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  1. Faithful

    OT Prayers please

    Amen Mark! My family will be praying for you EndZone.
  2. Faithful

    Dansby wants Free Agency

    That money could have been used on other TEAM players.
  3. Faithful

    Keyshawn disses Q ...

    Well put! :D
  4. Faithful

    Cardinal Coffee Table Book is Out...

    that's what happened to me too. it was a great book but it brought back the "pain".
  5. Faithful

    The fact that I will never see this game again is killing me.

    :sad: our...boys...were...champions...for...2...minutes... I can agree with both sides of this. I personally cannot get myself to watch the game tonight :sad:. However, I am SO proud of what the team has done in terms of their reputation and it even sounds like the Cards have bandwagon...
  6. Faithful

    Need some help with some ideas for signs....

    caught it, thanks. :D
  7. Faithful

    Need some help with some ideas for signs....

    thanks, that does look better and easier to read! :thumbup: GO BIG RED!
  8. Faithful

    Need some help with some ideas for signs....

    what do you guys think of: Eagles are enDANGERED Cardinals ARE DANGEROUS really someone help me out with this, i'm not too creative :(
  9. Faithful

    Are you embracing the bandwagoners?

    Love it!!! I honestly thought my daughter and sister were nuts when they started telling me they didn't like the "new" fans a few weeks ago. They are really annoyed, and I mean really annoyed, with all the bandwagoners. As for me, I'm just glad the Cards finally have a true home field...
  10. Faithful

    Need some help with some ideas for signs....

    That is a great one! If that is already going to be used, anyone have any other ideas? maybe something directed at the so-called "experts"? Thanks!
  11. Faithful

    Mike & Mike Piles On

  12. Faithful

    To my family(My wife past away)

    Tony my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I am so sorry you are having to go through this. Just keep your eyes on Him, he's walking every step of the way with you and your son. God bless.
  13. Faithful

    Farewell to Banks

    I'm not a Banks hater either. He does seem to be a good guy and when he got the chance, he played a decent game. I really think that everyone expected too much from him (not his fault they offered him the money, would you have turned it down?). God bless and best wishes to you Banks. May...
  14. Faithful

    Marion apprecitation thread

    Thanks Matrix for the memories and all that you have done for the Suns and our community. You are respected and will be missed. God bless and best wishes to you!! :suns:= Shawn Marion
  15. Faithful

    Boldin AND Fitz

  16. Faithful

    Time Magazine and the Cardinals

    I would like in on that! Maybe someone can contact the right person at the Cardinals office and get them tickets!
  17. Faithful

    Were you impressed?

    I just received a recorded message from Whiz applauding the fans for the noise and enthusiasm we displayed this past season. I thought it was cool! :)
  18. Faithful

    Prayers and Help needed

    Amen!! Albert, Mark and your whole family will be in my prayers. God isn't finished with Mark's healing yet!
  19. Faithful

    For those that think Edge is the answer.

    My thoughts exactly! Besides no matter what Whiz says, as long as we have Q and Fitz, this will be a passing team.
  20. Faithful

    Will James be back in 2008? (EVT)....

    KEEP EDGE!!!
  21. Faithful

    Predictions: Cards vs. Rams

    Geez! I didn't think we'd win by as much as the Cards did! GO CARDINALS!!!