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  1. joeshmo

    There's a New DJ in Town

    I know some didnt like the pick becuase they said we could have traded down and still got the same player. Maybe not so fast.....
  2. joeshmo

    Post your adjusted Humphries mocks lol

    The good news is, we pick one spot in front of the Steelers in the 2nd round and 3rd round. So they cant take the guy we want right before we pick, AGAIN.
  3. joeshmo

    Kikaha in the 2nd!!

    I like the guy a lot, but I would only take him if Harold and Orchard are gone first.
  4. joeshmo

    There's a New DJ in Town

    Mixed feelings as well. Just doesn't Wow you. Maybe if two good pass rushers didnt go in the two picks right before us I would probably feel WAY better about the pick, but the way it went down made it sting a little. We do know that the Cards keep a spreadsheet of Mental Errors, for...
  5. joeshmo

    Kendricks, McKinney, Smith, Odighizuwa, Hunter

    So much talent left on the board, I would even take a flyer on a few guys that may not even be needs (WR who doesn't return kicks and Safety) just because the value could be outstanding. S - Landon Collins DT - Eddie Goldman CB - Ronald Darby DE/LB - Owamagbe Odighizuwa LB - Eli Harlod...
  6. joeshmo

    rumors about arizona pick in round 1

    Interesting Quote from a "NFC West regional scout" on
  7. joeshmo

    rumors about arizona pick in round 1

    He and Shaw Thompson were my original man crushes a few months ago before the whole Ray and Gregory stuff started coming out and them possibly falling and it clouding my mind with dreams of a killer pass rusher falling to us at any cost. He is a linebacker version of Tyrann. Balls to the wall...
  8. joeshmo

    My final Cards mock

    I got to be more sold on Hunter then currently. 1.5 sacks as a starter in 13 games? Was he being quadruple teamed? 4.5 Sacks his whole college career?
  9. joeshmo

    Snake's Draft

    30-40 pounds? If he is at 225, that was his playing weight at Nebraska, and is 13 pounds lighter then his pro day weight of 238 on March 5th. I find it odd that this "additional" concerns stuff is coming out only 2 days before the draft. Your telling me know one knew this stuff weeks ago...
  10. joeshmo

    Would Cards take a so called "problem" player at #24??

    Not all problem players are created equal. I think the cards have had personal sit downs with each player, Gregory and Ray. How comfortable with each kids character are the decision makers after sitting and talking with them eye to eye and the plethora of back ground checks with past teammates...
  11. joeshmo

    Hau'oli Kikaha: Making the Case in Round 1

    That article only makes me hope for Gregory at #24 more then ever. Just like the article states I don't think he gets enough credit for his strength and his run defending in college, all because he weighed in at 235.
  12. joeshmo

    Warner as a Quarterbacks coach?

    Kaepernick worked out mostly with the QB coach at Exos Training Facility, Dennis Gile. A facility in the valley that many pro athletes work out at in the valley. Warner only shows up to that facility to work with any QB that is working out there that day once maybe twice a week. If Warner...
  13. joeshmo

    Housler to Browns

    Without a doubt yes (assuming everyone makes opening day rosters). Qualifying Players Signed: Weatherspoon - 1 Year Redding - 2 Years Peters - 3 Years Iupati - 5 Years Qualifying Players Lost: Cromartie - 4 Years Fanaika - 3 Years Dan Williams - 4 Years Acho - 1 Year Housler - 1...
  14. joeshmo

    Do You Pull The Trigger On Randy Gregory If He Falls To Cards?

    I don't think people realize just how many players fail this test that we don't even hear about. It is supposed to be kept sealed and only teams should know. But we get a few leaks each year, usually from other agents trying to get their player better draft position or other teams trying to...
  15. joeshmo

    Any way Gregory falls to us with the failed drug test?

    All you have to do is talk with the kid. If you come away with even a small feeling similar to the one you had with Tyrann Mathieu, I am running to the podium to draft this kid.
  16. joeshmo

    Comp picks?

    Usually falls in July somewhere. It is why you wont see a lot of the 1 year deals done by teams until after this date, so it doesn't hurt their comp pick status.
  17. joeshmo

    Comp picks?

    Currently for next year our Comp Pick status is: Qualifying Players Signed - 4 - Weatherspoon, Redding, Peters, Iupati Qualifying Players Lost - 3 - Cromartie, Fanaika, Dan Williams Players signed that do not count towards the calculations - Lamar Woodley was cut, and Shipley was an RFA that...
  18. joeshmo

    Week 1 FA Arizona Cardinals

    Interesting pass rusher name - George Johnson of Detroit. They only gave him the low RFA tender, but since they didn't draft him they only get right to match offer with no draft pick compensation needed by the signing team. Had 6 sacks last year as a part time player, only 50% of the snaps...
  19. joeshmo

    2015 NFL Free Agency Thread

    I think we need to go back to the original information. First he has only played in 3 seasons not 4, his rookie year was on IR. Second he has 75 total tackles. I have never actually seen the guy play, but the point remains the...
  20. joeshmo

    2015 NFL Free Agency Thread

    He is a 6-4 315lb DE in a in a 2 gap 3-4 defense. Just like sack stats for a NT stats don't tell the whole truth. What are his run stuffing numbers?
  21. joeshmo

    Is Ravens DE/OLB Pernell McPhee the Cards Big Dollar Signing?

    Currently they have 3 mil in cap space. They can't even keep Ngata, let alone their 3rd pass rusher behind Suggs and Dumervil.
  22. joeshmo

    Is Ravens DE/OLB Pernell McPhee the Cards Big Dollar Signing?

    He is nfl networks #12 free agent. Walter football's # 27. Would be a great get. And I highly doubt the contract would be 10 mill per year.
  23. joeshmo

    Dockett Signs With 49ers

    It was more then 500k, that was only half the story. We also would not give a 2nd year like the niners added. He was disingenuous when talking that part of the negotiations for the purpose to gain some sort of sympathy. I myself think both sides did the right thing In this case.
  24. joeshmo

    "They're going after a Guard and a Center in free agency"

    I think it would be funny if we poach another home run offensive lineman from yet another horrible decision from the Raiders to let one leave via free agency two years in a row.
  25. joeshmo

    Per MJ

    Just to play devils advocate here, did it take a while because the light finally come on or did it come on because of contract year?