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  1. PitchShifter

    Cardinals at Browns gameday thread 11-5-23

    This feels worse than anything I watched in the Wilks/McCoy era.
  2. PitchShifter

    Where’s Wolfley??

    I believe it was mentioned on twitter that his brother, Dale, passed away over the weekend, so he's away with his family.
  3. PitchShifter

    OT: NFL 'expert' Steve Keim on week 1.

    Glad I wasn't the only one! Mrs Doubtfire....
  4. PitchShifter

    Admin Request

    Does the switch to X have something to do with the fact that all I'm seeing now are pages of empty boxes? I have a logged in Twitter account and can't see anything any more?
  5. PitchShifter

    Chiefs at Cardinals PS gameday thread 8-19-23

    For some reason all I'm seeing in these twitter posts the last week or so is just a link, no image like previous.
  6. PitchShifter

    Best available on Day 3

    So, if they're serious about Wypler, they'll have to go up, looking at that.
  7. PitchShifter

    New Uniforms for the Cardinals

    This also crossed my mind. If next season is going to be as bad as we all imagine, that new look will be awfully tainted right out of the box.
  8. PitchShifter

    NBC SPORTS: Chris Simms and Ahmed Fareed - Week 2 Headlines

    Simms and Paul Burmeister broke down couple of plays here as well. 17 min vid.
  9. PitchShifter


    Ryan Williams from Virginia Tech? Drafted in the 2nd round, ruptured his knee in pre-season vs the Packers?
  10. PitchShifter

    ASFN Server Issues?

    I've just been in Europe used a VPN while there and noticed the same thing. For some reason, when using a VPN server based in France or Germany, ASFN always throws an error: "Error 1020 Access Denied. The website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks." Worked fine...
  11. PitchShifter

    Zach Brown Available

    Even when in position he seems to do a lot of ineffective arm tackling and jersey grabbing. His best tackles are chasing guys down from behind.
  12. PitchShifter

    Cards working out TE's and RB's

    Is it Keim or salary cap experts like the now-departed Mike Disner that are the blame for the actual contract numbers? Disner apparently worked on contract extensions for key players. Does Keim give him the basic numbers & tell the Disners of the world to figure it out within the cap?
  13. PitchShifter

    Is Marcus Gilbert already questionable for game one

    Cardinals sign Right-tackle Jordan Mills. 1 year deal $1.25 million.
  14. PitchShifter

    2019 2nd round pick for Rosen is Andy Isabella WR

    Bit more background on Isabella popped up on my You Tube feed. If he doesn't work out, it won't be for lack of effort.
  15. PitchShifter

    Ready, Set, Sign

    Enjoy reading your posts, Harry. Keim oftens says they miss on the person more than the player, which is why IMHO Bosa should be the pick. The NFL is the Bosa family business. They didn't have to drag him from another suitor after a bunch of vague flirtations with something else. Wasn't the...
  16. PitchShifter

    MadJack’s Banner Suggestions - Broncos Game!

    "#31is better than 32“
  17. PitchShifter

    Just wondering...

    From Urban's blog on Bradford's contract:
  18. PitchShifter

    Some HOF Level thread Creation this Morning!

    Wasn't there a rule that you needed 10 posts to start a thread? Or was that just to poast a URL in your message? I can't recall...
  19. PitchShifter

    Buffalo and Arizona both had Allen as QB1

    Was listening to Simms & Lefkoe and Simms claims his information is the trade Denver had in place at 5 was with Arizona for Josh Allen. Here's the bit. Ancient history now and who knows if it was true given the the other contradictory claims, just hadn't heard this bit mentioned until now.
  20. PitchShifter

    Undrafted Rooks and After Draft Cuts

    I just had to look where he ended up after the article earlier in the process.
  21. PitchShifter

    Does Keim Have The Guts to Trade Up In the First Round?

    Kyle Odegard tweeted some theory-crafting on estimated cost. Obviously only includes draft capital and not players.
  22. PitchShifter

    Why the NFL Draft isn’t as important as it used to be

    Agree. But I do think the article makes an interesting case for using the value of draft picks to trade up for the best talent. Hoarding picks like Smaug too often results in fools gold.
  23. PitchShifter

    Gambo: Cards Looking to Trade Down and Collect More Picks

    Link: Hehe. :)
  24. PitchShifter

    The Cost of Trading Up

    I realise the impetus. I think the choice is a dud. YMMV.

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