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    J-Rich and Turk to Magic

    Forgot this. ((Does anyone know who the guy in the white shirt to our right of the three new players is? I thought it might be Mark West (if he is still Asst. GM), but it didn't look like him. )) I think that could be Lance Blanks General Manager?
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    J-Rich and Turk to Magic

    I thought Pietrus had a good career ahead of him when he came into the league, but he keeps getting traded so not sure about him. We have to watch and see how he works out. Do you all remember that Gortat was drafted by the suns in the 2nd round and then sold for $750.000.? New York is...
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    Mike D'Antoni and Steve Kerr

    Mike D'Antoni is an excellent coach! The bench players we had while he was here were horrible compared to what they have now. All of the drafts were Sarvers getting rid of players for money, which forced D'Antoni to make comments like I am not here to teach players. The year Joe Johnson broke...
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    Amazing Bill Simmons Article on the Suns

    Yes, I agree it was this one! Remember when the suns front office was dancing when the 7th pick was Curry, then Don Nelson said we are not trading him.
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    Wizards/Mavs trade announced

    I did not see this anywhere yet, so here it is. -------------------------------------------- Butler to Mavs, Wiz get Howard By Marc Stein Archive The Washington Wizards and Dallas Mavericks have completed a seven-player trade that launches Washington's long-anticipated rebuilding...
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    Suns Looking To Add Waived Big Man?

    Collins to the suns? As you'll recall from Dave's explanation earlier this fall, once opening day hits the cap holds that apply to Blazers players under foreign contract will be lifted from the Blazers books, putting the Blazers under the cap. Prior to the Mills signing, the Blazers were...
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    Sarver Diss

    Team Payrolls I am not sure where you guys get your info, but as long as there is a team in New York no other team will have the highest payroll. The suns are sixth. 1. New York Knicks $94,842,168 2. Dallas Mavericks $92,758,122 3. Cleveland Cavaliers $91,650,943 4. Boston Celtics...
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    Sources: Earl Clark gets promise from Suns

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    Sources: Earl Clark gets promise from Suns

    They never made a promose to Diogu!
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    The Inmates Are Running The Asylum

    Gentry is going to do fine! But you saying Avery Johnson is a good coach is unbelievable! Avery Johnson is/was a terrible coach!!
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    Suns sign Stro Swift

    Swift can be an excellent player IF HE WANTS TO BE! He has always been lazy and has lost minutes because of that. He has all the tools to be a good player in this system, but he is out of shape and it may take him some time to get in shape. Still a good signing for the money, and hopefully...
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    Suns @ Clippers 1/11/09

    I think Barnes is playing with a bad back. ? A few games ago he had a wrap around his waist whenever he was not in the game.
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    Interesting article on McDyess

    This may be new news to some of you, but to myself and others here who have followed the suns for years, this is old news.
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    SUNS Shootaround Video a Must Watch!

    Amundson beeping the horn on his bike at shaq was funny!
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    Dantoni Homecoming Suns vs Knicks 7pm FSN

    Shaq should be here and play, but do not look for big minutes from him. D'Antoni teams usually run shaq off the court. They let him score and then take the ball out quick and run............
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    Other NBA Games...

    Knicks beat the Don Nelson Warriors 138 to 125. The Knicks trade away their two best scoring players Randolph & Crawford, and a week later they score 138 points without them!! They plug in Harrington and Thomas and just go............! If Mobley is healthy he will score a bunch when he...
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    Suns think they still have a shot

    The suns season will start slow with them losing more than winning, they will improve as the season goes on, but they have no shot to win it all!
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    Pargo to Russia

    As I understand it, it is taxable, but is paid by the team not the player, so as far as the player is concerned it is tax free to him. $4m is $4m in the bank.
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    I miss..

    There is no way he opts out of a 17 mil contract, no way.
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    Some early names

    Ainge traded for Garnett, Allen and others and signed as free agents or drafted these players. Pierce was there when he started. This is a pretty good team. Not sure they will go all the way this year but the city of Boston is jumping these days. The part about him almost being run out of town...
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    Some early names

    game=same? Not really! Ainge knows a hell of a lot more than Kerr about running a team either as a coach or G.M.!
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    Watch Out Hornets - The Spurs Going Thug..

    Atlanta Hawks........:)
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    Video: JJ torching Celtics in 4th

    Watching that makes me hate Sarver even more! 50 mil for 6 years?!............sorry Joe, have a good year and next year you will be a rich man!! AAAAAGH!! :bang:
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    What is the Suns Draft pick situation over the next 5 years?

    Are you referring to the 1st round pick last year? The one they sold to Portland was the Cavs 1st pick we had last year where we took Fernandez. They still have the Cavs 2nd round pick for this year as Ollie stated in his post.
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    Suns at Rockets game thread - April 11 - 5:30 - My45 HD

    WHoops, I honestly did not see the other game thread............. Obviously I did not look hard enough. Moderates can merge, delete, whatever........ Sorry YouJustGotSUNSD;1683557 sunsfn P.S. I was looking for the words "game thread" in the title and did not see it so put this on...

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