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  1. Big D

    Simmons traded to Giants for a 7th

    Someone(s) in charge still had to put some actual thought behind a change like that and sign off on it though. At least I would hope they would have. Now I’m picturing Simmons showing up to camp and just walking straight into the DB meeting room like nah, I’m good on LB. Let me see what y’all...
  2. Big D

    Simmons traded to Giants for a 7th

    The decision to move Simmons to safety was about to be a really, really bad look for whoever made and signed off on that call. Most of us that have watched the guy play the past 3 seasons could see that it had disaster written all over it. I don’t think Monti or Gannon thought it would look...
  3. Big D

    2023 1st round pick is #6 Paris Johnson

    Kyler runs the organization apparently
  4. Big D

    2023 1st round pick #3 and #105 are traded to Texans for #12, #33, 1st and 2nd in 2024

    Didn’t get enough. 9ers gave up more for basically the same trade up to get Lance
  5. Big D

    The Autumn Wind is a Pirate

    I miss those old NFL Films shows that used to run all night on like espn2 that would be a half hour recap of each team’s previous season. It’d be like “Desert Storm - The Story of the 1995 Arizona Cardinals” And somehow you’d end up convinced that the crap 4-12 football you witnessed all...
  6. Big D

    Budda requests trade

    It’s to the point where I literally cringe every time I get an alert and see the Cardinals logo before even reading a word. Fun times
  7. Big D

    OT: Now it is Cooper Kupp's turn at Mega-deal

    The NFL salary cap is fake news
  8. Big D

    Mavericks @ Suns Sunday Playoff game thread, R2, 5-15-2022 - Game 7

    This is literally the worst game 7 performance I’ve ever seen. It does not get any worse than this. I said last year they choked a 2 game lead in the Finals and got crap for it. This was waaaaay worse. There’s no possible spin. Given the stakes and the records the was the worst beat down in...
  9. Big D


    Out-coached repeatedly in consecutive playoff series’ by Wllie Green and Jason Kidd as a #1 overall seed. As a leader of men, off the charts. As an strategic, X and O guy in the NBA playoffs, A TON left to be desired
  10. Big D

    Steve Wilks lawsuit against NFL

    Well absent the smoking gun of say the Donald Sterling tapes I think it’s pretty much impossible to actually prove institutional racism exists in pro sports in a court of law. But any honest, reasonable person with an open mind and two eyes can look at the landscape of the head coaching...
  11. Big D

    Arizona Cardinals give WR Andy Isabella permission to seek trade

    I guess it’s pretty clear now that this was just an awful, awful 2nd rd pick especially considering who was still on the board at the same position when Isabella was taken. Tried to argue for a couple years that this guy didn’t even deserve a roster spot yet was shouted down when this was...
  12. Big D

    I thought I was wrong, but I guess I wasn't.

    Didn’t the team we lost to tonight have half of their starting O-Line out including a perennial All Pro? Prowl Browl LB out as well? Down a starter a starting Safety and starting WR to round things out? When do injuries stop being an excuse and facts actually start mattering?
  13. Big D

    I thought I was wrong, but I guess I wasn't.

    Let’s keep it 100. The names of the opposing QB’s Kliff and Kyler have lost to with a chance to clench a playoff berth: CJ Beathard John Wolford Matthew Stafford Jarrod Goff Carson Wentz None of those guys has ever won anything aside from draft day being the highlight of their individual...
  14. Big D

    I thought I was wrong, but I guess I wasn't.

    Unfortunately I had said last year that we learned every single thing we needed to know about this team after the loss to SF who was down to a 3rd string QB along with a completely depleted rest of the roster and we were playing at home. The following week only served as confirmation. So the...
  15. Big D

    Preseason week 2 kc football team vs Cardinals pregame thread. Aug 16 - Aug 20 2021

    Ok I have to be that guy that after one piss poor preseason performance has to say that I’m so tired of Murray’s pouting and immaturity. Kyler talked about how he didn’t want to play in Preseason all week as if it’s somehow beneath him and then the second things aren’t going 100% his way the...
  16. Big D

    2021 Training Camp Thread

    This falls in the category of least surprising training camp headlines ever. I’m pretty sure it was penciled in on the actual 1st day itinerary. 7am breakfast, 8am stretching, 8:30am run test, 8:45am deal with some sort of muscle injury to JJ, 9am position drills…
  17. Big D

    Damn proud of this team!!

    Also, in this day and age of all or nothing style debates I’d just like to say it’s ok to say that the Suns virtually came out of nowhere and had a great year and a surprising playoff run that was a ton of fun, AND it ended with them choking away a 2 game lead in the Finals. Both things can be true.
  18. Big D

    Damn proud of this team!!

    Read all of my posts in the thread and you will see the single point I have been making.
  19. Big D

    Damn proud of this team!!

    Obviously the Bucks were underachievers until they shed that label at OUR expense. You listed all of those accolades yet they weren’t able to win anything until we gagged away a 2-0 Finals lead. Maybe I should have said previously underachieving but I figured that was implied. My point was that...
  20. Big D

    Damn proud of this team!!

    Something about being only the 5th team in NBA history to blow a 2-0 Finals lead against THESE underachieving Milwaukee Bucks just doesn’t sit well with me. All 4-2 Finals loses are not created equal
  21. Big D

    Damn proud of this team!!

    Ok then, I hear you. To me losing the NBA Finals 4-2 having blown a 2-0 lead to a team that has up to this point been a severe underachiever is a far worse net result than the other two appearances, but to each his own. I respect that it’s a matter of opinion.
  22. Big D

    Damn proud of this team!!

    Pretty sure the Suns lost a much closer game 6 of the NBA Finals to the MJ lead Bulls that were en route to their first of 2 three-peats. Also, it was before my time yet it’s still ingrained in my head that the ‘76 Suns also went to a game 6 in an all time classic NBA finals against the vaunted...
  23. Big D

    Suns @ Bucks Tuesday Finals game thread 7-20-2021 - Game 6

    I hear what you’re saying but at the same time I don’t really want to hear it my guy. Nothing against you at all. I’m sure we’ll hear about torn ligaments in one hand and the same or a sprain or strained ligaments or some crap in the other hand. If you have a supposedly ATG out there playing...
  24. Big D

    Suns @ Bucks Tuesday Finals game thread 7-20-2021 - Game 6

    I just don’t understand how a team somehow loses 4 straight games in the NBA Finals without getting swept. You weren’t under manned or overmatched. You just got flat out punked in every aspect of the game over the last 4 games and its quite frankly embarrassing. You went up 2-0 and then just...
  25. Big D

    Suns @ Bucks Tuesday Finals game thread 7-20-2021 - Game 6

    Ayton turned back into a pumpkin

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