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    Larry Fitzgerald Helmet

    That's wonderful! Makes me happy to know it got a great home :)
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    Inject positive Cards media into my veins

    A turnover can be lucky - but most of these are not. They practice forcing them, knocking the ball out, swatting. Gamblers make the mistake of believing that the roulette wheel has come up red too many times, and bet on black because it has to come up sooner or later. But if the ball keeps...
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    Matt Prater NFC Special Teams player of the week

    I was just about to post this - and rather proud of myself for doing it. Oh well :)
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    Cardinals GM: If Larry Fitzgerald is ready to play, ‘we’ll have a spot for him’

    Oops. He has already played 17 seasons :) I got an old answer from google.
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    Cardinals GM: If Larry Fitzgerald is ready to play, ‘we’ll have a spot for him’

    Not a post. His Twitter Bio says "17th season as a WR for the @AZCardinals, traveler, philanthropist, photographer and father."
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    Moving to UK Sale - Anquan Boldin (& Bertrand Berry) Autograph Stuff

    I posted some of these a while back - but they were not authenticated. Now all have Beckett Certificate of Authenticity. All on EBay:
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    OT - Cardinal Autographed Memorabilia -- What to Do?

    Got an Anquan Boldin signed jersey, and a "street sign" signed by both Bertram Berry & Anquan Boldin. I do NOT have a certificate of authentication but I witnessed the signings. The Jersey was at a "Cardinals Football for Women" clinic (stopped in the Denny Green era); the street sign was at a...
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    Larry Fitzgerald Helmet

    It'd be great to know a true Cardinal fan has it :) We're discussing price (and researching shipping). I'll get back to you soon!
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    Larry Fitzgerald Helmet

    Hi Guys :)
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    Larry Fitzgerald Helmet

    Hey guys! In case anyone is interested - just posted this on ebay. Bought it years back - but we're moving in the coming months and are downsizing fiercely :) (forgive me if this isn't the place to post this)
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    K1 in the Players Tribune

    I love this guy.
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    We Lost.

    I agree! I didn't like drafting him, or hiring Kingsbury. I was wrong on both. KM impresses every week, and KK is smart. Yes, he makes mistakes - but never twice. He listens and learns. We lost the last 2 games to 2 of the 4 top teams in the NFL. That's a shame - but not the end of the world.
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    East coast 10 am games are not gimmes :)
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    K1 named NFC Offensive Player of Week

    David Johnson won Special Teams Player of the week 2015 week 2. The opening kickoff return for a touchdown in Chicago. Just thought I'd mention it :D
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    Why David Johnson was so 'awful' last year - and why he'll be great again

    Very interesting article from CBS Sports:
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    Cardinals at Packers gameday thread 12-2-18

    We were forced take some guy named Larry Fitzgerald.
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    Defense in 49ers game, 10/28

    Perhaps being on the field for 32 minutes instead of 40+ helped.
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    Great Article on Breaking Down the 2018 QB Draft Class

    Players Tribune, here.
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    Find it strange

    I'm not sure that great winning strategy at the college level translates. College involves recruitment and rapid turnover (more than 25%) of players every year. Complex schemes don't work. The one thing that stood out was how Chip Kelly's offense had few plays (4 or 5?). I remember Todd Bowles...
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    9 Years Ago Today

    Nobody left. I think we stayed there for hours. And when they hoisted the championship trophy, I can still see one of the old, hardened Cards fans wiping his eyes. We drank champagne in the parking lot.
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    Seahawks Loss of Fant

    Err - that vaunted Seattle O-line was 25th in the league last year for yards per rush attempt, 27th for QB sacks, and 29th for QB hits. On those last 2 numbers, Arizona was better. But not much.
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    Boldin calling it quits

    His very first game was at home against the Detroit Lions. There'd been a lot of whispering around the facility that he was going to be very special - and he proved it by breaking the record for rookie receivers with over 200 yards receiving. And afterwards, when he was interviewed, all he...
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    Deadspin's Why Your Team Sucks - 49'ers

    I love these. I just never read the Arizona version. This one just seemed particularly funny.
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    Fun Article on David Johnson

    Nice, Harry!
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    Worth Noting

    Wilson was a third round pick.