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  1. swagron

    2023 Hot Stove

    Luck? Any team would have done the same if they could lol
  2. swagron

    2023-24 Around the NBA Thread

    lol…he’s been doing this his WHOLE career… including his time here in Phoenix. It was just overlooked during his time here because he was doing it for the home team. Fans only see what they want to see. Can’t stand dirty players, hope his career goes 0 for championships
  3. swagron

    No Clue

    That why they say the games aren’t played on paper
  4. swagron

    Sean Payton

    lol at thinking this guy was some kind of savior.
  5. swagron

    Suns trade for Beal

    This owner is gonna learn the hard and expensive way.
  6. swagron

    Chris Paul waived?

    Ramona Shelburne is a has been in the basketball world. She knows nothing. Ask Spoelstra lol
  7. swagron

    2023 NBA Playoffs - Other Teams

    NBA officiating and the non defensive soft level of play makes the NBA almost unwatchable now.
  8. swagron

    Monty Williams Fired (Hired by Detroit)

    Don’t understand the Lue love. Guy got bounced with a better cast than Monte. What’s he going to do here with two guys and nothing else? This guys been riding Lebrons coattails for years.
  9. swagron

    2023 NBA Playoffs - Other Teams

    Based on expectations,yes. Laker were a fringe play in team now in the conference finals. Suns were expected by many to be in or win the championship. The Suns became the Westbrook Lakers after the trade. Too top heavy, no depth and no future. When will teams and fans realize that top heavy...
  10. swagron

    2023 Phoenix Suns Offseason

    I hope that Lakers say no to CP. Don’t need that dirty injured guy on the roster. Every team he’s on turns to crap.
  11. swagron

    Jalen Hurts now highest paid player in NFL history

    I would how many of these guys are also Suns fans…they had no problem with Durant pulling the same crap.
  12. swagron

    2023 NBA Play-in Tournament Thread

    It’s both funny and ironic how much conversation a crappy high school team like the Lakers can generate on an opposing team’s messaging board. Lakers livin in some of y’all’s heads for far too long lol. Enjoy the Suns.
  13. swagron

    Alabama DB Mitchell faces marijuana charge

    Yep, some of this guys posts have an underlying theme. Nothing blatant, just a weird vibe.
  14. swagron

    Hey, Kyler

    I feel like KM doesn’t like being an AZ Cardinal
  15. swagron

    Hey, Kyler

    Nope! Do not agree. That’s just an excuse for poor behavior. Just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t make it right.
  16. swagron

    Hey, Kyler

    Where there is smoke there is fire…this stuff just doesn’t appear from nowhere….
  17. swagron

    New Owner - Mat Ishbia

    Is there a more unlikeable person than IT?
  18. swagron

    Hey, Kyler

    Talk about cringy. JJ couldn’t come up with ONE good thing about KM…the silence from a person who really knows….says EVERTHING
  19. swagron

    Colin Cowherd on Kyler and coaching situation we are in ....

    And the QB is the leader of the team.
  20. swagron

    Colin Cowherd on Kyler and coaching situation we are in ....

    Eye test = W’s as in playoffs wins like his young peers.
  21. swagron

    Colin Cowherd on Kyler and coaching situation we are in ....

    Only way to explain drafting a 5’8 QB #1
  22. swagron

    Colin Cowherd on Kyler and coaching situation we are in ....

    In retrospect, it appears they didn’t. Definitely overrated his abilities and commitment ( or lack thereof) to learning his craft. He doesn’t pass the eye test for certain.
  23. swagron

    Mahomes vs Murray

    That’s some low expectations there lol