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    OT: Raja dealt to Warriors for Jackson

    Why would the Bobcats would give up Diaw (they refused by the way), who's like their second best player, when they only have to send Raja who's pretty much falling apart and Radmanovic? I don't get it... Huh? Jackson averaged over 20/5/5 last season and he can play defense. He may be a...
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    Brother signed

    Don't laugh: I think he's semi-retired.
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    Do The Suns Have a Plan For Adding a 13th Player?

    About Kleiza, he signed a $12M/2years deal with Olympiakos. That's about $10M more than the Suns would have offered him... Word is that Larry Brown is interested by Michael Pietrus' older brother, Florent, who's basically a poor man's Malik Rose (an undersized defensive hustling PF) and would...
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    Great job for developing players

    For Eurobasket related news and stats: (official website) Slovenian basketball federation: Dragic info page...
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    Do The Suns Have a Plan For Adding a 13th Player?

    Nope, he's still a free agent. I've read that the Hawks were interested in him since they're pretty depleted inside and would sign any 7' player with a pulse. Oh wait, the Suns are too... Anyway he's currently with the french NT and he plays scarcely, buried on the bench behind Turiaf, Diaw and...
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    Earl Watson signed by Pacers

    Well then i'd take the last Jazz season with Malone (I think it was 02/03), they had at least Stockton, Ostertag, Harpring and Padgett (I can't remember if Borchardt played) and made the playoffs. :D
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    Earl Watson signed by Pacers

    Utah last season ? (and virtually any season they made the playoffs) Koufos and Fesenko played some games too, IIRC.
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    Tyson Chandler and Emeka Okafor close to being swapped

    He's getting ready. Hide your mothers and daughters.
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    Tyson Chandler and Emeka Okafor close to being swapped

    It's a well known fact that you truly evaluate a player's abilities with highlight reels. Every scout does that. For instance, you can clearly see how Okafor gets regularly stuffed under the basket, how well he fumbles the ball and how bad he passes it. Seriously Okafor lovers, how many Bobcats...
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    Tyson Chandler and Emeka Okafor close to being swapped

    :notworthy Okafor is a stone-handed undersized center, a slightly above average player (and thus overpaid). According to his head coach, he seems more interested in Pilates and yoga than basketball, and he's not even a good fit for the Hornets on offense (High screen-and-roll and alley-hoops...
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    Tyson Chandler and Emeka Okafor close to being swapped

    Larry Brown couldn't stand Okafor, so it makes sense for the Bobcats (will be "fun" watching Diaw become an All-Star next season :sarcasm:) but really weird for the cost-cutting Hornets. A rebuilding city can always use more bricks, I guess.
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    The Jordan Crawford Dunk is out

    I may be wrong but IIRC, the and-one after the dunk brought the Suns back to 8 points with 2mns to play or something like that. The game was pretty much over and the last nail in the coffin was an open Kenny Smith 3 pointer seconds later. Game 3 was painful to watch because of that freaking...
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    Pavlovic's Contract Options

    My thoughts exactly. It won't happen because the Suns try to shave salaries from their payroll (and probably because Sloan wouldn't touch J-Rich with a 10-foot pole). But from a "pure" basketball standpoint, it makes a lot of sense for Phoenix.
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    Who is worth the maximum then?

    Who's deserving a max contract ? A superstar leading a contender: Bryant, James, Duncan, Pierce and Garnett. Maybe Wade and Howard. That's it. These guys are not overpaid because they delivered championships or will do. And I care because I don't want to see the Suns stuck with an injury prone...
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    Suns revisiting Chandler trade?

    Yeah I remember that Herrera was their reserve PF on 93/94 and he only played when Olajuwon or Thorpe needed a breather on the bench. I'm not sure he did much after that season, even after they traded away Thorpe for Drexler.
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    Suns revisiting Chandler trade?

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    Test Marion's Loyalty, Sign him with our MLE...

    I heard he declined 3/21 but if he declined 5/35 shortly after, I second that - Wow! Now that the Raptors have signed Turkoglu, no one's gonna give him more than the full MLE.
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    Test Marion's Loyalty, Sign him with our MLE...

    Yes, theorically speaking, the Suns could use their bi-annual exception for Marion. But since it's worth less than 2M per year, why would Marion take it?
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    Gortat and the 57th pick

    Selling a 2nd round pick used to draft an euro prospect must be the height of cheapness and mismanagement. You can keep his rights as long as you wish, stash him in Europe for years and give him an unguaranteed contract whenever you like, that's the perfect no risk high reward situation. Ask...
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    Are the Lakers Ruining the NBA?

    Soft cap or not, the biggest spender rarely wins anyway. 2 seasons ago the Lakers had a 80M$ payroll and were almost swept in the first round, and the 120M$ Knicks were a lottery team. Cuban has put up 90M$ teams after another and has still nothing to show for it. The sad truth is that...
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    I took the MLE as a basis for his future salary since that's the amount that any over-the-cap team (except for the Lakers, of course) will be able to give him. He will probably get more than that but he will get at least 5,5M and change, thus getting a raise greater than 20%. Since the Lakers...
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    Yeah Wallace for Odom would be totally pointless for the Lakers, they would probably ask for 2 1st rounders to do it. Since Ariza is a free agent too and will ask for at least the MLE, packaging him with Odom for Amare would probably make much more sense for the Lakers than for the Suns. And...
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    Wow, stupidest rumor of the offseason so far, thank you LA Times. If the salary cap stays around 59M next year, the Suns would have to clear more than 25M to sign Odom via free agency for 10M (roughly the same for the Spurs by the way). Trading J-Rich for nothing and buying out Wallace and...
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    Summer League 09

    Dowdell played in the french league after he went undrafted. He was the 6th man (playing backup at both guards positions) of the french champion, actually. He knows how to drive and attack the basket, but I can't say I've been impressed by his shooting ability, his defense or his court vision...
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    Hill's No. 1 on Suns' free-agent list

    Free Hill! Seriously, the Suns won't start to rebuild if he plays 30mns per game, and he deserves a last shot at the title with another team.

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