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    The Latest On Tanking

    What if, the coaching staff/front office really likes Kyler as they say they do and our pick is top two and the Texans pick is also top two can you imagine the draft haul you can get with the generational qbs available with the qb needy teams below us in the draft. Not bad place to be. This...
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    Things Don’t Look Much Brighter Despite Record

    I do not post often but here is what I see. Yes, yesterday was not a great piece of work but they won the game. I am not sure how much offense you are going to get when your top receivers have yet to play together and have missed 8.5 of the 12 possible games total between them. Factor in the TE...
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    The point you thought this would be a different team!

    For me it was opening day, going in to Tennessee and winning in the manner we did. Just see
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    Caption This

    Zac I see you got your upgrade, where is mine
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    JJ Watt is not our main concern, if...

    I was thinking the same thing. This could be bad
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    The CJ 'Pay the Man' Poll

    That is what makes the good gm's good they know when to hold them and when to fold them
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    The CJ 'Pay the Man' Poll

    Simply put Chandler has earned the money. Signed a big contract and if possible out performed it. PAY THE MAN!
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    Cardinals at Titans postgame thread

    This is as big an opening day win that I can remember in a long time. The team was ready go play from the start and the game plan was excellent. A healthy Chandler Jones is the best thing for a secondary,welcome back and in Year three I think we have a potential superstar QB. Tough division but...
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    Call your shot, who are we drafting...

    We have to go corner don't we
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    Sorry if this is Elsewhere

    Harry, always love your insight. This actually makes sense and I hope it is true.CB is a big,big need for this team
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    Path to the draft....trades, rumors, etc

    I am still very concerned about the CB position. I just can not see Alford as a projected starter. As great as a receiver would be, and living in Mississippi if you are moving up Jamar Chase is the best bet, we have to improve at CB for the defense ti take the next step
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    Keim Making Wise Choice Eschewing Draft

    I have to think, looking at the holes we have especially at cb something has to be in the works. The draft holds no promises as to who will be there when we pick and our cb situation as of now looks very bleak. The recent additions are solid and will help but more needs to be done

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