminds me of the Josh Children's, Hakeem Warrick and Hedo summer. I am in just disbelief the poor moves and zero value return for Warren and Jackson. In addition to missing out on almost every single game changing free agent.
  5. SweetD

    Rosen Proves His Doubters Right

    Josh was ok last year, but the kid made some very poor decisions on the field. Sure the play calling sucked, but we was late on almost every throw all year. This is why the Cards took the opportunity to upgrade at that position. Rosen can be a decent QB down the road if he figures out the pro...
  6. SweetD


    I could see him moving inside.
  7. SweetD

    Thank god no John w

    O dang, Wiz are screwed
  8. SweetD

    A little perspective on DeAndre Ayton

    Ayton is currently averaging: 16.3 PPG 10.6 RPG 2.1 APG 1 BLK PG 1.8 TO PG Anthony Davis Rookie Stats 13.5 PPG 8.2 RPG 1 APG 1.8 BLK PG 1.4 TO PG Outside of blocks by .8 he is putting up better numbers than Davis did in 64 Games
  9. SweetD

    Lakers trade point guard Lonzo Ball to the Suns for (....)

    Ya and I wanted Sam Bowie also #1 lol.... I am sure the Suns would put Ball much lower now.
  10. SweetD

    Lakers trade point guard Lonzo Ball to the Suns for (....)

    Hoopshype algorithm only monitors Twitter. But why only have a template for Ball? Why not any of the other rumored trades that have been mentioned.... Just saying.
  11. SweetD

    Lakers trade point guard Lonzo Ball to the Suns for (....)

    Did anyone else see the article post then taken down. Looks like there is something a brewing... You can still see some of the cached site on a good search, bit there is also an article on the removal of the site...
  12. SweetD

    2018-19 Season | Point Guard Discussion

    I would only offer Troy Daniels and Bucks pick. No way I offer JJ or Warren. Ball is not worth anything else.
  13. SweetD

    Suns @ Nuggets 1-25- 19

    Always wanted him on the Suns, to bad his contract is crazy now and his age.
  14. SweetD

    If The Suns Have the 3rd or 4th Pick In The Draft Would You Trade For .....

    Lonzo Ball is junk see Kendall Marshall with a bigger ego. Ball will be a journey man player after his rookie deal. Once LeBron came to town Ball has become an after thought and lucky Rondo got hurt.
  15. SweetD

    Suns @ Nuggets 1-25- 19

    This team is back to being unwatchable. Looks like Booker doesn't even want to do anything than put up his buckets. I am sorry but Ryan Anderson needs to get his butt out there, unless there is an agreement to trade him already.
  16. SweetD

    Headcoach Kliff Kingsbury and his assistant coaches

    Don't forget the RB coach... hopefully Kirby comes back!!
  17. SweetD

    Suns reportedly to sign forward Quincy Acy to ten day contract

    I rembreme watching him and Perry Jones at Baylor thinking these kids are going to be a stars...ya missed on those.
  18. SweetD

    Jurecki: keim stays as gm

    I will put this here too and also add Kiem has been with this organization before BA and he was been a part of the turnaround since the dark days. So in no way is he a lame duck GM going into next year. I have zero clue why anyone thinks Kiem should be fired? No one teamhas ever had 100% of...
  19. SweetD

    When the Cardinals fired Steve Wilks, they fired the wrong guy

    I have zero clue why anyone thinks Kiem should be fired? No one team has ever had 100% of their draft picks pan out. Heck I think even the Cards are at a higher percentage of quality picks over the average team. How soon people forget we where drafting at the end of every round for the past...
  20. SweetD

    Thunder @ Suns 12-28-18 game thread

    Westbrook was unstoppable tonight no matter who was guarding him. Plus we all had an off shooting night. It was great seeing Ayton get some dunks, you can see a few more new plays being run, but overall this team is way to predictable and still missing a good PG.
  21. SweetD

    Suns @ Wizards 12-22-18

    One question I have is why did JJ only get 17 minutes? I get his shot was off, but still he needs to be out there more. I hope he gets more minutes tonight since it is a back to back.
  22. SweetD

    Suns @ Celtics 12-19-18

    Oubre was good in his debut, but so was Ariza. I do say the biggest problem I had with Ariza was his in ability to switch and show effort on D, Oubre D and energy is exactly what this team needs. I would like to see a replacement for Melton in the starting line up.
  23. SweetD

    Suns @ Celtics 12-19-18

    Wholly cow!!
  24. SweetD

    Trevor Ariza to Washington for Kelly Oubre and Austin Rivers.

    I am sure the Wizards added cash to the deal to allow the Suns to complete the buyout. I am ok with the move but, I am still holding out hope there is a deal for a PG on a rookie deal coming soon.
  25. SweetD

    Trevor Ariza to Washington for Kelly Oubre and Austin Rivers.

    JJ's athleticism and speed are unreal. This is what sets him apart from most players. I think what everyone is saying that is his best attribute, currently don't just be a jump shooter. He reminds me a lot of Demar DeRozan, it took him about 3 years to learn to slown down and get a constant...