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  1. Irish

    Time to trade Nash?

    I am puzzled by this feeling Nash has no value. He has an expiring contract. I don't know if the Suns should invest much in him right now. He might sign for minimal if it would free up money to get him some horses.
  2. Irish

    Gladwell Article on Professional Sports Teams

    It's an interesting article, but deceptive. Buying assets well above their cash flow value can lose its appeal once the red ink gets too high 1. Dpes the Owner have Use for A Lot Tax Writer-Offs: Some do and some don't. The stronger the economics, the ieasier it is buy into the psychic income...
  3. Irish

    Any Projections On the New CBA?

    I agree. I don't think Stern is likely to survive. There are too many people who have lost faith in him and not that many who support him.
  4. Irish

    2013 draft prospect Steven Adams-New Zealand

    Draft Express is showing high schoolers. I don't know their rationale, but it would change the draft big time if high schoolers ane added along with Freshmen that held themselves out of the draft...this could be a very interesting draft.
  5. Irish

    Time to trade Nash?

    After the end of next season (when ever that is), Nash will come off contract at the same time Carter comes off contract and Petreus comes off contract. In other words, we will be in a position to go seriously into the free agency market. Currently, HoopsHype has the Suns at $28.6 million...
  6. Irish

    Any Projections On the New CBA?

    I am skeptical of even an abrieviated season until at least s year passes. Unlike the NFL which was a battle over profitability, the NBA locakout cannot be resolved unless there are huge changes. Even some ridicouslus proposals are reviewed, I'm not sure we can garanee anything is off the table...
  7. Irish

    Does Anyone Expect A Season?

    I am intrigued by the idea voiding ALL contracts.
  8. Irish

    Does Anyone Expect A Season?

    I'm told that 22 of the 20 NBA teams lost money this past season. I have not been able to verify the claims that a majority of the teams would be better off if there was no season, meaning they would lose less with no season than if they played every game. In the NFL, it was clear that the...
  9. Irish

    Report: Stern Makes 20+ Million per Year

    It was absurd. Horry was an over the hill bench warmer who got a one game suspension for initating a hocky check, while Amare was the core of the Suns and he got a two game suspension. Stern never made a secret of loaching Sarver and had his chance for payback. IMHO, Stern should have been...
  10. Irish

    Anyone else losing interest in the NBA?

    At this point, I'm not sure Sarver really is as bad as gets made out to be. The problem is that thee are so few owners who have the skills and the money to do the job, it is hard to point to that many genius owners. As it stands, it is my understanding that 22 of the 30 teams lost money last...
  11. Irish

    Defensive assistant coach candidates dwindling for Suns

    Sometimes it takes general focus. The Bulls weren't that good until the coaching change. The Mavs upgraded their defense a lot last season. It can be done. The problem the Suns have had for so long is that the players don't really understand rotations. They end up doubling guys who shouldn"t...
  12. Irish

    Josh Childress warns NBA players about playing overseas

    I'm not sure what "grossly overpaid" means when it comes to free agents. At least the Suns didn't have to give up a player to get him. He may prove to be grossly overpaid if a hard cap gets institued. Every player has to "fit" properly in team terms and financially.
  13. Irish

    Aaron Brooks would like to stay in Phoenix

    I think the SG position is a key for the starters. I'm not sure there is enough cap space to fill that position this coming season. I wasn't here in the early 90's, but IMHO Brooks is more like KJ than Nash. Once he gets 100% physically, the challenge is to have the entire backup group learn a...
  14. Irish

    Yao Ming Retires

    Right now I believe Brooks is the Suns property for at least one more season.
  15. Irish

    Yao Ming Retires

    IMHO, Dragic was not propared to deal with hyperspeed point guards. In 2009 -10, few teams were able to put their top on-the ball defender on him because they feared Barbosa. Once Leandro was traded, Dragic's weakness at hanging onto the ball or panicing became apparent. My suspicion is that...
  16. Irish

    Suns Free Agent Mini Camp

    I expect the lockout will last a very long time. There are just too many teams losing so much money that they can save by shutting down. When you add up the debt service on teams pruchased in last decade such as the Suns, it is frightening. This is not the NFL WORRYING ABOUT not makeing enough...
  17. Irish

    If there is no season, how will the draft be done?

    If the season is lot, I have assumed the draft order would be the same next year as this.Part of the reason I wanted the Suns to tank last season. It helps creating a new look for the term.
  18. Irish

    Sacramento wants Aaron Brooks

    The Suns paid a lot for Brooks, knowing full well he would be an RFA. If the Kings can steal a guy just by offering to overpay, then everybody in the Suns front office deserves to be fired including the owner. The Suns front office knew that Brooks would be expensive. The Rockets traded him...
  19. Irish

    Golden State wants Robin Lopez

    I liked what I saw of Silar last season. He did not play many minutes, but averaged 0.27 rebounds per minute. His April numbers weren't impressive, only 021 per minutes but he did very well in March 6 rebounds in 11 minutes. His best two games were agaist Orlando, where he grabbed 3 reound in...
  20. Irish

    Golden State wants Robin Lopez

    I don't know what the team thinks of Lopez. He may simply be the kind of guy that will take a while to develop, or he may just not have the psersonality to be an NBA center. IMHO, Silar is going to be pretty good once he's in Suns condition.Lopez needs more than just general conditioning, he...
  21. Irish

    Markieff Morris is now a SUN

    Hard to see any way Dutt could hurt us except by having MM hold out. But with the NBA taking away his early money in a lockout, I'm not concerned.
  22. Irish

    Golden State wants Robin Lopez

    On another thread, I pointed out that the Warriors had drafted my sleeper, Charles Jenkins, in the second round. Jenkins is far too simiar to the Warriors current guys, Curry and Ellis to make sense. But if the Warriors were gatterhing assets to use in a trade for Lopez, then it would make sense.
  23. Irish

    Gentry on the Suns draft

    I don't know if I'm just fantisizing, but I noticed my sleeper candidate, Charles Jenkins was drafted by the Warriors. It might make sense for the Suns to do a deal that included Jenkins for Lopez. Obviously there is a a lot of stuff needed to make that deal work, but IMHO Lopez would be...
  24. Irish

    Keep Robin

    Our situation as fans i difficult. We don't know if he is still recovering from back problem, if he has conditioning issues, or if he was not matched up with the right teammates. What we miss is that he was a decent shooter last season. He averaged 50.1% last season when he was mostly taking...

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