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    The Positive Kyler Murray News Thread

    I think Adrian Peterson did too. Pretty sure he ran for 2K and won MVP the year he came back as well.
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    Cardinals announce they have released Hopkins - Signed with Titans

    My wife wanted one for Christmas. I gave it to her that morning and said, “you better wear it today...”
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    Chris Paul appreciation thread

    Made it fun to be a Suns fan again. Thanks for everything, CP3.
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    Peacock becomes home of first-ever exclusive live streamed NFL playoff game

    I think VGK is on free tv here starting next season
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    NFL Player you Remember 1st Admiring as a Kid

    My dad is a Cowboys fan so Hershel Walker. Looking back, I was a dumb little kid.
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    JJ Watt

    Think he was on the Houston team that won a wild card game and went up 24-0 at Arrowhead before giving up around 50 straight points.
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    Remembering Keim moves...

    its debatable.
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    Season Prediction

    7-10. finishing with a top 10 offense and a bottom 5 defense and a lot of entertaining shootouts.
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    Markieff throws towel at Hornacek

    Does anyone know if it's possible to just suspend him without pay indefinitely? Why trade him and reward his bad behavior?
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    Arians to Cardinals fans: ‘It ain’t worth’ selling your tickets

    Sold my tickets. Spending Christmas with my family on the east coast and returning to AZ on 1/2/16. I've been to both preseason games and all 6 regular season games to this point. Will be back for the season finale and playoffs. I have no regrets, blame the schedule if you must. Family >>>>...
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    I've been overloaded with ads for this and each time I see them, this looks terrible.
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    I liked it.
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    trade proposal (NYK)

    An overrated ballhog (Melo) for: 1) Yet another guy in the line of "disrespected" players who doesn't want to be here anymore (Goran) 2) A guy who has 3 more months as a Sun (Green) 3) A hard nosed defensive player who isn't at a star level (Tucker) 4) A guy only here because of family...
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    The Walking Dead (AMC)

    Am I alone in thinking this series peaked at the prison battle? I've struggled to sit through a full episode since.
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    Super Bowl XLIX Score Prediction...

    Patriots 24 Seahawks 20 Total yards 699
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    Stanton surgery

    I said the same thing when the invoice came to my inbox before the first Seattle game.
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    Madjack's Banner Suggestions - Seattle Game!

    BAlieve in Miracles?
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    This was terrible.
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    Arizona vs Dallas!!

    Anyone else going? My Dad is flying there from Vegas and I'm flying from Phoenix to meet him.
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    Breaking Bad (AMC)

    My theory for the Breaking Bad ending: Thoughts?
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    Breaking Bad (AMC)

    The scene in Saul's office when he starts putting the pieces together was great too
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    Breaking Bad (AMC)
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    Breaking Bad (AMC)

    Excellent as usual. The last scene was incredible

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