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  1. redheat

    (Poll) Grade for the new uniforms

    Better than the previous but to not have the AZ flag on sleeves is crazy.
  2. redheat

    New Uniforms for the Cardinals

    Not bad. Perforated numbers ok. Wish it had AZ flag on sleeves. Red ones are bad.
  3. redheat

    Would you trade Budda?

    He’s awesome for the team but not this team. Due to age, contract demands and not being a ball hawk trade him now. Get the best you can. If they do trade him look for the cardinals do to something stupid contract wise with a current player as a see we care about our guys..
  4. redheat

    Budda requests trade

    Bidwills must go
  5. redheat

    Today’s Chatter Pick 3 (04/06/23)

    If the cards trade down in a position to not take Anderson they better get a 1st next year so we can secure one of the QB’s
  6. redheat

    Ex-Cardinals VP Terry McDonough accuses Bidwill of cheating

    Yes!!!! This is the way to new ownership and like to add that he is also…. racist, homophobic, xenophobic, misogynistic, and not nice!
  7. redheat

    New Uniforms for the Cardinals

    I’m all for maroon if this appeases the Pottsville curse gods.
  8. redheat

    End of an Era - MadJack is out.

    What did the first and last one say?
  9. redheat

    Flight Plan Episode 2

    Production quality was awful but they were away from the facility. Monti didn’t impress me and it seems like a bunch of kids are running the cards. Our organization is pathetic.
  10. redheat

    Are Cards tanking?

    You only tank to get a QB. And just so happens next years draft will have some very good prospects. If that’s the plan, Kyler is done in AZ. Just hope he gets healthy enough and somebody gives up two #2’s or a #2 with a solid player.
  11. redheat

    Vikings Sign Byron Murphy

    This is more than a one year tank.
  12. redheat

    Zach Allen Signs with Denver

    Ridiculous to lose him unless the tank is on..
  13. redheat

    Taking a QB at #3: Is it really that far fetched?

    Good time to tank next season and get another high pick for a better qb class.
  14. redheat

    PLAYOFFS: Divisional Round Games

    The eagles offense is so boring. It’s all the same. Lots of plays we run but it works for them..
  15. redheat

    Trey Mcbride has only 129 receiving yards in 10 starts

    Solid so far but thought he would be more electric after the catch. Seems to just absorb contact like a bowling pin.
  16. redheat

    I think that Kyler Murray's career is finished with his injury

    Kyler is not adjusting his game. He’s too athletic and used to not being touched at all. He can’t operate from the pocket. He’s the easiest tackle in the game if you just get near him. He plays scared and it contributed to his injury last night. He’ll come back but his mindset won’t change...
  17. redheat

    Moving on from Kyler.

    His next contract/team will be with MLB.
  18. redheat

    Patriots at Cardinals gameday thread 12-12-22

    He can’t take a hit cause he’s too small so he hurts himself.
  19. redheat

    Was Kyler benched?

    He’s always been scared of the Rams. Prob benched himself.
  20. redheat

    I am not saying Colt is great (he is not) but..

    The quick WR screens even work better with McCoy.
  21. redheat

    Cardinals at Rams gameday thread 11-13-22

    Amazing what a qb can do for this offense playing from the pocket and stepping up.
  22. redheat

    Cardinals at Rams gameday thread 11-13-22

    I bet they run at least 10 qb waggles today all for positive yards.
  23. redheat

    Josh Allen improvement...

    No way. KM is not capable of side stepping a defender in the pocket and throwing the ball.