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  1. dreamcastrocks

    Zach Ertz Released

    At least he washed his ass...
  2. dreamcastrocks

    Cardinals also Release Keaontay Ingram and Ben Stille
  3. dreamcastrocks

    Zach Ertz Released

    Same. It doesn't feel that late in the season, even though it has been a long season lol.
  4. dreamcastrocks

    Zach Ertz Released

    No waivers on veterans.
  5. dreamcastrocks

    Zach Ertz Released

    Because he can choose where he goes or just retire?
  6. dreamcastrocks

    Zach Ertz Released

    Nice. Saves us the drama of dealing with this in the offseason.
  7. dreamcastrocks

    New PC Build

    The all white is slick. That one looks water cooled. Will yours be too?
  8. dreamcastrocks

    Wonderful, Let's Blow Money on Hollywood!

    It depends on the makeup of your team, your available cap, and your offense. The only way I want us to re-sign Hollywood is if we can draft MJH.
  9. dreamcastrocks

    Wonderful, Let's Blow Money on Hollywood!

    I feel he has a comparative skillset to Kirk who got paid big money. Rates have only gone up from there...
  10. dreamcastrocks


    I thought it was a good show. I didn't come away with that type of feel though.
  11. dreamcastrocks

    Wonderful, Let's Blow Money on Hollywood!

    11M? You have seen how WR contracts have skyrocketed right? He will likely get closer to 22M than 11...
  12. dreamcastrocks

    The Positive Kyler Murray News Thread

    D-Hop was a true #1 for as long as he was here... and then Fitz and Boldin before that. If we have been blessed with any position in the past 20 years, it has been WR1.
  13. dreamcastrocks

    Board Games

    I'm considering picking up that LOTR.
  14. dreamcastrocks

    Formula One

    Can't help it when jealousy rears its head...
  15. dreamcastrocks

    The Positive Kyler Murray News Thread

    No it isn't. He is the front runner for MVP right now.
  16. dreamcastrocks

    Formula One

    You got the do nothing part down...
  17. dreamcastrocks

    Baldur's Gate III

    I'm having a really hard time getting into this game. I think the story could be good, but the difficulty is really tough. There is little way to level up your characters as there are no random encounters. I like the D&D aspects to the game, but I don't know if I can even finish it...
  18. dreamcastrocks

    The Most Shocking Movies of All Time

    Salo is only number 2? I have to try and see A Serbian Film
  19. dreamcastrocks

    Nintendo Switch thread

    Those are really nice for people with big hands...
  20. dreamcastrocks

    Draft question

    Linderbaum would be Froholdt on the Cardinals...
  21. dreamcastrocks

    Draft question

    That will never, ever happen. (barring injuries) It is more likely than MHJ goes 2, than 5.
  22. dreamcastrocks

    Cardinals 5-round mock draft: Trading down for Olu Fashanu allows Arizona to build around Kyler Murray

    3 1sts and a 2nd to move down 3 spots, and Brian Daboll is still coaching the Giants? You'd have to consider that, even if missing on MHJ would sting quite a bit.
  23. dreamcastrocks

    THE Newcastle United FC thread

    Any team that beats ManU is a friend of mine.
  24. dreamcastrocks

    Streaming Chicanery

    People have been paying for ads with a service like cable for the past 30 years...

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