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  1. Vermont Maverick

    2020 NFL Draft Contest - Guess Who Cards will Pick next year in R1

    That's a long way to trade down with the Pats.
  2. Vermont Maverick

    R.O.T.B. - Pre-Camp 53

    10 DLs? No.
  3. Vermont Maverick

    Ritchie Incognito anyone?

    In the past, I would have said no to this guy. But he’s cleaned up his act and been a pro bowler the last 3 years. He’s far better than Iupati, and stays on the field. I don’t know how we don’t sign him.
  4. Vermont Maverick

    OT: Matt Ryan breaks the bank new record deal

    I was reading where Rosen's 5th year option, if it comes to that, will be $22M. That will be a deal, because all the top QB will be getting $35.
  5. Vermont Maverick

    Brandon Williams

    Brandon Williams was drafted as a project who had played one year of CB. I'm not going to endorse him as the CB2, but projects need a couple of years to develop. I'm not writing him off just yet. He had 1 defensive snap last year. It's a little hard to say what he is capable of with that...
  6. Vermont Maverick

    Surprising Draft

    I don't agree. I think the Cards really like him. If Rosen is the QB in 2019, which I assume he will be, then Glennon will be the very reasonable priced backup. There's no reason to find cap savings at this point, we are about $19 M under the cap. Even after we sign our rookies, we'll still...
  7. Vermont Maverick

    Surprising Draft

    I see what you did there...
  8. Vermont Maverick

    What’s Left

    They have a good hockey program.
  9. Vermont Maverick

    Round 2 who's left

    We have supplemental picks in the 3rd, 4th and 7th Round. All the picks we were supposed to have in those rounds (#15 pick in each) were traded.
  10. Vermont Maverick

    Round 2 who's left

    I love this pick. To answer the question: Get on the phone with DRC.
  11. Vermont Maverick

    Round 2 who's left

    So many good players that are fits. Connor Williams?
  12. Vermont Maverick

    Countdown to the Rosen era

    Great post Oaken. Like you I was watching the screen listening to the babble of the experts, and saw the screen go red. My son and I started jumping around the room. Wish I had a video of that. Then, we both sat quietly waiting for Goodell to actually say Josh Rosen, not wanting to speak the...
  13. Vermont Maverick

    Bills Fan, Rosen Fan, Very Torn..

    Classy post. Welcome. My brother just moved to the Western NY area, and just tonight we were texting about games we wanted to see, including Bills and Cardinals options. I have to be honest, when the Bills traded up, me and my son knew it was going to be “Josh”, were praying it would be Allen.
  14. Vermont Maverick

    Will Hernandez

    Let's hope he drops to the Raiders pick...
  15. Vermont Maverick

    Give SK some credit

    Good call. That is exactly what happened. They locked into Offensive Tackle. The Raiders reached for Kolton with the pick they got from us. That is how NOT to draft. Thanks, Chucky.
  16. Vermont Maverick

    The Cardinals are apparently interested in Baker Mayfield

    So, if “make it happen” ends up costing two 1s, two 2s, and a player to Betcher’s liking, let’s just say Markus Golden for the sake of a name, and maybe another 3, are you going to be happy Kiem made it happen? Because that’s what it’s going to take. Now, if he drops to the Bears or Bucs pick...
  17. Vermont Maverick

    I have my Amex card waiting Keim...

    In 10 of the last 13 seasons we’ve had Kurt Warner or Carson Palmer at the helm. There’s only a handful of teams who have had better situations. I suggest you invest in #9 Bradford.
  18. Vermont Maverick

    I have my Amex card waiting Keim...

    Kiem was not the GM when Russell Wilson was drafted. Wilson, 2012. Kiem 2013
  19. Vermont Maverick

    Not for a Minute

    Really? Did they fire Hugh Jackson yet? Dude is 1-31. A few moves in an offseason proves nothing.
  20. Vermont Maverick

    UPDATE: OL Justin Pugh signs with Cards

    I'm going to go out on a limb here, and say #67, since A. That was his number with the GMen, 2. It's in his Twitter handle, and D. It's available.
  21. Vermont Maverick

    Jets Get Third Overall Pick

    The genius of this trade for Indy is that if this starts a frenzy to pick the QBs early and 4 of them go, they will still get Barkley or Chubb at 6. Ryan Grigson never would have pulled off this trade. Props to Chris Ballard and Indy.
  22. Vermont Maverick

    Something's not right

    Brees was never leaving New Orleans and Minnesota has a better chance to win than we do and GUARANTEED the whole contract. Honey Badger felt offended that we suggested a pay cut. Nothing to see here.
  23. Vermont Maverick

    CB EJ Gaines visiting Cards Today

    I'll agree to disagree, but it's not about thinking Keim can't do cap friendly deals, that's actually been his forte. It's that Andre Smith is not starter material. With Veldheer, we have a built in backup LT, because Humphries has had his injury issues as well. I'm a fan of Wetzel as a backup.
  24. Vermont Maverick

    CB EJ Gaines visiting Cards Today

    The man without a position is Andre Smith. A $2.5M cap hit is called a backup.
  25. Vermont Maverick

    Jets Get Third Overall Pick

    Exactly. Can't trade to 4 now, our Top 3 QBs could all be gone. If we were going to do this, we wait until the #4 pick is up.