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    What have you replaced Sports with during our pandemic?

    I'm not missing a sport anymore if it comes back great but I know now I dont need any of it
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    What have you replaced Sports with during our pandemic?

    I'm a carpenter by trade plenty of half done projects to do, been working on them. Work hasn't slowed for me enough to finish any of them during this I've been working the whole time when you specialize plenty you can do with stay at home orders unfortunately.
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    If you were putting together an all time NFL starting team,

    I'll list guys I watched many of them were my heroes growing up, but some are to good to pass on now in today's game. Qb Montana winner Rb Sweetness alltime favorite player Rb Barry Sanders could bring magic on any play Lt Anthony Munoz so dominant Lg Bruce Matthews not sure about position...
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    Thank You David Johnson

    So going back to injuries, no matter what anyone here thinks injuries change play style IMO
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    Is the NFC West still a division in the NFL????

    I think they are breaking things down by region AFC east nfc east type thing but I wouldn't be surprised if the west gets ignored lol
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    Poll: Projected Number Of Wins This Season After Historic Offseason

    I'm not giving up on him it takes time to see what you really have after year 2 and no impact or improvement I get it, how many freshmen make plays at the college level it usually does take a couple of years for these guys to catch up no different at the pro level IMO
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    Now what?

    Just noticed we picked up a couple UDFA TEs maybe already addressed what I just posted
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    Now what?

    TE one spot we didnt address in FA or the draft I think KK likes Williams and Darnold would love a 3rd guy developmental type or just a proven guy that doesn't need a ton of reps to make an impact
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    PFF write ups on the Cardinals Draft Picks

    Know a couple Packer fans yesterday they just kept complaining we got players from schools that I didnt even know had a football program lol. All I could say was welcome to what I was feeling the last couple years this is the first draft in years I saw every draft pick play even saw a Houston...
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    2020 6th round pick is Evan Weaver ILB

    I felt he would get a bad rap athletically, but the numbers just dont bear that out. ILB is so much about short area instincts and toughness why for the life of me dont understand teams trying to convert guys to play the position, it only works if the guy has the instincts to play in a phone...
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    Guys who got away that you wanted for the Cards on day 2/3

    I liked alot of guys we didn't draft happens every year lol but was real happy with our draft as a whole, really liked Akers think he will be a good RB for the Rams unfortunately.
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    2020 Round 4A pick is Leki Fotu DT

    Going into the draft wanted trenches and defensive speed Keim is checking boxes now RB
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    Which team do you think had the worst 1st round?

    Dolphins just made their best pick in the 2nd round
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    A View of the Entire Draft

    I agree with you Harry on Cleveland IMO is rising up draft boards and people aren't paying attention to it.
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    PreDraft notes. Draft news leading up to draft day.

    I'm thinking 8 for 14 in the 1st we get Howard and pick 76. If that's to much to ask for I'd even accept 117 in the 4th and Howard. I've been wanting to draft a TE in the 4th round now you don't need to and can draft a different position, but wouldn't do that deal until draft night.
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    Taking CeeDee Lamb the argument to take a wide receiver

    I dont know I think we have Hopkins and ? At this point to put us in the top 5 in the league is a strech personally feel that we may not even be in the top 3 in the NFC west most WR groups are ranked high based on the 2 top guys. I like the two top guys for the Rams 49ers and maybe even the...
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    Texas WR Devin Duvernay

    Yep I'd take him really good player we can steal (later then he should go) in this loaded WR class easily a target if we dont go all in at WR in 1st round
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    What if....the thread of crazyish draft moves

    In a heartbeat, best prospect in years I've seen coming off the edge and actually plays the run well . There is always a fit for elite talent especially in the front 7 JMO 4 guy rotation keeps everyone fresh can't have enough good players attacking the line of scrimmage every play.
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    Christian Kirk

    Yeah if you look at his numbers he probably had more sacks then Bosa and Clowney combined in college. Total package if he busts it will be because injury absolutely love this guy as a player
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    Let's talk about K'Lavon Chaisson

    Thanks for your insight just really liked his instincts thought he was the best player on the defense games I watched.
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    Let's talk about K'Lavon Chaisson

    As an LSU fan what's your opinion on Queen I know he was only a one year starter but he seemed to play fast with real good instincts only watched a couple games but was impressed by him
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    Christian Kirk

    Yes for me he is easley better then Clowney he was hype driven never had the production. Bosa I really like but his injury history worried me. Young has production and doesn't have injury concerns I'd take him over either guy. Von Miller is the only guy I liked as much or more coming out of...
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    Christian Kirk

    Likely Simmons possibly, may fall due to position fit I doubt it, Young not a snowball's chance in hell even if we were drafting in the top 5 he is going top 2 teams dont pass on can't miss guys Young is the best edge player I've seen in years JMO
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    Christian Kirk

    Only as good as the QB
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    Christian Kirk

    I'm not sure many are writing him off we want more forsure he can be that guy nobody can cover I personally think he could be a mismatch nightmare with us adding Hopkins

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