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    Is there a legit alternative to DirecTV

    If you know anybody that's a college student, have them sign up for Sunday ticket for students. Then use their sign up. It's 100 for a year for streaming access through the app which you can access on a firestick or such. My niece signed up for me as she could care less about nfl. So for at...
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    We won!

    I will tell you Mountian View, Ca knows that the Cards won. We we cussing, crying then screaming like little kids. Great feeling about this game. D gets the game ball for sure.
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    ASUS Transformer 2 (TF201)

    I have one. Heard if you bought from best buy you can exchange for the infinity. I personally love mine. Whats the news?
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    DirecTV Sunday Ticket subscribers

    Just a heads up, I called customer service complaining that I did not get early bird rate when I ordered the ticket two months ago. They gave me six months of $20 off, free nfl to go, and free starz/showtime for six months. All I wanted was early bird rate. Seems like if you just call they...
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    Name your favorite non-popular movie

    Bubba Ho-tep North Shore (very quoteable)
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    Interested in Blu-Ray discs of Super Bowl or NFC Championship/Wildcard games?

    I would like in also if you plan to make more! Sorry cant pm you my post count is too low. Let me know. Thanks for the hard work!
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    Cards fans going to Qwest field this weekend?

    Yeah your right I should post more for as much as I lurk around on this site. I will be hanging out at the Hawks nest prior to game if anyones game. Trust me, even with our recent success that we will be seriously outnumbered! Half time meet would be great. Let me know.
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    Cards fans going to Qwest field this weekend?

    I will be out there. Section 105 row d. I guess like 5 rows from the field on the goal line. I will be sporting a Fitz jersey and maybe waving a sign. Girlfriend is Seahawk fan so I might not push it. Dont want to get punched in the head!
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    Now taking Orders for the Tillman Memorial T-shirts!

    Sent via Pay Pal. Thanks Cali Card! Great Job!