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  1. sly fly

    Morris Trade Options?

    Yeah, I'm at majority of games. Row 2 behind Suns bench. Keef missed a 15 footer. Hornacek called for Leuer to replace him. No dead ball for around 3 minutes. Time Out. Players head back to the court. Keef thinks he's still in. I actually told my wife to keep an eye on Keef right when Leuer...
  2. sly fly

    Morris Trade Options?

    Not true. Bald-faced lie from Keef. He got in Hornacek's face for about a minute near the end of the scorer's table. He deliberately threw the towel at Hornacek when he walked away. He then slowly walked towards the bench, sat down, and looked around the crowd to see if anyone reacted...
  3. sly fly

    NBA Off Season Thread

    Henry Sims works his ass off. Very surprised he wasn't signed earlier by another team. I really like this signing. Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  4. sly fly

    Bledsoe to the knicks?

    If you stood next to Brandon Knight, you'd think differently. If you saw how much punishment he takes fighting through screens, you'd also understand why. He's not very big. Skinny ankles. OK, he may be able to do it from time to time. But, you certainly don't expect Knight to do it night...
  5. sly fly

    Bledsoe to the knicks?

    Shooting guards have to be able to defend other shooting guards. Brandon Knight is too small to do this over an extended period of time. Brandon Knight is a PG that can shoot. If the guarantee was D Russell at #4... that would be a great trade. That kid is going to be very, very special.
  6. sly fly

    Gentry to the Pelicans

    Without a doubt. Gentry has that special gift in which NBA players respect and like to play for him. Gentry does not like losing, and he wears that on his sleeve after awhile... but that's a good to trait (at least in my eyes). Pellies just got better.
  7. sly fly

    Is Jeff Hornacek the right choice for the Suns?

    Yeah, I re-upped for next year. What a sucker I am. Just a horrific, train-wreck kind of year. I had to SEVERELY lower my expectations to even enjoy going to the games after mid-season. I'm passionate about ball, so my consolation is that I get to see some world-class athletes up close and...
  8. sly fly

    Celtics at Suns 2-23-15

    This team is an enigma. Last night was an absolute joke, capped by a weird Star Wars theme, IT's awkward return, a bench full of new faces, and no Sarver present at the game (which is rare). I see most of the stuff you guys see on TV, so most of the analysis is pretty close. It doesn't take...
  9. sly fly

    Per Gery Woeffell .....Phoenix Suns offering Goran Dragic for first round pick

    OK will do guys. Some of the stuff you see down low is a lot different from what you see on TV. It's eye-opening, but really cool. The one thing that TV doesn't project is the abuse these players take (especially the guards) rubbing off screens. If the defender is not committed to...
  10. sly fly

    Per Gery Woeffell .....Phoenix Suns offering Goran Dragic for first round pick

    Think I might have to start posting again. Still follow this forum from time to time, and don't have as much time to post my thoughts. I'm fortunate enough to sit really close to the Suns bench every game. I can tell you the vibe sucks, and has sucked for most of the year. Some of the...
  11. sly fly

    It's official, better than a kick in the teeth!

    First time posting in a while. I have many thoughts on this. I just have to say 1 thing... ... I hope we kick the **** out of the Knicks twice this year.
  12. sly fly

    RIP Wayman Tisdale

    Damn you, cancer. Will always remember that smile. A genuine good guy. Thoughts are with Wayman and his family.
  13. sly fly

    Cards Jets Game Thread 2008

    wow. everything put right back into perspective from one hit. thoughts are with boldin.
  14. sly fly

    Breaking News: Suns near deal with Matt Barnes

    A poor man's Tayshaun Prince. Quality addition.
  15. sly fly

    Expect more denials and condescension from your pal, David Stern:

    If you don't know what Donagy has done, then you haven't watched any of the games he officiated. To get you started, flip to Suns/Knicks 2006, triple-overtime game. If that hasn't satisfied your appetite for more information, nothing will. Donagy didn't just "call a couple extra fouls...
  16. sly fly

    Jennings to Europe Official

    Bluetooth-wearing salesman. I love it.
  17. sly fly

    NEW: Another Spurs Signing That Will Come Back To Sting

    Another smart, craft signing by the Spurs. Mason can shoot, and is an athletic 1/2. He's just now coming into his own. The Wizards will miss him.
  18. sly fly

    Good draft for Suns

    I'll second that. Great points.
  19. sly fly

    Good draft for Suns

    The hater-ade you spew makes us other Devil fans embarassed. Don't let the Lopez pick ruin your day or love for the Suns. You've compared him while going against Pendergraph. Try using comparisons of what he did late in the season and NCAA's. Throw in the fact that this kid was only a...
  20. sly fly

    Live Draft Watching Thread

    I'm in the minority, but I like Robin's game better than Brook's. He's active, has improved offensively, and can play D. Brook might be the better banger and go to guy down low, but Robin will bring the intangibles. He will surprise every one of you.
  21. sly fly

    Legal moves in Donaghy case

    I say Tony Brothers. At one point a few years ago, he was worse than Donaghy. Wish I had the games to go back on and view.
  22. sly fly

    Legal moves in Donaghy case

    That January 2nd Knick game was rigged. There is no doubt in my mind. And, I would bet my life that MANY more games were rigged by DIFFERENT referees. The mob didn't just spin a web on 1 referee. A clean sweep of every ref in ther league will be needed before this is over and done with...
  23. sly fly

    Not even cancer stops Wayman Tisdale's second career

    No kidding. The guy is dealing with horrific bone cancer, and yet the above numbskulls want to bash his music or mention how mediocre of a player he was. Thanks for the info you looked up on Google, Irish. That made my day complete.
  24. sly fly

    Amare doing his best Matt Leinart impersination!!

    They get those girls from Tent City?
  25. sly fly

    Official Jeff Hornacek For Coach Thread

    Changed it. Sorry it ruined your night.

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