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  1. tommcnabb

    Karl Malone should have been suspended!

    I'm sure I'm in the minority here but.. Even though KM's whacked a few during his career (even one of my favorite's E.P), I don't knock him for it (no pun intended). Mainly, because I think like him. When you play to win, you play to win, and you push the envelope as far as you can. 2nd...
  2. tommcnabb

    Did anyone catch Amare Stoudemire on Real Sports on HBO

    My point exactly. You can have all the talent in the world, but if you don't have what it takes "inside", then you're wasting your time. The C's did the right thing by making this Amare's team.
  3. tommcnabb

    Why did the Mavs trade for Walker?!

    Honestly, I'm not sure about that. I think given the current situation, the offense would go through Amare first, but when the game is on the line, it would be Kobe taking the shot or dishing off for the game winner. In the future, though, that may be different.
  4. tommcnabb

    Album A Day #2: Operation: Mindcrime

    I can listen to 6 and 12 over and over and over. As a matter of fact, speak is on my laptop playing right now.
  5. tommcnabb

    Album A Day #2: Operation: Mindcrime

    one of the best concerts.. i ever saw was Rush with Queensryche opening. Of course, I've also been a QR fan since inception. I bought the <cassette> of their initial ep when it came out. However, after Empire, it just didn't interest me. I still listen to Rage and O:MC though. I did see...
  6. tommcnabb

    Is This The Real Amare?

    He's got the inside drive and the heart. Can't teach that. And just think how little basketball training he's had. Scary.
  7. tommcnabb

    Will We Ever See Another Jordan?

    I agree. There may be players now how are better at this or at that, but intangibles set him apart. I think his desire and determination set him apart. He walked the walk. You cannot measure that kind of stuff, and quite honestly, I don't think you "learn" it. You either have it or you don't.
  8. tommcnabb

    Anyone run a home wireless network?

    I was going to tell you the same thing. Most people not in the know never change the default password, etc. Easiest part I think is to to the MAC filtering. ie: three pc's, 3 mac addresses allowed. All you need is a good cisco wireless card and a downloaded program off the web, and...
  9. tommcnabb

    Looking for Suns Barkley Jersey?

    I have one. I sent you a private message. Tom
  10. tommcnabb

    Old Cell Phone Sync Software?

    m-soft is unmistakeable. palm also has the palm os logo on startup.
  11. tommcnabb

    Old Cell Phone Sync Software?

    what os does the phone use? palm or m-soft?
  12. tommcnabb

    Get em' off the waiver wire

    Breaking news. Bucks waive Dan Langhi. Get em' while they're hot. Oh wait.... He already played here.
  13. tommcnabb

    Antonio's very sorry

    Just in from Phx trades Shawn Marion, Jake Voskul, Donell Harvey, Tom Gugliotta, and Joe Johnson for Karl Malone and Kobe Bryant and Shaq's jockstrap. Make sure you put premium in the tank. Better fumes; quicker death.
  14. tommcnabb

    Would Phoenix have won a title with Marbury?

    Good post. I agree. I honestly believe that Steph would have, how do I put this??, not "hindered" Amare's ability, but maybe slowed it down a bit?? Amare is going to be the face of this team, much like Barkley was.
  15. tommcnabb

    Anybody think this may have been the case??

    Did anybody notice the AZCentral article where Colangelo admitted that within 24 hours of Isaiah taking over the Knicks, he was trying to get Marbury??? Maybe I'll put the link later or someone else will. I think he was pursued more than he was shopped. Possible that Colangelo didn't...
  16. tommcnabb

    Any change of heart?

    I look at it like this Say you have a 6 ' 10" stud and a 6' 3" stud (or whatever Marbury is). Your taller stud is younger. We don't need a scoring point guard, although I really like Marbury. Give us a decent playmaker who sees the floor WELL, hits an open...
  17. tommcnabb

    Suns to trade Marbury, according to KDUS

    Actually, that is what they SHOULD DO. Amare needs to be the core of this team. Despite his youth and experience, I think he has the "stuff" that it takes to lay it on the line. He's got attitude, skills, and heart. Same thing as Marbury only he's a hell of a lot taller. Amare will be the...
  18. tommcnabb

    Original Nintendo and Sega Genesis systems

    I have the NES system, cable for tv, two original controllers and then one upgraded controller, and one game although I lost my post-it I had with the title. I also have a Sega Genesis with two controllers and the cables. I was going to put it up on ebay but thought maybe someone here...
  19. tommcnabb

    Suns vs. Mavs

    I wonder how Cuban is going to react. You all can figure out if that happened to one of his top bench guys (jamison, etc), he would be all over espn demanding action. I just want to see how he reacts when it's his OWN player doing the damage. He likes to bitch when something happens to...
  20. tommcnabb

    Game Thread: Suns vs. Grizzlies

    If you have their email newsletter sent to you "in the post", then you can print out their latest mailing, take it to AWA and get two free tickets to the game. --Tom
  21. tommcnabb

    Game thread Phoenix vs. Utah

    Good post. Put Hardaways confidence in Joe Johnson and we'd have a hell of a player. I don't doubt for a minute his potential to put up 16, 6, and 5. However, potential doesn't win games, execution of the potential does. But, I haven't given up on him yet.
  22. tommcnabb

    Major Computer Issue

    You have a firewall enabled?
  23. tommcnabb

    FJ Interview / 80% Center questions

    Kevin Johnson. Good for PR and meets the requirements (guard, played for us, etc).
  24. tommcnabb

    Coaching. Input needed

    Well, we all saw last night what a difference a "coach" makes. So, here's my question. Just for fun, swap Sloan and FQF. How much better would the Suns be? How about worse for the Jazz. When people, and I, look at the Suns record it is disappointing (even if it is early). My mood goes...
  25. tommcnabb

    Jahidi White

    I'm not disappointed I, for one, like this trade. Although I can't say that I've followed his career, what I have seen I do like. We don't need more scoring, etc. I think what we need, in a sense, is what we got. We need a semi-athletic center who may stop a few players from wanting to...