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  1. ActingWild

    Cardinals at Rams playoff gameday thread 1-17-2022

    someone get KK and Joseph this cake.
  2. ActingWild

    Grizzlies @ Suns Monday game thread 12-27-2021

    Could Monty have challenged that last bucket by Morant? I only saw the highlights but it looked to me like he landed before he shot the ball. So, I did a freeze frame and sure enough, Morant didn’t get the shot up before he came back down, (It looked like Booker had the block if Morant shot...
  3. ActingWild

    Suns @ Bucks Tuesday Finals game thread 7-20-2021 - Game 6

    Apparently Giannis doesn’t miss shots, he is only fouled….and he and Holliday can ride our players with no call! This is some serious BS!
  4. ActingWild

    Should it be CB Newsome or CB Farley at #16?

    To the OP, between Farley and Newsome, I want Farley.
  5. ActingWild

    Deandre Ayton discussion

    "I believe in making the world safe for our children, but not our children's children, because I don't think children should be having sex." - Jack Handy
  6. ActingWild

    2020 Draft

    One thing I can be confident in saying is that James Jones will screw this up.
  7. ActingWild

    Do you like the Chris Paul Trade?

    I’m bummed that we are losing Lecque. He’s really young so has some things to work on but he is also oozing with potential and superstar talent. I think 2 years we will be kicking ourselves for trading him away.
  8. ActingWild

    Cardinals are ranked as one of the top 10 most talented teams in the league.

    One thing in MJD’s favor is that he called David Johnson’s demise before last season began. I remember thinking he was an idiot for that here’s to hoping he’s right again!
  9. ActingWild

    Cardinals are ranked as one of the top 10 most talented teams in the league.

    According to MJD at That’s mighty big praise and really hope we live up to it!
  10. ActingWild

    The DJ Trade

    I thought I must have been getting DeAndre Hopkins’ name mixed up with another player for the last several years, or that there were two Hopkins on the Texans and we got the unknown one. I literally resorted to googling DeAndre Hopkins just to make sure I hadn’t gone crazy; I was that shocked...
  11. ActingWild

    Prayers please...

    Praying for a successful surgery as well as a full and speedy recovery for your son!
  12. ActingWild

    Just ugly

    I made these a while ago because I agree that we need new uniforms.
  13. ActingWild

    Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

    That’s what it looked like to me too. The defender caused Sherfield to go down on what was a perfect pass. I thought for sure we would challenge that. That last play not being challenged by the NFL is a complete joke after giving the Bucs that gift PI review on what was much less egregious...
  14. ActingWild

    Tim Locastro - The fastest man in baseball.

    I came across this really interesting video on Locastro and thought I'd share here. He's got some really great insights into just how unique of a player we have in him.
  15. ActingWild

    Cardinals Trade for RB Kenyan Drake

    Here he is tearing up New England a couple of years ago on MNF.
  16. ActingWild

    Cardinals Uniform Concept

    Thanks for the comments and feedback guys. Here is an all solid version of the red and white unis. (I was trying to take cues from the actual bird with a face and chest one color and the rest another with my original concepts).
  17. ActingWild

    Cardinals Uniform Concept

    Just having some fun but thought I'd share. Do you prefer one of these home/away sets over the current unis?
  18. ActingWild

    OT: Geno Smith got "dicked!"

    He should have just taken the sack.
  19. ActingWild

    BTS - James Jones 2019 Draft Night Photo

    If the goal was to horrify suns fans, I don't think Pennywise could have done a better job than James Jones did last night.:(
  20. ActingWild

    BTS - James Jones 2019 Draft Night Photo

    It took a while but I found a photo of James Jones during draft night....
  21. ActingWild

    Suns trade #6 for Saric and 11th pick

    The more things change, the more they stay the same....1st year GM showing his lack of experience. I wouldn't make that trade and I certainly wouldn't trade down at all until I knew who was available at our pick (We apparently learned nothing from the Andre Iguodala fiasco).
  22. ActingWild

    Trade #6, Josh Jackson +

    I don’t even think #6, Jackson, 2020 #1, MIL pick and Melton/Okobo would be enough for #2 but I’d do it without a second thought. Trades need to hurt to get a team to deal (unless you’re the Lakers). We need a distributor in the worst way and Ja is exactly the type of player that will get the...
  23. ActingWild

    David Johnson is the key to keeping or trading Rosen

    I'm curious, did David Johnson lose a step last year or was the coaching and O-Line just so bad that they held an AllPro to average numbers? I ask because in my opinion, David Johnson still has the talent to be a 2,000 yard all purpose back and lead the league in TDs. I believe he was severely...
  24. ActingWild

    BA to Tampa Bay heating up?

    Looks like Rappaport (and the league's initial decision) were wrong. The Cardinals argued that they owned Arians' rights and were entitled to compensation and the league agreed. I'm surprised that's all they could get for him but sounds like the Cardinals didn't want to be bogged down in a...

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