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    Your pick at #3 overall?

    Marv all the way.
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    Make your Predictions with 4 Games to go

    One win vs Bears. Will end up losing all games in division.
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    Is Kyler Murray the answer at QB for next year and beyond?

    If the coaching staff wants to move on from KM, Michael will have to approve. If they want to stay with him MB would not overrule them in my opinion. He would be happy to hear it.
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    Was really bashing this kid earlier in the season. Glad I was wrong. Looks like he has the potential to be a good one.
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    Direct TV

    Same here….Aggravating to say the least…
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    Zach Ertz Released

    Didn’t a contender let him leave? His skills have even declined since then.
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    Cardinals also Release Keaontay Ingram and Ben Stille

    For those special negative yardage situations.
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    Zach Ertz Released

    But will a contender want him? Hasn’t impressed this year.
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    Interesting stats when Kyler runs the ball.

    I did not know that. That is some wild, crazy stuff.
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    Pick Your Draft Approach

    Tough one but would have to go with scenario two. I still say we have chance at MHJ. Do want the DT position addressed though. So many needs.
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    I’m convinced they are treating this as pre-season

    Well, if being treated like preseason that makes evaluating KM more difficult. Conner gets two carries after the first drive? Then they play someone they just picked up and someone coming back from injury. Make no mistake KM was shaky but a pretty tough set up for anyone.
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    What Did You Expect from this Season?

    Low expectations and was impressed early on with what we were doing with the lack of talent. We have regressed but the injuries play a big part. I am not as old as some here but at 65 years old and a fan since 1967 I am so tired of the losing. Mixed feelings on the coaching staff. Need KM to...
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    If you think we should move on from Kyler then answer this...

    Tough situation now and if KM doesn’t improve an even tougher situation at seasons end. I tend to agree with Brit. Bidwill isn’t eating a big hit from KM’s contract. I just don’t see it. Posturing to give us options for 2025 is much more likely in my opinion. Was really hoping KM would look...
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    Cardinals Bench Starting CB Marco Wilson

    Only surprise is why it took so long.
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    Is Kyler Murray the answer at QB for next year and beyond?

    If it’s the coaching staff he won’t be back next year. Not going to fly a second time.
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    Is Kyler Murray the answer at QB for next year and beyond?

    After watching whatever that was today I am being called ungrateful? A glutton for punishment maybe or a total sap possibly but ungrateful? Hardly.
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    Is Kyler Murray the answer at QB for next year and beyond?

    Yup. One play today he ducked down, then looked to his left then right while dancing and nobody was close enough to touch him. Eventually dragged down but he never looked downfield. The opposite of a guy like Warner who would hang in looking for his receiver even with the pocket collapsing.
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    Post Rams Overreaction Thread

    Liked KM’s first game back. Last week not as good. Today was the KM I hoped to never see again. That said this organization is such an embarrassment with what they expect their fans to endure. So little talent how can you evaluate anything.
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    Rams at Cardinals gameday thread 11-26-23

    looks like Kupp is playing. Can we cover him just some of the time?
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    LA Rams @ Arizona Cardinals Pregame thread. 11/19/23-11/25/23

    I get taking chances like this but not in the third round.
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    OT :other games 11/23-26/23

    I really don’t want to see a near 80 year old in a Cowboy Cheerleader outfit.
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    Are you going to the game Sunday?

    Yes it is. People from Jersey are very generous.
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    News of the Texans Game

    I believe I read Gannon indicated the coaches are working on things with him that will remain between them. Strange.
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    OT: Happy Thanksgiving, ASFN !!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!