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  1. Redrage

    Cardinals at Niners gameday thread 10-1-23

    I still remember the words!
  2. Redrage

    Beating the Niners

    If Kliff had lived by this he might still have a job in Tempe.
  3. Redrage

    The RUN game

    I totally agree and the difference is stunning. I'm not sure if he needs a couple of extra yards to get a head of steam or if there's something else at play but he almost feels like a different player.
  4. Redrage

    NFL Sunday Ticket

    With League Pass I can pay for a package that just features Suns games. I'm done with Sunday Ticket until they offer the same feature and I can get a Cards only subscription.
  5. Redrage

    Should Gannon be one and done…

    This. I get sick of the excuses we hear from some coaches, "When don't have the players to take chances." Teams with huge holes should take more risks. Nothing is more tedious than watching a team that can't get pressure with 4 refuse to blitz.
  6. Redrage

    Peter King: Arizona Owns 2024

    Yeah, I'm going to watch highlights the next day and catch them when they're the national game in the 4:00 ET slot.
  7. Redrage

    Pharoh Cooper

    I've been a fan of the guy since his freshman year at South Carolina. He's a dynamic player and could be used in a myriad of ways. Hell, in High School we was a QB and we could bring him in on some wild cat looks and he could contribute there.
  8. Redrage

    Buying Eno hype???

    I particularly like using Connor in those moments when ball security is a primary concern.
  9. Redrage

    What City Are You In?

    Charlotte, NC.
  10. Redrage

    Eric Swann

    In one game I saw him take on a double team by Allen and another linemen where he placed a hand square in each ones chest and moved them both back. It was crazy
  11. Redrage

    Over-hyped guys you don’t like

    This. He's going to throw a lot of picks in the NFL. I didn't watch a lot of his final year but I felt like he regressed his sophomore season. He trusted his arm too much and tried to squeeze passes into tighter windows than he should've.
  12. Redrage

    The Official 2021 NFL Mock Draft post your own thread

    Okay, factoring in the Raiders trade:
  13. Redrage

    The Official 2021 NFL Mock Draft post your own thread

    I went corner heavy in this one:
  14. Redrage

    Name five teams you dislike

    - Seahags - Niners - Rams - Clemson Tigers - The NBA Commissioner's office
  15. Redrage

    Q interview on Doug and Wolf

    My brother is my witness, I really wanted the Cards to draft Boldin as he was my favorite player in that draft. I went ape sh*t when he was picked.
  16. Redrage

    The Simmons Flaw or Is It?

    I think there were two factors at play at #7. 1) Hurney is an old school guy that seeks to shore up the trenches first. 2) DT has less of a learning curve than LB.
  17. Redrage

    Get ready... who's your third round pick

    If no one else mentioned it, has been update to reflect the first round picks.
  18. Redrage

    Get ready... who's your third round pick

    In my mocks I've been taking Zack Moss at that spot.
  19. Redrage

    Is Javon Kinlaw worthy of the 8th overall pick?

    I'm biased because I'm a South Carolina fan. I will say that during the season broadcasters often referred to him as either 1) the best tackle in the SEC or 2) the best defensive player in the SEC. Truthfully, outside of Simmons there's no one I really want to take at 8. Lamb and Jeudy have the...
  20. Redrage

    Cardinals fight song

    Krang and I used to sing it every time the Cards scored a touchdown.
  21. Redrage

    Every QB Who Started Last Year Ranked by NFL.Com

    That says a lot because Cam isn't accurate either.
  22. Redrage

    The Athletic Trade Scenarios

    I have a hard time believing Simmons will get past the Panthers if he even lasts that long.
  23. Redrage


    Yeah, the mock draft I see (and run) have him being gone in most cases when we pick. With QBs going high the Cards should be in a good position to draft either for need, BPA, or BPA that fills a need.

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