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  1. Big Al

    Trail Blazers @ Suns Tuesday game thread, 11-21-2023 - In-Season Tournament #3

    It seems this Suns team have a natural ability to do that
  2. Big Al


    Nurkic is still a Dog as is Ayton. Nurkic is a slow moving assist Dog & Ayton is a more mobile rebounding low self esteem who checks out Dog. Both are Get By NBA Centers at best.True we save money with Nurkic but Ayton's differences in pay is just distributed to other + or - role players. Maybe...
  3. Big Al

    Thunder @ Suns Sunday game thread, 11-12-2023

    I wouldn't say the gap between Allen & Gordon is pretty big. Gordon has a offense punch that is more consistent than Allen. Allen which I like for the Suns but his offense isn't as good as he goes long periods of nothing then bam. Neither Gordon or Allen is a lockdown defensive player. But they...
  4. Big Al

    Spurs @ Suns Thursday game thread, 11-2-2023

    Spurs still kicking Suns A**. Revisited now with a 7 foot 4 youngster.
  5. Big Al

    Spurs @ Suns Tuesday game thread, 10-31-2023

    Vogel just went Vogel. It was his call and he didn't make it. Entire blame goes to Vogel.
  6. Big Al

    Preseason: Suns @ Trail Blazers Thursday game thread, 10-12-2023

    Yes this is only preseason game. But you would think Ayton would be fired up as hell against his former team which he seemed to be so dissatisfied with. Although I don't think Ayton is saving his best for start of this season but who knows what's his way of thinking? Suns couldn't reach him or...
  7. Big Al


    Ayton got everything he wanted from the Suns organization being the #1 pick with the top contract take in, a starting job, the max contract deal and an opportunity to showcase his talents but he was too immature and selfish and failed to see the big picture and be a team oriented player and he...
  8. Big Al

    2023 Phoenix Suns Offseason

    Suns will start new season with Ayton and new coach & owner and see how that goes as we all know. Hopefully it will work but you gotta think with all those lower profile centers they have acquired maybe they are thinking that they can go lower budget player at center with the big 3 of Book...
  9. Big Al

    2023 Phoenix Suns Offseason

    Absolutely they ignored the need for a couple of physical bangers who could rebound & D up. 6'11"Ayton was joined on the frontline with razor thin 6-6 210lb Bridges and a generous claimed height of the 6-6 235 lb Crowder and without a true back up center or Power forward. Ayton had his hands...
  10. Big Al

    Suns trade Cam Payne to the Spurs.

    I agree. But time will tell. Retaining some of these minimun pay players the next year will be the challenge. Some will work out hopefully and you got to like the direction and the players coming in. Meshing together is the chore now. Ayton is on notice now. Hope he understands that. And if...
  11. Big Al

    2023-24 Around the NBA Thread

    Wow what does all these $40-50+ million a year contracts do to the cost of ticket prices? Does the other revenues cover it or do we pay as fans wanting to watch in person?
  12. Big Al

    Should Ayton be Traded?

    That trade is a gift to Dallas. With Holmes & McGee that would be going in the opposite direction for a championship run. Luka & Ayton would probably work very well for Dallas. Change of scenery for Ayton and Luka & Ayton seem to like each other. And we would be getting a small forward in...
  13. Big Al

    2023 Phoenix Suns Offseason

    I just wonder how many wins by being loved by your teammates will be totaled on the 2023-2024 win- lost record? Or better yet how that brings a championship? I rather have talent any day and sure chemistry is very important . But talent and chemistry has to be combined ingredients. Why settle...
  14. Big Al

    2023 Phoenix Suns Offseason

    Yeah he doesn't bring all that much to the table & is deep in the bench player for a desperate fill in. Cheap signing is all. He's just happy to on the team. I hope he contributes but he's a roster filler basically
  15. Big Al

    2023-24 Around the NBA Thread

    Wizards did a heck of job getting Jordan Poole & picks for Chris Paul. Salary dumps are valuable. Losing Beal but gaining Poole you have to applaud the Wizards.
  16. Big Al

    Should Ayton be Traded?

    Bucks gave up 5 second round picks for Crowder to Nets. If the Suns would do their due diligence and scout we could use those picks as at least one or two of them would have been a hit and had value & maybe more. But it's all hindsight now.
  17. Big Al

    Should Ayton be Traded?

    The maturity would nose dive to kindergarden level if that happened. Adams wouldn't be bad at center with the amount of offense we now have but I would want more than just Kennard added although he can shoot.
  18. Big Al

    Should Ayton be Traded?

    Don't think Jae is coming back as that bridge is burned between him and the Suns organization. The way it went down being paid to sit at home and he's still bad mouthing the Suns just recently.
  19. Big Al

    Suns trade for Beal

    ⁰ Mainly more defensive rebounds by the Suns mainly because with Durant, Book, and Beal that ball should be swishing through the net with high percentage regularity on the offensive end. Go Suns!!
  20. Big Al

    Bring it! No suspension for Jokic.

    Yeah look at how Ishbia just tossed that ball unto the court after Jokic handed to him
  21. Big Al


    Yeah as a unrestricted free agent with not so much recent success but playing with Book may cause him to be more motivated and he may not be in demand or demand top money so he we could kick the tires on him.
  22. Big Al

    Should Ayton be Traded?

    Yeah you don't need a dominant do everything Center in today's NBA game. Just some rim protection, set some picks, add some defense and rebounds. Hey that's what they wanted from Ayton. You're going to get Frank Kaminsky back here in a Suns uniform even if you have to pay his salary yourself ...
  23. Big Al

    Should Ayton be Traded?

    I think the Suns will dig a deeper whole for themselves if they trade Ayton for a guard or forward bench help and leave a hole at Center and then teams will know the Suns will come in desperation for a replacement at at the center slot trade. Sabonis although not so good at defense but is...