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  1. TaylorSwift

    NFL championship games thread 1-29-23

    Its what happens when you priortize scheme over players.
  2. TaylorSwift

    NFL championship games thread 1-29-23

    Haason Reddicks play since he was with the Cards if proof positive of vjs ineptitude
  3. TaylorSwift

    Hollywood Brown Arrested on Criminal Speeding Charges (126 MPH per Trooper)

    Young men have been killing themselves and each other for 3 millennia now. Nature of the beast stuff. Relax.
  4. TaylorSwift

    UPDATE: Watson Suspended 11 games and fined $5M

    NFL should have him seek psychiatric assistance before playing again
  5. TaylorSwift

    Hey, Kyler

    Introversion especially when you have had world class talent like Kyler is always misunderstood
  6. TaylorSwift

    Kyler and Kliff’s Offseason Mission

    Psychoanalyzing people you never interacted with personally is always a bad idea and Id be willing to bet there are a lot of glass houses throwing stones.
  7. TaylorSwift

    DHop still on crutches on sideline.

    Should have drafted Lamb and still get Hop
  8. TaylorSwift

    OT: Browns planning to cut OBJ tomorrow unless something changes

    He wants touches but isnt consistent enough granted. Baker has his limits as a qb
  9. TaylorSwift

    The Final Offensive Play

    You cant be 10 years in the league and have these sort of issues. Guessing his fatigued and thinking off of instinct at that point. Heard the run play, didnt bother to assess anything else. It happens
  10. TaylorSwift

    Packers at Cardinals gameday thread 10-28-2021

    Cardiac Cards are back
  11. TaylorSwift

    Packers at Cardinals gameday thread 10-28-2021

    no more thursday games
  12. TaylorSwift

    Kyler pooped the bed

    Game isnt even over.
  13. TaylorSwift

    "I was wrong"

    Kiem pulled through, I can't even throw dirt on his name anymore. Of course they have to finish and get to the playoffs but if they finish with 14+ wins, he deserves GM of the year.
  14. TaylorSwift

    That’s Why You Fire Kliff

    Lets finish the season, but right now, Kliff looks here to stay
  15. TaylorSwift

    Cards trading for Zach Ertz

    Ertz will have fun, he will be in an offense that will get him looks and a qb that can throw him the ball accurately.
  16. TaylorSwift

    This team is truly different...

    This is a tough team, hardened vets who know how to win
  17. TaylorSwift

    WK 6-Arizona Cardinals @ Cleveland Browns Pre Game Thread Oct 11- Oct 16, 2021

    These guys are young grown men, it will bring them together. Adversity has a habit of doing that.
  18. TaylorSwift

    Kliff Tested Positive for COVID, won't coach Sunday

    Watch the cards look their best without kliffs terrible in game nonsense
  19. TaylorSwift

    Cards trading for Zach Ertz

    Decent move if the warm weather is good for hertz health and keeps him on the field
  20. TaylorSwift

    OT on Trey Lance

    He isnt as natural or fluid as K1
  21. TaylorSwift

    TNF: Lambs vs Hags

    Cardinals might be the best team in the league.
  22. TaylorSwift

    Cardinals at Rams gameday thread 10-3-2021

    I got on him this past off season. But in the short term he has provided a bushel of crow as a response
  23. TaylorSwift

    Cardinals at Rams gameday thread 10-3-2021

    Kyler announcing he is here as an elite qb
  24. TaylorSwift

    Philly @ Dallas Monday night game

    games like this make you appreciate the throwing talent like Kyler Herbert and Mahomes