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    Is Boldin really being truthful in his demands.

    Ouch! I think I just pulled a hammy trying to twist my head far enough around to visualize a situation where I could be insulted by my boss offering to double my annual pay. Guess that's why the pro athletes get paid so much.
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    If Dockett is sniffing around for a pay raise again in the offseason I hope Graves invites his agent to the Cards facilities for the negotiations. On a big screen behind Graves should be repeated sequences of every Cardinals defensive play against the Jets, Vikes, and Patriots from this year.
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    I wonder if the coaches ever watch the network version of the game.

    Not likely to be fixed with the short week before Philly. But you have to hope they make fixing the tells on running plays a high priority before the playoffs.
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    Is Kent Somers on vacation?

    Just like the contract extensions Anquan and Dockett got? Or some miracle contract that would guarantee he'd never hold out if he found out another player got a bigger contract a year or two later?
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    A paraniod outlook for our defense

    I seem to remember a quote from Whiz towards the end of last season about the performance of the pass defense. It was something about the DBs not being aware of when the front seven was going to blitz. They were backing off too deep when the linebackers were blitzing and allowing short passing...
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    is it just me?

    Considering there is currently a 6 page thread originally about a linebacker in Seattle getting a contract extension -- yes this is a slow offseason.
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    Interesting morning blogs

    I remember after one of the games later in the season (Atlanta or New Orleans), Whiz was quoted saying something to the effect of our DB's need to be more aware of what the defense is doing. He gave an example of the CB's backing off too far on third down when the defensive play call was for a...
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    Did we even lay a pinky on Hasselbeck?

    Chike Okeafor Bertrand Berry Adrian Wilson Eric Green With all of them out its no surprise the team is having trouble generating a pass rush and stopping the pass. Holmgren is a smart coach with a veteran QB. They were bound to look at film from the last week or two and find ways to...
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    Board Clashes

    I've been lurking on this board for years (and very occasionally posting). The board seems about the same as ever. The talk about whether Rackers is good or bad going on recently sound a lot like the old arguments about Josh McCown, and before that Jake Plummer. Before there were debates about...
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    the boldin two point conversion play and tim rattay touchdown

    Dunno about the 2-pt conversion. It was a long shot no matter what play/formation they called. The 'Skins D is pretty good. I liked the Rattay touchdown though. Down less than a yard from the endzone, bring in Rattay. Everyone assumes its because they want to run QB sneak but Warner is just...
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    Wr depth

    He's shown enough to be a decent #2 WR for team that already has a speed reciever. He's another player who has looked a lot better this year with the new coaching staff. But not sure if he fits what the Cards need with 2 big WRs already.
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    Is It Time?

    Sad but true. Of all the units on the Cards this year I think the defensive backfield is probably in the most trouble. Gotta like the improvement we have seen in Green over the last couple years. But he's still got a lot of room for improvement and we can only hope the light goes on for Rolle...
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    Is It Time?

  14. J

    It's raining shoes

    The phantom penalties against the Cards and on the reverse that Carolina ran there were two obvious shoves from behind against Cards players as the second ball carrier came back around with no flags thrown at all. The blocks were as blatant as the one Rolle did on the punt return but only Rolle...
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    Non Cards the Travis Johnson/Trent Green play

    Honestly I never thought I'd live to see the day when a DL player complained about getting hit by a QB when he wasn't looking. What's next? Some ex-QB analyst on a talk show saying Defensive Linemen should start playing in dresses? :shrug:
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    Buster Davis Interview

    Jump balls in the middle zones? With Wilson, Francisco, and a guy with a name like Buster roaming around? Somebody is going to get put in the hospital extending for high passes in that region.
  17. J

    Moss to Patriots

    Either Porter or McCown. :D
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    So long Leonard

    Using this same argument... keeping LD the last 5 years didn't work either. It kind of looks like there was no right answer on this topic this year. Its too bad they did not make some move at LT somewhere over the last couple years to try and find a better solution. This does not look like a...
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    So long Leonard

    LD was merely a solid contributer on a crappy O-Line for the last 5 years or so. Keep that in mind rather than try to think of it as trying to replace a #2 overall draft pick. Its easier on your blood pressure. :D
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    Brief Thoughts on the Coaching Staff

    Well since Denny's playbook only had 5 pages it only took one admin assitant to make copies for all the players. Now they need at least two....:D
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    OC and D Line coaches let go.

    Veterans? 5 years? Are there any starters besides Big who were on the Cards offense that started all those 5 years? Depending on if you count next year as the 5th I guess Boldin could be....
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    Dolphins' assistants not allowed to seek other jobs

    Its does not have to be just about money. The Cards, Dolphins, and Steelers all think they have some quality assistant coaches. Each of the teams may even view it as doing a favor to the new HC candidate. Who is to say that one or more of those assistants already on staff are not exactly the...
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    Dolphins' assistants not allowed to seek other jobs

    There were a few people on this board claiming that keeping some of the assistant coaches on staff while looking for a new HC meant there was no way any "real" HC would want to come to Arizona. But it looks like Miami is doing the same thing. And how many coaches have the Steelers fired since...
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    Reality Check

    Or it could be Graves first year as a GM he let Mac take the lead. Then helped bring in a coach who shared his philosophy on the draft to replace him. Or it could be Green came in and threatened to sit on Graves if he dared open his mouth during draft season. No one outside of Graves, Green...

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