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    Eric Gordon signed

    Agree! I’m hoping they use Eric as the 6-man role so they always have 2-3 legit scorers on the floor at all times.
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    Eric Gordon signed

    What an off-season! Hats off to new ownership and James. I haven’t been this excited in a long time.
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    Should Ayton be Traded?

    Totally agree- once you take Ayton out of the scoring mix he will drift. The only way to hopefully keep him engaged on defense is to keep him engaged on the offensive end which is not what this team needs. This team needs a player like Adam’s who knows his role and likes to mix it up down low.
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    Should Ayton be Traded?

    Adams would be a perfect fit. Someone who knows his role, has a ton of heart, has some dog in him which this team desperately needs. would love this trade.
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    Should Ayton be Traded?

    If he wants his team to give him the ball more, he should learn how to seal off his man. It sure did seem like his defender would reach around a poke the ball away 1-2 times a game.
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    2023 Phoenix Suns Offseason

    We would be the worst defensive team in the league with Harden.. no thanks!
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    Playoffs: Nuggets @ Suns Thursday game thread 5-11-2023 - Game 6

    I do t think Ayton wants to play as it’s too much pressure. This way if the Suns lose, Ayton won’t have any part in the lose. I’m actually happy he’s not playing. If he were, he would be doging it due to his bruise.
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    Playoffs: Suns @ Clippers Thursday game thread 4-20-2023 - Game 3

    It’s not all about the numbers with KD. He is allowing book to play one on one a ton of plays..
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    Playoffs: Suns @ Clippers Thursday game thread 4-20-2023 - Game 3

    Kawhi is probably their best on ball defender. If there ever was a game for Durant to go off, it should be tonight. Suns win this one easy!
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    TV Options

    I’m thinking about cutting cable next season but don’t want to miss any Suns games. Would like to hear from anyone that lives in the valley that doesn’t have cable to ask what options there are for watching the games.
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    Suns @ Lakers Wednesday game thread 3-22-2023

    I’m surprised we had as many FT attempts as we did considering our entire team loves the midrange game. Even when Book drives, he usually pulls short to take the side bank shot after he feels ANY contact.
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    Durant to Suns

    If the goal is to win a championship, but we haven’t even played one playoff game, then how in the world is this statement not premature? Sure sounds like the sky is falling to me.
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    Suns @ Mavericks Sunday game thread 3-5-2023

    Solid game and this has to have felt good to get over a mental hurdle against the Mavs. Suns now get two days of practice before taking on OK City which should be an easy win.
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    Suns @ Bulls Friday game thread 3-3-2023

    Durant just makes the game sooo much easier. If Book is off, just go to Durant for double teams and wide open looks. Last two games both teams had a winning streak of 4-5 games and we won both easily.
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    Buyout Candidates

    For the past 5 years it always seemed like the Suns were linked to Love. I fully expect that they go after him.
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    Suns @ Rockets Tuesday game thread 12-13-2022

    Suns team is more then happy to settle for three pointers all night. Almost down by 20, pathetic.
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    Suns @ Rockets Tuesday game thread 12-13-2022

    CP looks afraid to shoot..
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    Suns @ Pelicans Friday game thread 12-9-2022

    Monte had a terrible coaching game..once again
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    Celtics @ Suns Wednesday game thread 12-7-2022

    This current team will struggle to make it out of the first round! I saw a team last night where nobody could stay in front of their man.. the Celtics broke down the Suns with ease.
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    Warriors @ Suns Wednesday game thread 11-16-2022

    Ayton never fights to establish really low position as he’s fine with settling for short hooks and jump shots. He should be walking into 10 rebounds a game for his size, but lacks the fire. How many times last night did we see Torrey sprinting from the three point line to gobble up a rebound...
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    Suns @ Heat Monday game thread 11-14-2022

    I agree that the Suns army as physical as other teams and is why we always get less trips to the line. I also don’t like complaining about the refs, but last night the disparity was awful. And the refs love rewarding guys like Bam that just throw their arms around and fall to the ground on every...
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    The Ayton Plan

    Ayton has zero fire! Crossing my fingers a trade gets done mid season.
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    Why did Suns Collapse in Playoffs?

    Maybe be able to fight through a screen.. not once did I ever see anyone fight through a screen so Dallas wouldn’t have the desired matchup on EVERY play.
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    Suns @ Mavericks Friday Playoff game thread, R2, 5-6-2022 - Game 3

    Yes the calls are lopsided, but that’s how it goes when your the away team. Need to keep grinding and hope the calls even out.
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    Suns @ Pelicans Sunday Playoff game thread 4-24-2022 - Game 4

    Seriously not sure why it’s taking so fn long tonget him in tie game over Payne who’s done nothing