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  1. HeavyB3

    Can we just admit that Fitz is done?

    I totally agree Shane. I haven't posted in like a million years but yeah. Imagine if we had a legit second option out there past Hopkins at WR? I don't think Kirk is it, and as much as everyone loves Larry but we would benefit from a set of younger legs and hands out there. I almost think we...
  2. HeavyB3

    2018 Dback Win Prediction Thread

    89 wins
  3. HeavyB3

    Want to buy a 4k TV with a new Xbox One X

    I think I'm gonna go with the LG 65UJ7700. Best Buy has it on sale right now for 949. I'll pick it up tomorrow, but I'm gonna get my Xbox One X tonight so that I have plenty of time to download some 4k content before I give it a shot. The TV is HRD10 and has Dolby Vision. There's a Sony for 899...
  4. HeavyB3

    Want to buy a 4k TV with a new Xbox One X

    Crazy, I guess all 4k tvs are not the same. Why do they always have to make everything so complicated? I may just buy the Xbox One X first, and deal with the 1080P TV for now. Like I said, this money is spread out over several paychecks so I can probably save money until January and buy one...
  5. HeavyB3

    Want to buy a 4k TV with a new Xbox One X

    Hey people, I took on being the JV girls soccer coach at the high school I teach at. I'm not exactly a soccer expert, but hey, no coach means no team so I decided to help my buddy, the Varsity coach. Anyway, the gig pays pretty well and so I'd like to treat myself to a present. I have a 70...
  6. HeavyB3

    Larry Fitzgerald from the Every Reliable Onion

    Satire. Mocking all the other athletes that let this happen. Don't take it personally, they make fun of everyone.
  7. HeavyB3

    Extra Green pass?

    I tried calling and asking about it. I was kind of taken aback at how rude they were at the question of trading up a brown pass for blue, or buying an extra blue, or giving me an extra parking pass for my 6 tickets (I have two already).
  8. HeavyB3

    Extra Green pass?

    They tried that when they got the tickets, I'll have them try again. It's silly though because that blue lot is not full and tailgating is half the fun and a big part of the reason they wanted the tickets.
  9. HeavyB3

    Extra Green pass?

    Hey does anyone have an extra green parking pass? I have some friends that want to tailgate with my group. They got season tickets but were just offered brown passes. They'd gladly pay a reasonable price and give ya te brown passes. Let me know.
  10. HeavyB3

    Star Trek: Discovery (Paramount+)

    "Make me semi-important in your new show Gene, and I'll marry you one day."
  11. HeavyB3

    Brock Osweiler - Anyone Interested?

    Just get him a little coke and he'll be all pepped up to play. Okay, a lot of coke.
  12. HeavyB3

    Gameday thread Cardinals at Seahawks 12-24-16

    Greetings from Seattle! Good game so far from the nosebleeds!
  13. HeavyB3

    OT: Eagles Release WR Josh Huff

    I think that having a gun while being on drugs is a big no no. As a medical marijuana card holder I gave up my rights to own a gun. Probably bs, but I also have no desire to own a gun so whatever.
  14. HeavyB3

    MadJack's Banner Suggestions - Seahawks SNF Game!

    Pass interference #25 defense
  15. HeavyB3

    OT-Teddy Bridgewater Injured

    Ryan Lindley's ears just perked.
  16. HeavyB3

    Gameday thread Cardinals at Texans 8-28-16 preseason

    Let's hope that Palmer doesn't go all Jake Delhome on us
  17. HeavyB3

    Gameday thread Cardinals at Texans 8-28-16 preseason

    Starting to miss Jerrod Powers... Bethel can't cover.
  18. HeavyB3

    More contract extensions in the works

    He's on the last year of his deal, we'd be crazy to not at least try to extend him before he goes to FA. If you think he sucks, you'd be wrong.
  19. HeavyB3

    More contract extensions in the works

    Calais? Floyd? Minter? Buchannon? I wonder who is in line for this
  20. HeavyB3

    HeavyB3, Are You in This Pic?

    Nope! I haven't been to training camp yet.
  21. HeavyB3

    Nkemdiche High Ankle Sprain, Jenkins Broken Hand

    Freshman year of HS, I broke my wrist the first day of football practice. It was raining and we hadn't gotten me cleats yet. I slipped and fell during a backpedaling drill. Of course, compared to Jenkins I am a horrific athlete. It's believable when it happens to me.
  22. HeavyB3

    Cards sign ILB Donald Butler

    Bring him cheap, see if he can get his crap together and cut him loose if he's garbage.
  23. HeavyB3

    preseason football is only 17 days away

    That quitter!
  24. HeavyB3

    preseason football is only 17 days away

    Oh I was talking about the announcers.... hahaha
  25. HeavyB3

    preseason football is only 17 days away

    But I'm an insomniac, so i have to lay there in bored out of my mind after the excitement is over. Listening to the voices babbling on about nonsense as I lose interest...

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