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    David Johnson retires

    Thanks David, blasted put and surprised everyone , then fell off, but always enjoyed fanning for you.

    Way TOO Early 2024 Cardinals Record Prediction post schedule release

    Well the shorter preseason and misuse of it regardless of the amount of games, has clubs not playing their best ball until 1/4 of the season is over! It’s pretty easy to pop bubble wrap.

    2024 3rd round pick #90 is Elijah Jones CB

    Oh fiddlesticks, I see reasons all of them are drafted, where and why. Am happy,

    2024 3rd round pick #66 is Trey Benson RB

    Agree, like a good solid draft, no wtf’s for me so far,

    2024 3rd round #82 is Tip Reiman TE

    Slobberknocker engage - him and McBride Conner and Trey- Paris Johnson lead the way - Better bring a lunch, they can set the table for KM rpo or play action against the 85 bears! Oh MHJ Gosh! Seeing how defense is handicapped by rules, might at well use capital on offense.

    2024 3rd round pick #66 is Trey Benson RB

    Yay Trey , Az valley of the run! SMUSHDOWN Cardinals ! I wanna see Conner and Trey on the field together! Plow for cow or cow for plow! Pain cause results nothing else will...

    2024 1st round pick #27 is Darius Robinson Edge

    Graded at 89.5 on cbs, highest level starter without all pro 90. Pretty good at 27, I think he starts and plays well, Curious to see what Paris Johnson says about him.

    OT: 2024 NFL Draft Rumors

    I don’t like NFLN incest, meaning whomever joins their club, gets in the hof, whether other quieter guys are more deserving on the field. They stay very slanted on east coast bias and their old teams. They direct the NFL conversation, and I don’t agree with their direction.

    Draft - one week out - what do the Cardinals do with #4?

    Larry served us well, what would you trade Larry for? This kid could be better, expected hof in position of need. Texans did great picking the 2 best players in last years draft, they won that trade! Nobody seems to mention that.

    Cards Trade Request Will Be Met

    I think there is a lesson in number 27 that was suppose to be top 10. Texans went all in on the best offensive player and best defensive player in the draft, made the playoffs instead if predicted first over all pick. I might consider trade down with our top 90 picks to get another blue chip...

    2024 Draft Countdown/NFL Prospects thread

    Hats off to Texans , from worst to first , their draft strategy of selling out and getting the 2 best players on each side of the ball paid off, and will continue to pay off. cards earned a top 5 draft pick, by the power of the we suck. But 27 should get a starter. hope we don’t trade around...

    Michael Carter RB

    We should get a great back in this draft, like our 3rd pick ! My whining about run game not being prioritized might be over. They did forget to run one game, but got back to it. KM is getting better under center , and should be actually practiced as a primary weapon , for Kyler’s first camp With...

    2024 Texans pick watch thread

    Everybody all frantic about 1 or 2 spots. As long as we don’t take Keim time risks we should end up with a couple premium starters. But will congratulate Texans on the sound draft strategy of giving up every thing for the best players in the draft On both sides of the ball. Either one could be a...

    Cardinals at Eagles gameday thread 12-31-23

    I guess never thought about it, but -hilly fans take pride in being thugs, belligerent, basically bad character all around. i take no pride and winning if it’s not fair and square like the cardinals fight song says.

    Cardinals at Eagles gameday thread 12-31-23

    We are not from Philadelphia! Young drunk card fan lost it at the championship game in 08, when 4 cards fans ripped off their cards jerseys revealing eagles jerseys underneath. When eagle took a lead in the 4th 1/4! He was swinging wild and his mom asked me to help him. I grabbed him by the ears...

    Cardinals at Eagles gameday thread 12-31-23

    No Pottsville, those hicks curse is alive and well.

    Dobbs to the Vikings

    Well he was a leader on this team, with its pulse, with Kyler out, Dobbs had plenty of ability, but none of the chemistry. I guess I weigh that a lil more than others. A team must be able to execute regardless of QB. McCoy was the next man up with some success.

    Cardinals at Eagles gameday thread 12-31-23

    Nope was new years 13 hours earlier here in philipines, woot woot! just caught up on the highlights, I just like to see fundamentally sound football, coaching , talent and execution, the kind that can win 9n any era on any given Sunday. I like the forward pass well enough, but it is not the...

    Dobbs to the Vikings

    Wonder if McCoy would have kept cards alive longer? Everybody said his arm was toast, but his savvy won games. and I personally believe we would have a more solid view of the roster.

    What’s Wrong with Murray?

    Kingsbury catered to Murrays skill set, in a college offense, this NFL offense, not so much. started late in the year, under center for the first time in his life. The run game came to life! But still this year is a whole new philosophy for KM. sometimes regresses as is normal with a learning...

    Oh What a Night

    Not sure Gannon or Monty earned any more slack than Wilkes did, we have gotten worse each week.

    Marco Wilson waived

    Feels like a Wilkes purge, toward the end of the year, but nothing like what whisenhunt purged after winning with Denny green drafted talent. don’t know if Gannons the answer, many are going to play elsewhere, he want some different skill set, or just personality?

    NFL Refs Have Been "Approached" to Fix Games?

    Well they made it to the WS and dished the dbacks in the all star game. If mlb can turn a blind eye so can fans, I did.

    NFL Refs Have Been "Approached" to Fix Games?

    NBA let the same ref back in to do it to the suns again! then Sean Payton gets a movie called hometown that depicts him as the victim! After he received the harshest unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in history. sick os want to hire him , even here! where exactly are fans morals at?

    NFL Refs Have Been "Approached" to Fix Games?

    It was the whole mlb when busted brewers were allowed to Win the WS and pick the all star team. They were busted before they -payed the Dbacks. I haven’t fanned since, screw em

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