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  1. Billy Flynt

    TNF: Lambs vs Hags

    All I know is we don’t have the worst uniforms in the division anymore
  2. Billy Flynt

    Cardinals at Jets gameday thread 10-11-20

    This game is brought to you by the color yellow.
  3. Billy Flynt

    Cardinals at Jets gameday thread 10-11-20

    The hometown crowd is getting to these officials
  4. Billy Flynt

    Hatchet Job on the front page of Yahoo

    I haven’t read this article only because I’m sure it will infuriate me. The cardinals organization has been flamed over hiring a “white guy” with a crappy resume but the Bengals have been given a pass hiring an “inexperienced” guy from McVey’s staff. To paraphrase the general sentiment, the...
  5. Billy Flynt

    Who’s your pick for HC in 2019?

    Bring back BA
  6. Billy Flynt

    How soon do the Cards trade P P

    Holy $h!+ Y’all have lost your minds! PP has too much value with his extended contract to go anywhere. We would need 2+ first rounders for a 7x all pro with years on his contract. No one would pay that and we shouldn’t roll those dice. Fitz has decided to stay in AZ for good or bad. He...
  7. Billy Flynt

    Denver Broncos @ Arizona Cardinals Game day thread, 10/18/2018

    Generally a 7 man box you still have one defender unblocked. 8 is even worse
  8. Billy Flynt

    Bradford to Bills?

    Just a suggestion...
  9. Billy Flynt

    Bradford to Bills?

    he is done in AZ... conditional 7th rounder that could be a 5th if he plays enough for them
  10. Billy Flynt

    Gameday thread Cardinals at Redskins 12-17-17

    I’ll be at game today. Section 117. Feel free to text me 757-406-3000
  11. Billy Flynt

    "Uni Watch" ranks Arizona Cardinals' uniforms near bottom of NFL

    I generally agree with most of Lukas' opinions because I prefer old school to XFL. I would have the Colts at the top. I would definitely have the Chargers near the top if they would bring back the powder blues full time. I appreciate the changes that Michael Bidwill has brought to the team...
  12. Billy Flynt

    OT- NFL Helmet Concept Designs

    Not crazy about the Rams or Seahawks. I forgot to add I like the Steelers. Of course it would be solid black on the other side
  13. Billy Flynt

    OT- NFL Helmet Concept Designs

    I for one think the Giants helmet is awesome... I can see the question as to why though. Oh and tons of love for the Chargers powder blue
  14. Billy Flynt

    I do not want the following on this team next season.

    If the Cardinals had any semblance of a pass rush that didn't require blitzing, we wouldn't be so critical of Cro and PP. Bowles' defense really puts pressure on the DBs, and I for one will cut them some slack
  15. Billy Flynt

    Lindley will start vs Seattle

    Let's hope he pretends to be Andrew Luck for the second time this year...
  16. Billy Flynt

    Name every available FA qb you can think of. Anyone > Lindley.

    John Navarro. He can get his jersey off eBay.
  17. Billy Flynt

    OT: Rams send players acquired in RG3 trade out for pregame coin toss

    While it may be funny to joke about it in your locker room, this is a classless move. The only good ting I can say about it is they didn't walk out with their hands in the air. Make your statements while the clock is ticking on the scoreboard.
  18. Billy Flynt

    Cards at Chickens 10-23-14 Official Game Thread

    Our receivers are getting mauled and nothing is being called...ridiculous
  19. Billy Flynt

    big brass balls

    Reviewing the tape it is a levels play with Brown stretching the field which should leave Hughes running the shallow cross or Fitz running the dig route open. As it turned out, Brown was able to get deep on the go route splitting the DB and safety and Palmer recognized it quickly. The gutsy...
  20. Billy Flynt

    Larry Fitzgerald with who????

    Who pretended to be Brees taking the picture?
  21. Billy Flynt

    Shades of Bill Gramatica

    I tried to post this earlier as the ghost of grammatica...
  22. Billy Flynt

    9ers travel in style!

    We do police escorts for visiting college teams. The athletic department pays for our time.
  23. Billy Flynt

    4th round pick - Logan Thomas QB VT

    In looking at the highlight reel, I'm concerned about him reading progressions. Didn't see that in hardly any of the highlights.
  24. Billy Flynt

    The Official 2014 NFL Draft Thread - DAY 2!

    But his sister Jeanine is funnier...
  25. Billy Flynt

    OT: High Schooler catches his own hail mary pass

    Definitely faked... The ball flies directly up and to the right out of his hand. The shadow of the ball he catches gives it away too.