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  1. Brian

    The Coyotes have made the playoffs

    Assuming both are healthy.....Kemper or Raanta?
  2. Brian

    Simmons vs Bucannon

  3. Brian

    Simmons vs Bucannon

    Thanks, I just never saw Simmons play. Was busy traveling all over on weekends. Only saw what I could catch on the tube in some restaurant. That and a lot of Boise St games.
  4. Brian

    Simmons vs Bucannon

    I really didn't get to watch much college ball this year (first time in my adult life). I was busy coaching my son's 13U travel team. So my question is: How is Simmons any different than Bucannon was? i.e Jack-of-all-trades master of none? I get that Simmons is 2 inches taller and about 15lbs...
  5. Brian

    2019 Offseason

    Agreed, add to that the commissioner repeatedly denied the ball was changed during the regular season...insulting everyone who had a set of eyes.
  6. Brian

    Predict tomorrow's score!

  7. Brian

    Poll: AL Wild Card - Who Wins

    It's so nice seeing these small market teams representing, and I HATE that they have to play each other. I would not want to bet against Tampa in a one game playoff. They play hard all 9. I'd reallly like to see them advance. Hy heart says Tampa, my brain says Oakland. Will be happy either way.
  8. Brian

    NL Wild Card Poll: Who wins?

    Only because of the way the two teams have been playing the last 10 days I'd say the meter is swinging the Nat's way. Although Sherzer is something like 2-7 in "big" games. Yelich is out, Cain's gimpy, it's on the road. 60/40 Washington.
  9. Brian

    Christian Walker ranked among the top 10 first basemen in wins above replacement

    Don't need to worry about Lamb. He won't be back.
  10. Brian

    Steve Keim

    Just sorry it took some people this long to realize this. Been saying it for years (not so much on this board, more in private conversations). Really makes me wonder more about BA's sudden departure.
  11. Brian

    Need to extend Adam Jones ASAP

    He brings NOTHING to the team other than "veteran" leadership. His best days are looong gone. He's an ok defender...and that's about it. Team needs to remake it's entire outfield.
  12. Brian

    Need to extend Adam Jones ASAP

    No, no, no, and hell no. HELL. NO.
  13. Brian

    RIP: Eddie Money: Using his ticket to Paradise

    He's another one that although I'm sad he's passed, I'm more happy that he lived. Love Eddie Money.
  14. Brian

    Is the Wildcard Out of Reach?

    It was out of reach before the season started. This was never a playoff team.
  15. Brian

    Mike Leake to the Dbacks deal is now official

    Somewhere you gotta throw Kelly in there, and next year add in Weaver and Walker. I expect Kelly to be the odd man out. One of those 6 (Ray, Gallen, Leake, Young, Clarke, Kelly) is going to the pen.
  16. Brian

    Anyone have a kid that plays baseball?

    Hey sorry, I meant to reply to this earlier/sooner. The comparisons between your son and mine are eerily similar. Both are the same age and build. Mine plays 3 positions as well: Catcher, 2B, and LF.... Weird. Anyway, the transition to the larger field is one of the HUGE changes that young...
  17. Brian

    OT- Bill Buckner passes away

    His (Bill's) brother threw out the first pitch to Bill's grandson at the start of my son's tournament last night. Buckner to Buckner. Pretty cool moment.
  18. Brian

    Ayton paid $10,000/month in college

  19. Brian

    Article from the Rattle: Pitching without Velocity

    "Velocity is a luxury, location is a necessity" - Randy Johnson
  20. Brian

    2019 2nd round pick for Rosen is Andy Isabella WR

    So a 1st, a 3rd, and a 5th for Andy Isabella. Seems about right...
  21. Brian

    On to round's my wish list.

    We saw the exact same things. Completely agree.
  22. Brian

    A lot of very good players left at #33

    As a guard, not at RT. He's mean, nasty, plays to the echo of the whistle...but too bulky/stiff in space. Lacks technique and change of direction. Jawaan Taylor is BY FAR the better technician at RT (it's not even close imo) but lacks the nasty streak Risner has. Taylor is a day 1 RT, but he...
  23. Brian

    What do you want in the first round, dreaming is free

    This. This is what I want.
  24. Brian

    Hellboy (2019)

    This was by FARRRRRR the WORST movie I have ever seen. Absolutely terrible. Beyond terrible. As in, people should be shot and never allowed near movie production ever again bad. Honestly, Dude Bro Party Massacre III was better. There is a 40 ft tall walking vagina in it. And a chicken house...