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  1. Passepartout

    TNF Week 4 Lions v Packers

    Detroit Lions are a young team on the rise.
  2. Passepartout

    Writer's Strike

    Nothing Bill Maher does nor should surprise anybody. He is very much his own man if ya know what I mean!
  3. Passepartout

    2023 Pre-Season Week 2 vs Kansas City Chiefs 08/19/2023

    New era in Cardinals football begins!
  4. Passepartout

    A Look Ahead at the Offense

    You can only hope that Kyler will mature and Hollywood will break out this season and beyond.
  5. Passepartout

    RIP: Tina Turner (1939-2023)

  6. Passepartout

    CB Andre Chachere claimed off waivers by the Cardinals

    Could be such a huge dandy to come. Welcome!
  7. Passepartout

    Budda requests trade

    If he doesn't get his extension here, maybe elsewhere.
  8. Passepartout

    Would you make this trade.

    Yeah as that could be a thought but also it is just that a thought. Hope that they the team can use common sense and draft well.
  9. Passepartout

    Star Wars: Andor (Disney+)

    Thought that everybody was be Star Wars fatigue but guess I was wrong.
  10. Passepartout

    News and rumors of potential coaching staff additions.

    Keep in mind Watson did not play for almost the whole season over his off season misdeeds. Murray got hurt and was out for 2022 over injury. Just hope for the best for Gannon and the the new coaching staff.
  11. Passepartout

    1923 (Paramount+)

    Really so tragic how these poor Indians were treated due to their race and lifestyle. It is so horrific and sad. Makes you want to weep for them.
  12. Passepartout

    Top Gun: Maverick

    One of the very few times I can say that the sequel is much more better than the original. The original is the original true.
  13. Passepartout

    What should we do with our WR corps in the offseason

    You can't afford to keep players there. Over if they are injured one minute and play the next. Need to find healthy but consistent players.
  14. Passepartout

    Monday Night Football: Kyler Murray is inactive, but DeAndre Hopkins will play

    Really you can only hope that Murray can mature there. And be a team leader and a team player on it there. You would think that huge deal would help him out a bit. But guess not there.
  15. Passepartout


    Seems that retirement could be sooner rather than later for Brady and for good this time as his wife has given him a final chance there to save their family and marriage.
  16. Passepartout

    Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (Netflix)

    Yeah as really horrific and sad what Dahmer did to his victims. Families of those victims there. Have their own "prison" without parole but instead of bars, they have a lifetime of sadness and tragedy there.
  17. Passepartout

    Top Gun: Maverick

    Not much of a Tom Cruise fan but really the movie rocked. Like it really was kind of like the original in 1986. Some old faces like Cruise and new faces involved.
  18. Passepartout

    Kyler Murray Contract Extended

    Just hope he can mature and be a team player as well as a team leader.
  19. Passepartout

    Norm Mcdonald

    The guy died way before his time and too young RIP!
  20. Passepartout

    RIP: Fred Ward (1942-2022)

    Underrated but great actor there! RIP!
  21. Passepartout

    Kyler + Coaching

    Hoping that they can fix this and fast! As really would hate to lose Murray there due to his ego.
  22. Passepartout

    R.I.P. Michael Nesmith (1942-2021)

    It leaves only Mickey Dolenz the drummer the sole Monkee member alive. RIP to all three!
  23. Passepartout

    MNF WFT v Seattle Seahawks

    Not been the Hawks year! Has it?!
  24. Passepartout

    Texans at Cardinals gameday thread 10-24-2021

    Well Texans are getting ready to go 7-0!

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